Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Home Tomorrow

Today was a little strange it was like the universe was telling me it is ok to go home. For instance This morning my breakfast was good but I had eggshell in my omelet.  Then the free massage was when I was eating lunch so I missed it. Just little things like that.  Don't get me wrong the day was still great but just a little strange things here and there.  Tonight we had the lobster and both our lobsters were burnt on the end.  They were edible and good just the ends burnt so we could eat that part.  The service remained superior though.

Art's back was still bothering him so we went to the famacia and got some more patches.  They seem to help.  The weather was great.  Hahahahahah I found the best response for the vendors.  I tell them all I have is five US dollars if they will sell me what I want for that I will buy.  So far no takers and they don't come back.  I will have to remember that for next year.

Hate to leave has been a great 10 days.  Really couldn't have asked for better.  We are all packed so we can enjoy the last few hours tomorrow soaking up the sun. We can't wait to return.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Can it be?  Another great day? Why yes it can........

We didn't go for a walk this morning because I had a massage.  The last one I had was so wonderful I didn't think it could be beat but my goodness gracious I believe today's was every bit as good maybe even better.  I had the same person do the massage.  She is really really good.  I was in heaven.  I wish this lady was at home so I could go again.  I hope she is still here next year.

It was warmer today.  We got in the pool this afternoon but it was a little colder than normal so we decided to try the upper deck hot pools.  When we got there, we were the only ones there.  Then a couple from Canada came and we visited a while with them.

Our usual waiter at the pool was assigned to a different area.  It was a good thing for him because where he was assigned had more people than the cabana area.  So we had someone different.  But.......when we got out of the pool headed to the hot pool he stopped us and had our usual drinks on a tray.  He said he saw us and wanted to do something for us.  See what great service?    Very sweet.

Tonight we went for the lobster dinner.  When we got the the restaurant, our waiter asked us if we could come back in 5 minutes.  He said he wanted to give us a special table.  We waited about 10 minutes and went back.  He had a special table set up for us. The waiter had spread rose pedals on our table.   Awwwww so sweet!!!!  Our lobster dinner was soooo good.   Think we will do it again tomorrow night.  This was just a stellar day.........again.

Today Was A Great Day

Today was a full and great day.   This morning while on our morning walk, we walked by the "Mexican Menards".  Art suggested we go back in and finish looking around. So we did and talk about score.  We each got more than one pair of shoes and some shirts and bags.  It was so great.  Art said he had never seen a store with a men's shoe department as big as the women's until today.   Love that store.  With the exchange rate as great as it is right now, we picked up some real bargains.

It was really overcast  again today.  It wasn't cold but it wasn't hot either.  I decided since it was so cloudy, I would go for a mani/pedi.  It was an experience for sure.  I have never had a mani/pedi like it before.  It took forever.  I started getting nervous.  I am not sure the girl really knew what she was doing.  On one hand I have 6 coats of polish and on the other 4.  On my foot has 6 coats of polish and the other has 3. Never at anytime did I get a massage or rub.  I washed my own hands. The whole thing took over 2 hours.  Mostly because she was really slow and just kept putting coats of polish on and waiting for it to dry in between.  They don't have the pedi chair like other  places have.  I just sat in a chair so I had to hold my leg up for a long time.  Don't think I will do it again.  It was surprising because the massage I got from them was the best ever and I can't wait to get another one. Go figure.

Tonight we went down to the Malicon.  It was nice, we walked all around ....even went to a couple shoe stores.  Didn't buy anything but it was fun.  Then we had a delicious dinner.  We went to the same restaurant we went to last year and really enjoyed it then so we decided to go back.  They make really good guacamole and we had awesomely good filet mignon and shrimp.  Ymmmm just the thought of it makes my mouth water.  We watched to sunset from our table and I think it was the best one yet.  It was beautiful.  It had the brightest reds.  The sunsets here are always beautiful but I think tonight was particularly beautiful.

They have a band that comes and plays. They are really good musicians but none of them can sing.  Art said maybe if he has enough alcohol they will start to sound good. it didn't work.  They should just play 'cause they really are good  just not sing.  I guess I shouldn't say anything because I can't sing either..........

Hard to believe we have been here for a week.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

High Tide

Our favorite day waiter was off today and boy did we ever miss him.   He takes really good care of us.  After breakfast, we went for our walk.  We saw a store that had round washers in the window,  Crazy... I had never seen one before.  Art suggested we go into the store.  When we walked in, I looked around at all the stuff and turned to Art and said "this is a Mexican Menards".  No kidding ....they had everything just like Menards.

Today the tide was high.  This morning the beach was covered in water.  The waves crashed over the rocks and onto the beach all morning.  The good thing about that was the water covered the beach so no vendors were out. It was cloudy and overcast today.  It was still warm though.  We got in the pool this afternoon but it was a little chilly so we didn't stay in very long.

