Saturday, May 18, 2013

Moving Along

Well things are moving right along with the remodel.  Art got the new bedroom all taped and textured.  We primed the walls and put the first coat of paint on and then on Friday, I put the second coat on.  It is getting close to moving in.  Just needs carpet, trim and crown molding.   The powder room is done and ready to be hooked up to water and sewer.

It is exciting to get so much done.  It will be really nice to get the mess and clutter all cleaned up.  I am so looking forward to getting everything cleaned up.  I think every room has been effected.  Clutter is everywhere.  I think Art strategically planned it this way.  I think he knew I would get so tired of all the mess, I would get rid of a lot of it just to get the clutter gone.  I don't want a lot of this stuff any more.  Very clever of Art, very clever indeed.

One a side note, I bought a new couch for the cabin.  We took it up this week and opened up the cabin. The cabin is looking good as well.  When we walked in, we both had the same  We had forgotten how much we got done last year.  We weren't sure if we were going to be able stay.  A part to the pump that works the well was bad.  With the pump not working properly, there was no water.  We tried to call a repairman but the phone lines in McCall were down.  After trying all day, I tried to call the phone company but that ended up a disaster.  The customer rep that I talked to could only follow his prepared script.  I told him I was in Cascade and was trying to call someone in McCall and asked if there was a problem with the lines in McCall because no matter what number I dialed I got a "All circuits are busy" message. He told me he could help me with my problem and that they had to wait until they get a bunch of calls before they send a repairman out to fix the problem.   They would wait until everyone in my neighborhood called.  Really, my neighborhood?  Did he not understand the part that I was in Cascade and was calling McCall?  He kept asking me what my account number was with them,  I tried several times to tell him I didn't have an account that I was just trying to find out if there was a problem with the phone lines in McCall since all numbers dialed had the same message. After several attempts to explain the problem to him and him reading me what was on his script,  I just thanked him and hung up. Art skillfully got the pump to work.  We were able to finally reach a repairman but because it was so late in the day, he couldn't come.  He did managed to make it later in the week and make the needed repairs.  Can't wait to go back up there.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Feelin the Love

Today, art and I drove to Reno.  It was a nice drive.  We stopped in Winnemucca for lunch.  I was stunned .....we went to KFC and it was really expensive. It was twice the amount it is at home.  Oh well.  We stopped for a bathroom break and holy smokes.  Yes I have a phobia when it comes to outside gas station bathrooms but I think I would have rather found a place to squat.  Let me say it was........ Disgusting.  I put two bum gaskets on the seat and still didn't want to sit on it. Art said the men's room was as bad.

The hotel room is dated but it is huge and clean.  We have a nice view.

We played 21 until dinner.  It was fun.  There is always a new twist.  Now you can bet on the dealers top card.  for a while we were making a killing on that bet.  hahaha but nothing  lasts  forever. One of the gentlemen I was playing with wanted me to make some crazy bet so he gave me money to do it.  It worked, I made $10 off of his $5. After dinner, I just felt like we needed to pay 3 card poker.  I just felt the love.  I was right. I got dealt three of a kind.  Woohoo!!  Then a little bit later Art was dealt three of a kind too.  Crazy!!!!  They aren't very common.  Hope we feel more love tomorrow.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Progress is being made

Progress continues everyday.  Today I painted the powder room.  It is now ready for flooring.  It is getting closer to being done.  I need to find something cute to hang on the walls to spark it up.  I am not sure yet what I am going to do.  Art suggested (jokingly) I put the following on the wall.

Hear I sit broken hearted
I tried to poop
but I only farted.

It is funny but uuuummmm no.

I'll keep ya all posted on what I end up doing.