Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Hap

Oh my goodness the past few days have been really busy. I am not going to be here for Princesses birthday so on Friday we went shopping for a present just the two of us. She said she wanted a clock for her bedroom. She even described the one she wanted so I told her we would see if we could find it. Sure enough it was at the Walmart store. We got a decorative princess clock that is pink, a musical Barbie and a shirt. Then we went to the nail place and she got a manicure. She was thrilled. When we walked out she gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen and said “Thank you grandma, I love you, you are the best. Now let’s hurry home and show mom…..she won’t believe this.” (I have to admit I did buy some shoes. They matched my shirt so I couldn't pass them up. Even Princess thought I should get them and she is very fashion)

Then on Saturday we ventured to Nauvoo. Christmas went to the temple and the kids and I tried to entertain ourselves. Megaman had other plans for us but we had a good time anyway. Then home to play with grandma’s make up. The guys played video games and the girls all got posh.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I Am So Posh Darling

What another fun day. We played and played and played. We got to play my favorite game -beauty shop and I got to be the customer. It wasn't even my idea. The girls made me "Posh". Posh is another word for Fancy. Then the girls dressed posh for dinner. They looked pretty fancy and ate with their pinkies in the air. They got a book from the library called Fancy Nancy. It is all about being posh. And we had to talk posh. Princess told me in her very best posh voice " Darling you are soooooo posh". So there you have it..I'm posh

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kirksville or Bust

My darling PC took me to the airport at 5:30 am (yikes that is early) yesterday morning. I checked in and only got one ticket so I asked the agent about it and he told me I would be on the same plane and so when I got to Salt Lake I didn't need to deplane. I questioned him twice and both times he assured me. I had an interesting seat mate on the plane. (For an other blog). The flight attendant came by and asked if anyone was making a connection and need to know what gate they would need. I said I didn't. He asked me twice and I said no. He went back up front and sat down for a couple minutes then got up and came up to me and asked me if I was sure I didn't need to know a gate and I again said no. He asked if Salt Lake was my final destination and I explained I was going to Kansas City so I would stay on the plane. He said O.K. and turned away and then stopped turned back around and said the plane was going to Portland not Kansas City. OH!!! Well the couple behind me heard and said they were doing the same. Good thing the flight attendant came back. I got on the correct plane and made it to Kansas City. My luggage even made it. Woohoooo. In fact, it was the third suitcase off the belt. I got my car and headed to Kirksville. It is so fun to play with the grandkids. They have grown a lot. And are so cute!!! We played today. Dude and Princess had school but Megaman and Honey Bunch were here all day. What a fun day. Dude had his allergy shots today and did a great job. We played hide and seek when the kids got out of school. Megaman and I were a team. We had a hard time finding Dude. Princess went to the spot he was hiding but didn't see him. When he came out of hiding, he laughed and said when Princess went to the spot he didn't even breath for fear Princess would hear him. More fun in the works for tomorrow.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More Yearbook Fun

While my parents were here we did yearbook pictures. It was great fun. These are of Don and my parents.

It is Canning Season

It is once again time to can those peaches. We were a little late this year. The peaches were late coming on due to the lack of spring we experienced this year. My parents came and we had a great time. We canned 50 jars of peaches. (actually 51 but 1 broke in the canner). They are beautiful and taste yummy. My dad and I pealed the peaches, my mom cut them up and put them in the jars, and Don poured the syrup in the jars and put them in the canner. It was good team work. I am so grateful my folks are willing to come and help us each year. It makes it so much easier and a lot more fun. I can't thank them enough. And I have to thank my darling Don for all his work. He also procured the peaches. Now we can sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Ahh, I love it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thanks for the Memories

Wow, we have been shot back into reality. We had a beautiful ride back to Portland. The drive was just beautiful and the company fun. You can never visit the Taylor's without having a good time. I just wish we lived closer and could get together more. But I guess this way just makes it that more special to get together. We stopped at the Spirit Mountain Casino for lunch and then went straight to the airport. The plane ride was thankfully uneventful. Our Brent and the little girl (Miss R) picked us up and delivered us home. I believe that the little girl grew some whilst we were away. She was full of chatter and giggles. And now back to the real world but we have some wonderful memories added to the pages of our brains. Thanks for the good time!!!

