Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Day

Today was our last full day.  Can't believe the week has gone by so fast.  It seems like we just got here.
We spent the morning on the beach and played in the ocean then in the pool this afternoon. A lot of folks arrived  yesterday and Saturday so it is a lot more crowded.

Tonight we had dinner at the restaurant that serves the squash and tomato soup.  It is my absolute favorite.  Our waitress gave us big bowls and poured about 5 small spoonfuls of soup in it. All the other   waiters fill the big bowl. Not sure why she didn't.  Art kept saying I should order more and I probably would have but I ordered other stuff as well.  After dinner we stopped at the lobby bar and a Mentalist came by.  He was great and very entertaining.  We did several tricks. Just to mention a few, I got to bend a spoon with just my finger and Art wrote his name on a card while I had my hand on a box.  My hand was on it the whole time and Art's card ended up in the box.  Not sure how he pulled that one off but it was pretty good.

Tomorrow we say adios to Paradise for a couple more years.  Looking forward to returning.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

10 out of 10 Day

What a great day.  The weather was great.  Art said today was a 10 out of 10 day and I agree. We lounged at the beach today and our loungers were right at the beach edge.  It was so pleasant.  We were  there all morning.  We ordered room service for lunch and watched the vikings vs lions game.  Then I went and had a stone massage.  Oh it was so heavenly.   There was a little mix up ...they had Art as the one having the massage.  I think it was wishful thinking as he was so entertaining the last time he was there.  

Tonight we had dinner on the beach again.  This time the weather was much better and we ate without the free facial.  

It has been a pretty relaxing week for Art.  Other than my seat on the plane he hasn't had to fix anything all week. I suspect he is getting ready to go back to being needed and getting things done  but this has been nice. Tomorrow's schedule is rest, eat, rest eat, rest.  Pretty busy so we better get rested up tonight.  

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day to Relax and Have Lamb Chops

Today was pretty relaxing.  The wind blew the clouds away.  Other than the wind it was a great day.  It did rain while we were at dinner but we were tucked indoors so we didn't care.  Since it was so windy we decided we didn't need another facial from the sand so we stayed up by the pool.  We got in the pool but it was really really cold so we got in the pool that is covered.  It was nice and warm.  Then we went in and sat in the hot tub and sauna.  We mostly just relaxed all day. Watched a couple of weddings today.

A  couple of nights ago, we were having dinner at the restaurant that served the lamb chops last time we were here. Art mentioned to the waiter that he missed having the lamb chops and had looked forward to them and was disappointed they didn't serve them any more.  He asked one of the other waiters to go ask the chef if he would make some.  The waiter said they would serve them on Friday night.  I said we were having the romantic dinner on Friday so it would have to Saturday.  We didn't realize the chef was serious.  Tonight I asked the hostess what the chef's special was and she said it was a chicken dish.  Art said to her "you had some chops for a brief time yesterday, I was hoping you would today"  She said no........and then asked what our room number was and we told her and she asked what our last name was and we told her.  She said the chef is cooking lamb chops tonight just for you and only you. WOW!!  When we  got there everyone welcomed us and the waiter told Art "oh Mr B I have your special main dish order".   They treated us like royalty.  Art was THE ONLY one served lamb chops tonight.  Pretty Cool!!!

After dinner we watched the BSU game.  Gotta love that sling box.    

Friday, November 9, 2012

Today we had chilly and I don't mean the food (chili)

Today is not sunny paradise.  We woke to dark cloudy skies and it rained a little this morning.  We decided since the weather was not the best, we would go to the market.  Our plan was to have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in another hotel so we thought we would do the market and then stop and have lunch.  The only reason we went to the market was so I could get a Mexican creamer and sugar.  We did that and left. We got to the other hotel about 10:30.  Way to early for lunch so we had a quick drink and headed back to our hotel.  We tried getting in the pool but it was just too chilly.  We rested on the loungers and it was pretty chilly.  I had guacamole and chips for lunch and Art had a sandwich.

Today was the day we were suppose to move rooms.  But the little gal that helped us forgot to write it down so we were unable to switch. What are you going to do? We like the room we are in so it is ok.