While we were at the pool, the waiter from the Italian restaurant came out and said he had lamb chops for Art and we could have the shrimp with it.  He said I could have steak.  We would have surf and turf. I was sooooo excited because I loved that Dr Zhivago shrimp.  It is OH.MY.WORD!! Good.   I was super stoked for dinner.  We went to dinner and the waiter made the shrimp but gave it all to Art with his lamb.  Bummer!!!!  Art was good to share though.   Because the water is so high they had to cancel the BBQ.  That meant the restaurants were busier.  There were some twenty something drunks at our restaurant.   I'll just say that some people just shouldn't drink.  Oh my gosh the woman at the table next to us was Myrna and Harold's daughter..  It made me laugh and it gave me new material.  When we were leaving the restaurant the waiter told us this week they would have lobster. Yum... He said it wasn't a menu item so it wasn't available to everyone just special guests and we were special guests.  So I know what we will be eating this week.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

It Just Gets Better and Better

My goodness we couldn't ask for better weather.  I don't know how it is possible but the weather gets better every day.

Today after breakfast we went for another walk.  Art's back has been bothering him so we stopped at the pharmacy and bought some pain patches.  Fortunately they help.  While we were out we stopped at an other store and I bought some really cute flip flops ....2 pairs.  With the exchange rates the way it is they were really cheap.  We stopped at an ATM and picked up some more cash for tipping.  The service is just superb here.

We spent most of the day at the cabana relaxing,  We both finished our books so now onto new ones.  I had my daily back massage.  I just love it. I am so going to miss it when I go home.

The best part of today was tonight at dinner.  We went to the Italian restaurant.  The waiter gave us a menu then came back and said to Art.  Would you like to have lamb tonight?  Art looked at me with the look of "are you kidding me?"  Then looked back at the waiter and said "sure".  The waiter said the only catch was it would take about 25 minutes to cook.  No problem there.  Art was so thrilled!!!  He said they were even better than the time before.  I was so excited for him.  What a fun little surprised.  The waiter told us if we would come back tomorrow, he would make us Dr Zhivago Shrimp.  Ymmmmmm I can't wait.  They are so good to us!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Another Great Day

Just another great day here in Paradise.  There are a lot more people here.  I think the hotel is now full.  It is so strange because there were so few people everywhere we went and now there are people all over.

After breakfast, we went for a walk around the area.  It felt good to get out and walk.  We picked up a couple things at the store and then back to the hotel and hung out at our cabana.  Art helped me (he did most of it) blow up the floating lounger.  It was fun getting in the pool.  One of the pools by us is pretty chili but the main one is pretty warm.

Tonight we went to the BBQ.  We both ordered the steak.  When my plate arrived, I noticed it had shrimp on it,  I started to say it wasn't mine and he grinned and said I put something special on yours. I know you like shrimp.  Oh my gosh he remembered every time we ate at the Italian restaurant, I ordered shrimp.  I thought it was so sweet of him to not only remember but go the extra mile and get some for me.  Shrimp wasn't on the menu.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Top Massage

Today came early for some reason.  Yesterday when we went to the market we had to cross a hanging bridge and it messed with my balance.  Between my bad arm and my balance bugging me I didn't sleep very well.  It's a good thing we didn't have anything planned but holding down the loungers.  

I had a free massage this morning and decided to get a full on massage.  I went this afternoon.  I had a massage, body wash and facial.  It was glorious.  As I was laying there I thought this is one of the top three best massages I have ever had.  Then I couldn't think of one that was better.  And it really helped my arm.  The lady even braided my hair.  I am going to do it again on Tuesday.  Woohoo can't wait.  It really was an incredible massage.

The staff here is incredible,  The waiter who made sure we had the cabana checks in on us everyday and when his shift is over he finds us to see if we need anything before he goes and says goodbye.  That is just one of several.  Art talked to the waiter tonight about having lamb chops again.  He said he would talk to the chef. I am so glad Art found this place. He spent an entire afternoon researching places when he found this.  His hard work and persistence paid off ......... It is awesome here.

Tonight Art popped some popcorn and we watched a show we had recorded.  Now it is off to bed,  I think I will sleep much better tonight.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

No Gift Shop

Well if you can believe it this hotel doesn't have a gift shop. I have never stayed a hotel that didn't have a gift shop.  I left my sun glasses at home so we took a taxi down to the market to get some.  Art was nice to let me wear his spare pair until I could get some.  We got down to the market before the shops were open so we wandered around until they opened.  There were a ton of dogs everywhere,  There was a little place for dogs to play in the sand so a lot of people brought their dogs.  There was every size and type.  Besides sunglasses, we scored a tablecloth for our dining room table.  I was super stoked.  

One of the ladies here told me some of the vanilla at the market is poison and doesn't have the government seal so I was really leery of getting any at the market but Art was so sweet to take me to the Walmart store. Then we headed back to spend the afternoon at the beach cabana.  

Not sure what the deal is but there just isn't a lot people anywhere we go. I like it but it is crazy.

We had a late dinner today because no one told us you have to have reservations for the BBQ.  Art asked them to fit us in which they were good to do but we had to eat really late.  The food was good so that was worth the wait.  I had to laugh though because the lady sat us at a table that hadn't been cleared from the prior eaters and I had to ask for a napkin and knife.  They were great to bring it no problem, I just thought it was amusing. I guess that is what happens when you don't have a reservation.  Now we know.  We sat right at the edge by the ocean,  It was so pleasant.  It was pretty windy all day but tonight it was calm, I was so glad since we were eating outside.  Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.  