Here are some photos of the trip:

Don and Patty

Don on the train

Don and Connie at Historic Haystack Rock
(the big rock on the left is the historic rock)

Debbie and Mark at Historic Haystack Rock

Debbie and Mark on the beach

Don's new footwear

Don and Mark keeping up with the "real" world

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One More Day in the Books

We had a fabulous breakfast at the hotel restauraunt this morning. I had the best omelette. It was loaded with ham, bacon, sausage, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and cheese. yummy. Then we had to go back to the outlet mall to do some exchanges. (again not mine) But!! I did get another pair of shoes. Oh they are so cute. Debbie can sign my voucher for how cute they are. And then as my mom would put it a little clean up dress. Debbie got a new dress and a couple shirts. Don got a couple of foot wear items as well. He got some aqua sock shoes and matching sock thingys. They are cool. I don't think Mark got anything but the bill. The sales girl just loved my purse. (way to go Don....nice purchase). Then off to the casino. What can I say....didn't really feel the love. We walked on the beach and enoyed all that that is. The beach is always so great. Don even had an opportunity to try out his new foot gear. Back to the Casino for awhile and then to dinner. Dinner you might ask. Yes and may I say "OH MY GOSH" . We all had the prime rib dinner and may I repeat "OH MY GOSH". Each meal could feed a family of 12. We cook roasts that are smaller that the prime rib they serve. And we had a great peanut butter chocolate cake for dessert. Then to the grocery store, Walgreens and back to the casino. After we sat in the hotel hot tub for about 40 minutes. Don and Mark got in the saunas. Now to bed. Sadly we have to return to reality tomorrow.

One thing I failed to mention. When we were at Cannon Beach we stopped at a sunglasses store. Don found a rack of regular sunglasses that were also bifocals. Don and I each got a pair. Sweet!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Beachward Bound

We got up to have a delicious farmhouse breakfast at the Taylor kitchen cafe. Then off toward the beach. We made a few stops along the way to check out the cool scenery. Historic Haystack Rock was pretty cool and made a great photo stop. We had lunch at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Yummy. Then we arrived at Chinook Winds. We have a great room overlooking the beach. We had a need (no not me) to go to the outlet mall. While there I did find an opportunity to purchase a cute pair of shoes. Then we went to the casino. I did get a three of a kind playing three card poker. Woohoo! We took a quick break to have dinner. I had .........surprise prime rib. Then a little more playing and then back to the room. What a great day!

To The Taylor's

After a fun night of visiting with Patty. We awoke to have a leisurely morning. Don and I went for a little walk around the area. We had leftover Chinese food for lunch. We went to Patty's favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner the prior night. The food was delicious but we had enough to feed a small village. We had a fun time visiting. Patty took us to the train station. The station was a great old building. The train ride was fun. We sat in the business section which in the train world is first class. We arrived in Portland to be greeted by the Taylor family unit (less one....Goeff) It was great to see them. We had dinner downtown and then strolled the streets of the street fair. Dinner was great, the company stellar and the people watching fun. Then back to the Taylors to visit. They have an awesome backyard and we sat outside until the neighborhood raccoon made me nervous. Chanel entertained us. She is awesome and so funny. I can't find the words to express how much I enjoy her and how incredibly funny she is. She needs to take her show on the road. She would make millions. Tomorrow we are off to the beach.....yeehaw.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vacation Again

Yes it is true. Don and I are on vacation again. Since I didn't bring my journal, I will be blogging our adventures so bare with me. This morning Brent and the little girl (Miss R) took us to the airport and we flew to Seattle. Don's sister Patty picked us up and we went to a great little cafe for lunch. We are very excited to visit with her. We are sorry Harry isn't here to visit. He is on the water bringing the boat back home. We also stopped by the train station to pick up our tickets. Then back to Patty's place to visit. She had to work a little this afternoon. We will visit tonight and then tomorrow we will take the train to Portland to see the Taylor family unit. Interesting side note, my parents took the train 60 years ago from Seattle to Portland. They were on their honeymoon. I don't think the train station has changed since they were there. I am excited to take the train. I have only been on a train once and Don has never been on one. Stay tuned for more adventures.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I Yearbooked Myself

My niece did this on her blog and I thought it was awesome. I did it too. You can too at

It wasn't easy finding a photo as I don't have any of just me so I took one and cropped it to be just me and these are the my awesome yearbook results.

Babble Babble Babble

We went to Cascade with our best friends and I shot this video. I say "Huh" a lot but now you can see why....... Don speaks "babble". He cracks me up!!! Oh..................and it really was the 24th they were right.

For My Music Loving Friends and Family

For My Music Loving Friends and Family.................... I found a new music source to download music. The songs are fairly cheap. Here is the link.

Happy listening.........and downloading.