Tonight was the romantic dinner on the beach. We did it last time and loved it so decided to do it again. Now let me explain how this is on paper.  You and your special loved one have a 4 coarse candle lit dinner on the beach.  The waves are lightly crashing in the background as you and your special someone make googly eyes at each other. The moon and the stars and a candle create a special romance.  As you toast each other and look deep in each others eyes you have that unspoken "I love you".  The meal is delicious and you anticipate each coarse and make loving small talk.  Now let me share the reality of tonight.  The meal was delicious but it was very windy and cold.  The waves were huge.  It was so windy that the sand was blowing up in your face.  Pieces of my salad flew off my plate...... twice. Art's napkin blew right in to my lap. Art told me the sand in our face was micro-abrasion..WHAT?!  I get a meal and a facial?!?! Wow!  Is this what you call a full service meal? A spa treatment with dinner. Sweet.  Our googly eyes were more of a popeye/pirate eye as the sand blew into your eyes.   Nothing says I love you more then looking at your loved one with a stink eye.  Instead of I love yous being said you hear "arg matey! You scurvy dog" with a reply of  "You filthy ox".   Each coarse was met with much anticipation, it was good yes but it just made it that much closer to getting in where it was warmer with no wind or sand. I curled my hair for the night but by the time the wind whipped it around, it was a whole new do. A wild do. But my Art said I still looked beautiful.  Aww, he was so sweet and yes I thought that was romantic and no I am not blaming it on the sand in his his eyes.

Overall it was a good day..... Wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Today's Activies

We didn't have a lot of out door time today but we had fun none the less.  After breakfast we took a taxi out to the Moon and Sunrise for the presentation.  The upgrade they offered us was a good deal but we decided to keep things they way they are.  But they have updated the Sunrise.  They have a nice new nightclub.  The hope is to keep folks from going into town to the nightclubs.  They also have a place for teens.  It is really cool!  It is set up like an arcade. They have computers, pool tables, foozeball tables, kinect, rock band, and xbox games and all kinds of arcade games. Also a little cafe style room serving popcorn, cookies, brownies, candy, ice cream and a whole lot more.  They had these round tube things you could climb in and play xbox.  After the presentation, Art and I went in and played.  It was pretty fun. We took a taxi back and let me tell you, some of the taxi rides are a bit scary.  The speed limit and stop signs appear to just be a suggestion.

After we got back we sat on our balcony and I feel asleep on the lounger.  It was a nice little nap. Tonight we went to the Chef's dinner.  It is for about 14 couples.  The chef prepares a 5 course meal and does a little presentation. The General Manager was the chef's interpreter and he was pretty funny.  The chef would say something and he would look straight ahead and say "I don't know what that means" or something different.  The chef talked for about a minute straight explaining.  The translation was "it's veggies".    It was really funny.  Each course of the meal was excellent with the exception of the dessert.  I wasn't a fan of the dessert.  It was really rich and it tasted like marshmallow cream and black licorice.  But the rest of the meal was devine. They matched all the courses with the appropriate wine.  Because I don't drink they gave me sparkling cider. I am so full, I hope I don't dream of the devil.  I don't think I can put one more thing in my stomach. 

The activity tonight was Karaoke.  Since I am not musical and cannot sing in any shape or form and Art isn't a fan we listened to one song and left.  The guy singing the one song was a pretty good singer but his moves.............his moves were hilarious.  Now to bed.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Did Today Bring

Today was a fun day but I do have one regret.  First let me tell you about today and maybe you can figure out my regret.

I woke up about 4:30 this morning. I went out on the balcony and laid on the lounger.  It was kind of damp and that made it a little chilly.  Could that be my regret?  No.  Then I went back in and crawled back in bed.  I fell back a sleep.  Art woke me up at 6:30 and we got up and headed to breakfast.  It was pretty good.  I do like the food here.  Then we met with the  concierge  and made some arrangements for the spa and a couple of special dinners.

After that we headed to the beach.  The lifeguard set up some nice loungers and an umbrella for us.  Then it got cloudier and cloudier.  Soon it was sprinkling on us.  We refused to go in.  Was this my regret? no.   It didn't last too long.  The sun then came back out and it was a beautiful day.  We ordered lunch on the beach.  It was so relaxing.  We met some nice folks.  Art wore his Vikings hat and that seemed to be a great conversation starter.

