Friday, April 30, 2010

Fabulous Washer/Dryer

The last posts were pretty long so just let me say the new appliances are in and the delivery guys thanked me profusely for being so prepared. I have done three loads of wash. How do I like them you ask.... well........... I LOVE THEM...............and most especially I love our kids for their tender generosity. THANKS KIDS!!!!!!saying thanks just doesn't even come close to how we feel. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Getting Ready for the New Appliances

New washer and dryer coming.......oh dear I need to get ready. Being auction night I prepared for the new washer and dryer. I asked Art if there was a trick or anything I needed to know in removing the old appliances to which he said no. First let me say he can say that as he is so familiar with it, there is no trick or anything to know for him.
I found two handcarts, one completely full of stuff and one that wasn't too full. I opted for the less full. This proved to be a bad choice as it had a flat tire. Well.....I used it anyway. I got the dryer to the door way only to discover it wouldn't fit with the door on. OK now I had take the door off. Of coarse the pins were stuck so after several trips to the garage trying various tools I finally got the door removed. Whew! the dryer was out. Now for the washer. Let me just pause here and say it is probably a good thing the washer is so heavy because I think if I could lift it, I would have pitched it out the window. Anyway after struggling to get the hose connections to the water supply loose I thought I had it whipped. But as I stated the handcart I was using had a flat tire and the washer was so heavy that it tipped and more water came spilling out..............yes all over my drying carpet. In the words of Miss R..."dang it". So I had to clean up that mess. But I got the room ready for the new appliances with much excitement and anticipation. When Art got home from the auction he found me struggling with the handrail so he took it down for me. We are all set.

New Washer/Dryer

So Thursday I knew I needed to get the washer repaired as I do laundry almost everyday and I had rugs and towels that were soaked from the flood and I need to get them washed and I didn't want to get behind on my laundry. I know I am weird like that. Anyway,I called my trusty repairman early but his office wasn't open yet so I left a message. While I was waiting for him to call I researched washers so I could replace the flood causing washer. Then MK called and very stealthy she asked about what my plans for the day were and what I was going to do about the washer. I never tumbled. I told her I was waiting for the repair guy to call and I was just going to get the washer fixed and that was my plan for the day. When the repair guy called and I made arrangements for him to come late morning. Then a very short time later a man from Lowes called to tell me had a delivery for me and it was a new washer and dryer. He said my daughter wanted it delivered right away...................hmmmmmm. I called her to tell her not to do that to which she tried to claim her innocence. Hello!!!!...... I am the master at avoiding a direct answer when I am trying to be sneaky like that so I saw right through her attempts. While listening to her avoidance and denial a call came through from the repair guys office. I was told my daughter in law canceled the repair as I was getting a new one. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I called MK, she didn't deny it and when I tried to get her to cancel she refused and said it was coming and get over it. Our kids (and when I say our kids I include our in-law kids as I consider them my kids and not in-law.)bought us a new fabulous steam washer and dryer to be delivered on Friday morning. What sweet kids!!! Art and I so lucky to have such wonderful thoughtful kids in our lives. We are so blessed and love them so much.

Oh No It is a FLOOD

Wednesday started off as a normal day. On this Wednesday, my Miss R was coming to spend the day. I decided to get the wash started early so before she came I started a load of wash. Even though she was very much awake when she arrived, she wanted to lay in my bed and watch cartoons. This is a favorite treat of hers. So we climbed in bed and watched 2 episodes of Dora the Explorer. Then we had breakfast and played a little. I forgot about the wash.

I told her I need to get Megamans birthday package ready to mail, so down the stairs we went. As I stepped off the stairs my foot was immediately covered in water. I yelled “Oh NO, Oh NO, Oh No”. Miss R asked what was wrong. I told her not to step off the stairs but she did and her feet were covered. I said “on no it is a flood to which she put her hand up to her forehead and in a disgusted voice simply stated “OH DANG IT”. She took the words right out of my mouth. She repeated this several times throughout the day. I ran to the washer and water was pouring out. As you know the washer is suppose to shut the water off after the tub is full. Well it didn’t. Oh horrors!!! It had done that a couple of times before but I caught it before it got bad but not this time and it was bad.

I hurried and picked up things off the floor and tried to assess the damage. Fortunately it only soaked the game room, the bathroom, the storage close,t furnace closet, and the closet in the spare bedroom. But soaked it did.

Art was attending an important conference so I knew I couldn’t call him so I fired off an email asking him to call me first chance he got. He thought someone had died or was in the hospital so he immediately called. I asked where fans could be located as I didn’t want to take Miss R out to the garage maze to look and I can’t even make it to the third bay without having to clear a path first so I was hoping he could tell me where to find fans without having to do that. Success. He said there were two fans in the storage shed in the backyard. Well yes there were two fans but only one worked so I had to keep moving it around the room. I got my carpet shampooer and it sucked the water up out of the carpet. The bad part of that was I could only go a short distance and it was completely full and had to be emptied so it took me about 6 hours. I was praying the whole time I would be able to save the carpet. I also knew some of the sheet rock was wet and I only had one fan so I got the hair dryer out and used it on the sheet rock. Whew it worked, it was just time consuming

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse………… did. Art said to open the windows so the moisture would have an escape. This was a great idea in theory. When I opened the window in the game room the thought came to me this is a bad idea as there is no screen on the window. But I don’t always follow my instincts when I am stressed. Well as I was sucking water out of the carpet I heard a familiar sound and out of the corner of my eye saw a flutter……………………….on dang it, it was a bird. I grabbed a pillow and started to chase it. I needed it to fly back out of the window and not fly up the stairs. Well when I started to chase the bird, it got scared……………….yes it pooped. I couldn’t believe it. Now not only did I have a flood, I had a poopy flood. Talk about a crappy deal.

Anyway I got it cleaned up and Miss R was so great and made me laugh all day.