Sunday, September 13, 2009

Little Geoff Got Married

This is a "Oh My Gosh!!" for me. Our nephew Geoff recently got married. I was there and I still can't believe it. I say little Geoff but he is no longer little. He honorably served an LDS mission and while on his mission he became acquainted with a sister missionary serving in the same area. I won't go into their story but once they were both home, they pursued their relationship. Alexis is a lovely girl and we are so excited that she is now apart of the family.

They were married on Sept 4, 2009 in the Portland Oregon Temple. Art and I drove to Oregon with my folks to the wedding. My folks came the night before and we got up early Friday morning to drive to Oregon. We had a pleasant drive and enjoyed visiting all the way. We arrived on Friday the 4th in the afternoon, We had a nice BBQ Rib lunch in the Taylor's backyard. Chanel made sure every detail was attended to. The Taylor's have a great backyard and it was so pleasant. Not all of Alexis' s family could make it but her folks, sister, grandma, 2 aunts and an uncle were there. The weather couldn't have been better. After the luncheon, we cleaned up and got ready for the wedding. The bride and groom looked fabulous. I had a hard time not tearing up. I just couldn't believe our little Geoff was getting married. Oh my gosh!! The wedding went off with a hitch (they got hitched...get it?) Alexis was a beautiful bride. Her dress reminded me of a 1940s dress and let me tell you it was a princess dress. She made her cool veil and everyone thought she was just stunning. Everything was just great.

The reception was the next day and oh dear the weather was not so nice. The reception was planned to be in the Taylor's great backyard. It was raining so hard, they received record rain. Art and I stayed in a hotel with my folks and we had a great time. When we got to the Taylor's that morning they were soaked to the bone. They had been out setting up tents for shelter. We watched all morning as the skies dumped buckets of rain. Let me tell you many prayers were said for the rains to be stayed. Mark and Art left to get last minute items like the cake and they picked up some portable heaters. By about 2:00 the rain stopped. We hurried out to get things rolling as the reception started at 6:00. Debbie used the shop vac to suck up the puddles, Dad and Art put the portable heaters together and the heaters were soon working to dry up the patio (they worked great). There was a small snafu will the table cloths so Chanel jetted off to get that fixed. Geoff and Alexis went and picked long grass for the center pieces, and were back in a jiff to get the pieces put together. Mom and I put the paper Chinese lantern doohickeys together and Mark started and Art finished getting them hung. And shazamm before long we had it put together and I must say it looked fabulous. There were more things done to get it all accomplished but you get the idea. The night was perfect. No more rain and the bride and groom were able to receive their guests in style. Friends of the Taylor family helped serve refreshments. Art got a big roll of some just married banner from the auction and we gave it to the car decorators and they did a great job decorating the car. I wrote a little poem for the couple but for some reason they didn't think it was right...........hmmm I guess it is a newlywed thing. Anyway we all had such a good time and before we knew it was all over. Here are some pictures.

Alexis before the wedding
Geoff before the wedding
Mark, Alexis, Geoff, and Debbie
Alexis and Geoff

Friday, September 11, 2009

Off to the Concert and Fair

A while back Art and I watched a Huey Lewis concert on PBS. We enjoyed it so much we decided it would be fun to actually go to one. I would occasionally check out his website and find out where he was performing. I had hopes he would be close enough for us to go someday. Well someday came. I looked to see where he was performing and low and behold it was in Blackfoot at the Eastern Idaho fair. Yeehaw!! We got tickets and went. Art and I got back from the Taylor wedding and headed to eastern Idaho for the fair. It had been 31 years since I last went to that fair. We stayed with my folks in Idaho Falls (had a great time as usually and ate way to much of the delicious food). We went to the fair in the afternoon and had a great time and then our friends Mary and Steve joined us for the concert. It was fun. Unfortunately, we didn't get to sit with Mary and Steve as the seats were assigned. They had great seats and we had to scoot together seats. But the concert was very good. I wouldn't mind going to another one. When he sang "I want A New Drug" I turned to Art and said that is Dan and my song. We sang it karaoke in Cancun.

While wondering around at the fair, I witnessed a first. The Bingham county massage school gave free massages, which of coarse I had to do. And I must say I enjoyed it. But....... let me tell you my first. Art and I have been together for 23 1/2 . In that time, anytime a massage was ever mentioned Art would adamantly refuse. He said he hated being rubbed. When we went in, the masseuses asked it we both wanted a massage and Art said no thanks and I said just me. Well........ here it is..................when I finished I got up and looked at the chair next to me and who was in it getting a massage? Yes it was Art. I did a double take. He said it wasn't too bad. The only words I could utter in my shocked state was "Who are you and what did you do with my husband?"