We get a back massage, pedicure and manicure with our reservation.  Art doesn't enjoy these services  so he always gives me his.  Well he decided to do it this time.  His back has been bothering him a little so a few weeks ago, he mentioned he might just do the massage.  Cool!!!  I wasn't sure he would do it but he did.  We had a nice couples massage.  It was so relaxing.  Art even enjoyed it. Not only did he do the massage........he did the manicure and pedicure. Yes he did, it was the first and maybe only time he will ever do it but do it he did.  The manicure was no big deal but the pedicure well, it was a big deal. Art always wears shoes and he has very soft and tender feet.  You can only imagine how this must have been for him.  I just loved the fact that he was willing to do something like that so we could do it together.  I always wanted to do a couple's massage and he went above and beyond that.  I told him he didn't have to do the pedicure but he was a trooper and did it. Here is my regret.......I didn't have a video camera for this event.  Imagine Art, if you will, sitting in the pedicure chair and looking at the tools they use to scrub and trim your feet.  His eyes were huge.   He warned the girl who did his pedicure his feet were sensitive and he might scream like a school girl. I sat directly across from him. I could see he was struggling.  He kept stroking his hair, holding his cheeks and stifling a giggle.  Then it happened. I am not sure what she did but he let out a squeal.  I lost it.  The girl doing his pedicure, the girl doing mine, Art and I all started to laugh.  Honestly, I laughed til I cried.  I am laughing now as I write this.  His girl was really sweet and cute and kept apologizing to him as she scrubbed his tender feet. But the upside is they look pretty good. They didn't look bad before but they really look good now. What a guy.  I just love him all the more for giving it an honest effort.  He is the best.  Will he do it again?  Well.... let's just say never say never.  

We ordered room service and had guacamole, chips and shrimp cocktail. ummm good.  We had a nice dinner and then went to a magic show.  The magic show was pretty good. It lasted about an hour.  Now it is time for bed and get rested for more relaxing tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

So We Got Here

Man oh man was it an early morning,  Up at 4:00  am.  The Buddy came about 5:25 to pick us up.  Art had put the suitcases on the porch and the Buddy just quickly loaded them up in his car.  It was super thoughtful.  Off to the airport we went.  We breezed through security and since we went first class, we were among the first to board the plane.  While waiting for the rest of the passengers to get on, we were given a beverage.  I thought I would never be able to drink it before everyone got on but as luck would have it, I had alot of time to drink it.  The plane had mechanical problems.  we were about 40 minutes late taking off. First class is definitely the way to go.  Way to go Art for getting us tickets.

Because we were late taking off, it didn't leave much time to catch our next flight. And of coarse we landed in the B gates and our connection was in the A gates.  We walked swiftly and purposely.  We arrived at our gate, had our passports checked and immediately boarded the plane. Timing is everything.  The flight was good.  We had a little turbulence over Texas but overall it was a good flight.  Customs wasn't too bad.  We made it through in about 30 minutes.  I pushed the red green buttons fully expecting it to be red but nope it was green so we got right through.

Now for the crazy part........we always request the same room.  Art contacted the reservations department months ago and requested our room.  He tried a couple times to follow up but never could.  So we arrived hoping we got our room.  Well.........we didn't.  Dang!  The sweet girl working the check in desk said they never received the request.  She said we could have it on the 9th.  We said OK we would take it then.  She offered us another room but we would have to use an upgrade to do it so we decided to just take the room they had assigned us. So we went to our room and got unpacked and settled in. Then we met with our concierge person and she said we could upgrade using our credit.  Hey why not.  We decided not to do any tours or go anywhere so we may as well use the credit for that.  Back to the reservations desk we went.  The girl gave us a couple of rooms to look at to see which one we would want.  We really wanted the big balcony. Soooooo we went back to our room and packed up and moved.  Only until the 9th, and then we move again.  It ended up being pretty funny.  After all that we went and had some dinner.  Sweet!!! They still have the tomato squash soup. Yummy!! And yes I had it.  Sad for Art though.  They no longer have the lamp chops.  A lot is the same and a lot has changed.  Looking forward to the beach tomorrow.  As for tonight, we are having a hard time keeping our eyes open so to bed for these kids.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Models

A few months ago, I was visiting my sister.  After attending her grandson's church blessing, we took pictures outside of the church house.  We were posing as models.  You know that thin gaunt look.  Well, I think it turned out to be more of a muppet look.  The picture makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Here is a serious one.  You can see, she really could be a model. 