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Some pictures from today

Art with his lamb chops 
Our cabana
Check out how big this soup spoon is..... Not for my mouth. 

10 Out of 10 Day

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say today was a solid 10.  The weather was perfect the food was delicious and everything just went fabulous.  We got up late.  We were so tired we slept in.  I was a little worried the restaurant would be really busy since we were so late but nope.  There were lots of empty tables and we had a nice breakfast.  It was strange because everywhere we looked was empty.  We couldn't figure out where everyone was.

Yesterday our waiter at lunch asked us a bunch of questions and we told him we had been to Puerto Vallarta several times but this was our first time here.  He told us he would take care of us and we would love it.  He told us he would reserve us a cabana and he did.  He reserved the best one.  We were right by the ocean and a pool. The waves would crash up against the rocks below us and we would get spritzed by the ocean.  It was wonderful.  It kept us from getting too hot.  Not only did we have a cabana that had a nice big bed covered with a super soft sheet and real pillows, we had two regular loungers and a chair.  The loungers had an umbrella but we never put the umbrella up.  There are three pools.  The pool we were at was really quiet.  We were going to get in the pool this morning, in fact Art did but it was too cold for me.  I talked Art into getting in ...he did... But then I didn't.  Oops!!!  But we did get in the main pool this afternoon.  It was nice and refreshing.  We didn't have to leave the cabana all day.  There was waiter that kept us in food and drinks.  He even brought our lunch to us. The spa even offered free back massage where we were.   So...... Art and I both had one. Can't pass up a free massage.   I am thinking of doing the 80 minute massage.

Tonight Art got his lamb chops.  The waiter was so excited to see us.  When we walked in, he said the lamb is already for you.  He looked at me and asked if I was having any.  I told him to give mine to Art.  Art got six lamb cycles.  He said they were fabulous!!!  I was so glad they measured up to his expectations.  It was so nice of them to do that for him and he so enjoyed it.

This day.........10 out of 10.

Monday, January 18, 2016

So Good To Be Back

Today was just a Miss Five day.  Our niece Miss Five has the best luck.  Things just work out for her.  And today, things just worked out for us.   The Buddy picked us up at 5:00 am.  I know it is hard to believe that anyone actually is up at that hout.  We so appreciated the Buddy picking us up.  He even delivered us at the door. Yep right at the door.   It was awesome. We had precheck.  Art told me we didn't so I didn't even look. In Arts defense, it was in small print and hard to read. I doubt I would have seen it if I had looked.   We got to the security point and the TSA agent informed me that we did and proceeded to show me how you know. I just thanked her and went on my way.  It was great not having to take my shoes off.  The flights were all great.  Every flight we took off early and landed early.  When we landed in Phoenix, we were so early that we had to sit on the Tarmac until a gate opened.  We were the 4th in line at customs    So we sailed through there.  Our luggage came quick and we made it through the checkpoint with a green light.  We walked right up to the taxi station and got a taxi and were were on our way.  Form the time we stepped off the plane to the time we were at the hotel it was 40 minutes,  It takes me all that when I am at the airport at home and I don't have to go though customs.

My first impression of the hotel was awesome.  The staff was very courteous and friendly.  We got checked in but our room wasn't ready.  That was ok because we were early.  While we were waiting to get helped, I had a little mini massage.  It was great!!!  Since our room wasn't ready we decided to have lunch.  We ate at an outdoor restaurant.  After lunch we returned to the front desk to get our room but found it still wasn't ready.  We said no problem we would just sit there and wait.  We were told it would be about 20 minutes.  In the meantime, I had another mini massage.  SCORE! After 30 minutes, they apologized profusely and gave us a different room.  It is really nice.  It has a full kitchen, dining area, living room, extra bathroom (a full bath) and a nice master bedroom and bathroom.  The deck is big.  It has two loungers and a table with four chairs.  I. think we will be comfy here.  We are on the 12th floor and have an awesome view.

We went to the Italian restaurant for diner.  We ordered the Dr Zhivago shrimp.  They cooked it at our table.  We also ordered steak and medallions.  The meat was good but the shrimp was absolutely delicious.!!!!  Art asked the waiter if they ever had lamb chops (his favorite) and he said no but he said he would ask the chef.  He left for a minute and came back with a big smile and said to come back tomorrow and he would cook us lamb.  Oh boy..... I hate lamb.  When we said only one plate of lamb he got a funny look on his face and said ok.  I think he sold the chef on the fact it was two plates.  That is ok.  I'll order it and let Art eat it.  Tomorrow's dinner will be a real treat for Art!  I was so appreciative of the waiter to even do that for us.  Very thoughtful!  The weather is beautiful.  We picked a good tome to be here.  The hotel is full but it doesn't seem like it which is great.  Plenty of places to lounge on the beach and around the pool. What a fun time ahead of us... I can just tell.  It is just all working out, just like it does for Miss Five.