Love Love Love Ben Stein

About a month ago the Buddy called to see what we were doing on October 9.   He had an invitation we couldn't refuse.  He told us Ben Stein was going to be in town as a guest speaker for the Boise Metro Chamber and his work had some seats available at their table.  Knowing how much we love Ben Stein he invited us to be his guests.  He had to work the show and couldn't sit with us but MK sat with us along with some of the great folks the Buddy works with.  

It was an awesome night.  They had a silent and live auction at the event. They auctioned off Kellen Moore's signed Detroit Lion's jersey and a signed BSU football.  The football was signed by all of last years Seniors (many have been drafted by NFL teams).  I told the Buddy I was prepared to bid $1000 on that lot.  HA HA the problem I was prepared to but Art was not prepared for me to.  Oh I cannot tell you how I wished I had a $1000 to bid on that lot. And that is what the winning bid was.... $1000. 

Ben's speech was as usual spectacular.  He is an incredible speaker and so witty.  I could listen to him speak for hours.  His speech was very witty, insightful, and thought provoking. It his speech he said "I just love love love Idaho"  well I just love love love Ben Stein.  I miss his show "Win Ben Stein's Money" with Jimmy Kimmel.  Afterwards, Art and I got to meet Ben and he shook our hands and signed our programs.  He was just so down to earth and gracious.  Don't know how I could enjoy him more but I do.  

I have to mention, we had a great dinner as well.  They served steak and shrimp.  MK isn't much of a shrimp eater......ok she doesn't eat it at all.  Worked well for me, she gave me hers.  

The only thing that would have made the evening better was to have the Buddy with us and not working.  It was ................AWESOME! 

Here are a few pics.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's Painted

Whew!  The big job is done.  Art was really dreading the painting job.  He was dreading doing it and I was worried we wouldn't like it.  I always worry about what I pick.  First off, I have a hard time deciding and then once I do I continually second guess myself.  Knowing we would have to live we this for a looong time, I wanted to make sure it would be a good color.  

I have been looking at a lot of houses and I found myself really liking a dark brown.  It is a color that is out of character for me.  Even Art said it was a color he would never guess me picking.  But I found the particular color I had been admiring and we steamed ahead with it.  Art and I really like it.  People walking by have stopped and complimented it. That helps assure me it is ok.  Only one person has voiced not liking it.  Oh well. 

It is interesting.  Depending on how the light shines on it, the color looks anywhere from brown, dark brown, light brown, and a army green hue.   

Now I am wanting to get a little patio love seat or a couple of chairs to put on the front porch. The green ones just look out of place.  Oh it is aways something isn't it?


Sitting on the deck

 Art and I enjoy spending time on the deck.  Every evening we go out to the deck.  We put on some soothing music and enjoy the great outdoors.  It is a great way to unwind from the days activities and just relax.  Art wired lights that have a dimmer so we can have it as bright or dim as we want.  Art did such a splendid job with the deck. 

Last night it was a little chilly so we lit the fireable and then sat in the hot tub.  Aaahhh, what a great way to end the week. 

Art sitting by the fire table 

Go Hawks

The Buddy, MK and Miss R took Art and I to a Hawks game.  I just love to attend sporting events so I was thrilled to go.  Usually just the guys go but the ladies went this time.  It was great.  We had awesome seats.  Unfortunately, the Hawkes fell apart toward the end and lost.  Dang it!  But Art and I stayed to the bitter end. Hope to go again next season.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Almost Done

The remodel is almost done. I just love it. Art worked hard and it looks beautiful.  We get carpet and furniture next week. 

This is a the olive wood floor

Art used 5 panel doors for the wainscot. He is a genius

This is one of my new curios

 This is the reading room

New storage closet

Saturday, July 28, 2012

They ARE Green

Ok no one likes a whiner or a ranter so I will let you stop reading right here.   I just have to get this off my chest.  My eyes are GREEN NOT BLUE!!!  I have had them all my life and I KNOW what color they are.

When I was a little girl, I had a boy tease me unmercifully about the color of my green eyes.  He would get other kids to tease me as well.  It was awful.  I would have given anything to change the color of my "cat eyes".  I tried as best as I could to never let on how much it hurt my feelings being teased about it.  I endured.  Because I hid my feelings so well as the school years past this boy became a friend.  But on occasion he would still tease me.   As time went on instead of teasing, I received compliments.  I have complete strangers come up to me and compliment my eyes.  Unfortunately, the damage of being teased was done.  Whenever someone said something about my eyes, all the feelings from being teased resurfaced.  You can only imagine my shock, when at my 25th high school reunion this boy now a man and his wife came up to me and his wife  looked at me turned to her husband and said "Oh my yes you are right".  Confused at this comment I said "excuse me?" and she said her husband told her all the time that he went to school with a girl that had the most beautiful and captivating eyes of anyone in the world. WHAT?!  I slugged him in the arm and asked him why he teased me so if he thought that.  He said he did that because he had a huge crush on me.  He truly had no idea that it bothered me. That idiot!

With that story you can understand, even to this day when someone says something about my eyes it brings up old feelings.   But the kicker of all is now some people say you have beautiful blue eyes.  I usually just let it go but when they keep going on and on I say thanks but they are green.  Then they have to argue they are blue.  You would think that after all these years and all the years of teasing for having green eyes I would know what color they are but apparently not.   I could relate loads of stories (some funny) about things people have said but I won't  just let me say my eyes are GREEN not blue.

There .......... now I feel better.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken.  As you can see, we went with a BSU theme.  We wanted to take the pictures on the blue turf but it was closed for construction so we went back to the park.  Thanks to Candace Hawkley of Hawkley Photography. 

Pictures of the Happenings

Here are some pictures of the happenings

Art and the Buddy on the hill

The garden Dr designed.  Wish I had a pic of Art, Dr and Dude working on it.

The new deck

the reading room

the new dining room

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's Happening

Oh my holy heavens! I haven't blogged for a while and a lot has transpired. The remodel is in full swing. The deck is about 95% done. I painted the ceiling beams and Art installed them (I had the easy part) Art has been busy with taping the rooms and getting them ready for texture. We are hoping to have it all painted before I go off to camp. Mrs. Dr., Dr, Dude, Princess, Honey Bunch, and Megaman came for a couple of weeks. We had a great time with them here. While they were here Art, Dr and Dude worked on the getting the flower beds consolidated into one nice bed. Dude moved a lot of bricks. Dr designed the new look and replanted all the plants. It looks great. The Buddy came and helped us with the yearly hill clean up and fire break. He is so good to come and help us every year. Art and the Buddy used the weed eaters and then we all raked. It's a big job and I am glad we only have to do it once a year. Now we are in Cascade and the projects are getting added to the list. 9 huge pine trees are going to be removed this week. They have grown so tall, we have lost our beautiful view. Out they go. We are gong to paint the inside this fall. The carpet is looking pretty shabby so maybe I can convince Art we need to replace it. Maybe next year.... We took the boat out today. It has been a couple years since we had it on the water. It was a blast. I just love it. Now I am ready for a nap.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Great Day

Just another great day! We met the Buddy ,MK, and Miss R for breakfast. Then we went over to the Taylor's. After visiting a little while my sister informed us we had to hurry and get out the door. We were unsure of what was going on but we soon learned we were headed to the Nike store. Yeahaw!!! They had gotten passes to the store for us. I was the only one who had never been before. It was a blast. I met a new friend at the store. An employee just wanted to be so helpful. He kept following me around and offered to get my email so he could email me when they had certain items come in. (no, I didn't give my email). Art and I got some cool shoes and I got a Packers jersey. It was a fun place. After a quick bite for lunch, we went to see Art's sister from another mother (his cousin). We had a very brief visit with her but it was good to see her. We couldn't stay long as we had appointments for...... Pedicures. My sweet sister treated us to pedicures. She took me, of course, the buddy, MK, Miss R, baby WET's mom and baby WET's mom's mom. It was so sweet of my sister and now we all have beautiful toes. Unfortunately Miss Nellie went to the dr and was diagnosed with strep throat so she was unable to go with is. We really missed her. We had a good dinner and visited a bit then Art, MK, Miss R and I headed back to the hotel to go swimming. Art didnt swim, he waited for us in the bar. Miss R had a great time and met a friend, a little girl from Seattle. They were so cute to watch. When we were leaving a lady came up to us and said someone stole her pants and she was going to call the police. She wondered if we knew anything, which we didn't. Crazy though. Then it was off to bed. Overall a fantastic day.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Its My Birthday

Its my birthday! Early this morning, Mrs Dr sent a cute birthday video with kids singing. Art gave me some toe shoes, and external harddrive for my laptop and sang to me. I have been wanting some toe shoes for a long time. They fit great. Then off to get the Buddy, MK, and Miss R. They wished me happy birthday and gave me some funny cards. We all flew to Portland. Baby WET is going to be blessed Sunday. I have been wanting to go to IKEA for a long time, so we all went. The joy of it being your birthday, folks are more willing to go and do things they would otherwise pass on so I took advantage.... Actually everyone was very willing and it was fun. We had lunch at IKEA and then we wandered around. Art and I got some great ideas for our remodel and we also purchased a cutting board, paring knife, pillows and travel cases for our electronics. Miss R even got some ideas for her Chritmas wish list. We also went to the shoe store and I picked up a couple more pair of shoes. One pair was only 10 dollars. How could I resist. Then off to check into the hotel. After a quick check in, we headed to the Taylor's. They had a big bouquet of balloons out front. It was so fun and made me feel so good and special. The house next door burned down and they are rebuilding so we wandered through it. While wandering through, I got a call from my brother. I put it on speaker so my sister and I could both talk to him. Then Miss Nellie cooked chicken cordon blue. It was a yummy dinner. (I have to get the recipe). Then after dinner we had a party. Oh it was so cool. Miss Nellie made DVD with minute to win it games. I did the quarter out of the panty hose game. MK rocked the blowing the card. Everyone played and it was so much fun. Then we had birthday cake with candles and everything. I just can't thank the Taylor family enough. After, we visited and the Buddy and Miss Nellie did their voices. They are so funny! I am just sorry I didn't have my video camera going. Maybe I can get them to do it again. They just make me laugh. Poor baby WET got his immunizations but he was such a trooper and is so darling. His mom is so good to share him and I just love holding him. He has the cutest little face, he just makes you smile. Then back to the hotel to retire for the evening. What a fun Birthday!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What A Differnce A Window Makes

We got the new window installed in the family room. Holy smokes Myrna!!!! It really makes the room look different. Somehow the room got bigger. Art got started tearing the wall apart and he said "I think you and I could put it in" so I thought....why not. Then he said he would get the ladders in place. WHAT!?!?! He wanted me to get up on a ladder AND lift something heavy over my head! Are you kidding me? Well he had all the confidence in the world in my ability to do it and guess what? I did it! Whew! I just love it. Art and I both have commented that we wished we would have put the window in years ago. The room is no longer dark and drab, instead it is bright and cheery. And when I say bright I mean BRIGHT.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Remodel Update

It has been a long time since I last posted on the remodel.  Art has been really busy.  While I was away, Art got the framing all done and the roof done.  He said he could go into the witness protection program now as the shingles wore off the tips of his fingers.  Poor guy.  The Buddy was really sweet to come over and help him with the trusses and the shingles.  

Art and I installed the two windows in the den and then the Buddy came yesterday and helped Art install the sliding glass door and remove the window from the family room.  Yesterday we installed the insulation.  I did the walls and Art did the ceiling. The sheetrock was delivered yesterday so it won't be long before it gets hung.  

We purchased the exterior paint for the house.  I hope it looks ok.  I like the look of a a dark base and lighter trim so that is what we are doing.  I am not good at picking paint that is why I ended up with a pink house and an orange room.  I thought I was getting a tan house and a tan room.  It makes me nervous but I have my fingers crossed.  I just hope it isn't too dark.  We also purchased a 10 cubic feet fridge.  Mrs Dr shared with me they are putting their extra fridge in the pantry of their new house. I thought it was a great idea and so did Art.  We stole their idea and got the small fridge to put in the storage closet.  This should take care of the overflow.  I am excited. 

Art has worked so hard and done such a great job, he is the best.  I am also grateful the Buddy has been so willing to come and help.  It won't be long and will have a beautiful dining room, den and big storage closet.   YEAH!!!!