Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Humor

Here is a little humor for Thanksgiving.

If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for?
Their AGE

Why can't you take a turkey to church?
Because they use such FOWL language

What are the feathers on a turkey's wings called?
Turkey feathers

What's the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?
The turkey trot

Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?
Yes - a building can't jump at all

What do you get when you cross a turkey with an octopus?
Enough drumsticks for Thanksgiving

How can you make a turkey float?
You need 2 scoops of ice cream, some root beer, and a turkey

What kind of music did the Pilgrims like?
Plymouth Rock

Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
The outside

Why did they let the turkey join the band?
Because he had the drumsticks

Why did the police arrest the turkey?
They suspected it of fowl play

What did the turkey say before it was roasted?
Boy! I'm stuffed!

Where did the first corn come from?
The stalk brought it

Why did the Indian chief wear so many feathers?
To keep his wigwam

How did the Mayflower show that it liked America?
It hugged the shore


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cancun Pictures

The Mexicans say "What happens in Cancun stays in Cancun" But we said "What happens in Cancun goes on Granelda's blog".

Here are some pictures from the trip. This reminds me of going to someones house to watch their vacation slides. Those over the age of 40 will understand what I am saying.

Shawna, Dan, and Don at the airport waiting to go to paradise

Shawna, Dan, me, and Don at the oriental hibachi

Shawna and I in the pool

This is me in the pool. The ocean is on the other side of the pool

Don wake boarding in the ocean

Don, me, Dan and Shawna at the Moon Palace restaurant

Me, the bike peddler, and Don at Coba (we are on a rickshaw)

The view from our room

Don at lunch after snorkeling

On the boat after snorkeling

Me with the fabulous entertainers at the circus show at the Cancun Palace

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cancun Day 9

Up at 5:15. We got the airport about 6:30. The Denver airport is huge. We checked in and then had a little breakfast. The plane was a little prop job. We got to Boise on time with no problems. Di, Dan and Shawna's friend picked us up and we are now home safe and sound. What a great time we had!!!!!!!! I will be posting pictures and some funny things that happened so check back later.

Cancun Day 8

Don and I got up and had breakfast about 7:00. After breakfast we grabbed a couple of wake boards and rode the waves in the ocean. It was great. Then we got in the swimming pool. I stayed in the pool while Don stretched out on a lounge chair. It was a beautiful cloudless day. Then we went to our room about 10:00 and showered and got ready to head out. Boohoo. Dan got Shawna's crud so they hung out in the room. We all had lunch together and then we headed to the airport. Somehow Dan and Shawna's luggage got broken on the way to the airport. The flight was good. We made it through customs with flying colors. Then the adventure began. The hotel we stayed at in Denver was downtown which meant a 45 minute drive from the airport. First let me say the rooms were nice and the bed was comfy. Don asked the driver about the restaurant in the hotel and he said they close at 10:00 p.m. (it was currently 9:00 p.m.) and then it turns into a bar. Then when we checked in the guy at the front desk told us we need to hurry and eat as the restaurant closed and changed drastically at 10:00. The operative word there is drastically. We went in and there were quite a few folks already there to party. I counted six big and I mean buff guys walking around in black shirts marked security. They all had handcuffs and tasers. Hhmmmmm. They were playing rap crap and while there were several ethnic groups represented we were the only whites in the joint. Dan not feeling good, decided to back to the room and get some medicine. He was gone a long time and Shawna was getting worried about him. We started joking about how maybe they would charge him a cover charge to get back in. Finally he showed up and he was not a happy camper. His room key didn't work so he had to get it fixed at the front desk. Then when he came back and started in the restaurant which by now was the bar, security stopped him and they wanted to charge him the cover charge. Oh dear. Then they checked him with the security wand and patted him down. They put a band on his wrist and let him in. We said he got searched and tagged. When he told us what happened we all tried really hard not to laugh. It really was funny and he can laugh about it now. I was worried we would have to hear the partying all night but once we got to our rooms it was nice and quite. Let the power nap begin. We have to get up at 5:15 a.m. to get back to the airport.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cancun-day 7

I didn't have to get up early today but I did and I watched the sunrise. It was very beautiful. We had trouble getting the internet to work yesterday so I worked on that and answered some emails all before Don got up. We had a nice breakfast and then hung out at the pool until it was time for my massage. I was a little worried about my massage as several folks to me I would get beat up with that particular massage but I actually enjoyed it. It was different from anything I had ever had before. Dan and Shawna had spa appointments as well. Don got his suitcase organized. We had lunch by the pool and then took the shuttle out to the Moon Palace. We wanted to see the new addition....the Grand Moon. We stayed at the Moon last time. It is about a 20 minute drive from our hotel. Shawna and I played in the pool while the guys lounged. We had a nice Mexican dinner at a restaurant in the hotel. I have to say the service there was incredible. We stayed for the show. The show......well it was pretty bad. I felt sorry for the performers. They made a ton of mistakes and there was no hiding them. In the beginning the guy fell off his stilts and it was pretty much down hill from there. But it made for good conversation. Prior to the show they played music videos and that was really fun. After the show we scored my favorite chocolate cake. I thought they no longer had it down here but.....I found some. Because we stayed for the show we missed the shuttle back so we took a taxi. We have had some pretty scary taxi rides in the past, but this time was great and safe. Now to bed. Tomorrow.......well we leave paradise tomorrow.

Cancun-day 6

Up early today. We went to the lobby bar so Don could gt some coffee and we waited until the restaurant opened. It didn't open until 7:00. We had a fast but yummy breakfast. At 7: 30 we got on the bus to go to Coba. Coba is a Mayan Ruin that is only about 20% uncovered. We went to it the last time we were here. It is always so amazing to see these cities and try to imagine what it was like for the people who lived there. The ruin or city is located in the jungle. It was pretty hot and muggy and the walk to the main temple is about 2 kl. We decided to take the bike taxi back. The breeze from that felt so good and besides that it was just fun. It was a 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Coba and we stopped along the way at a shopping place. We also went back and had lunch there. Dan bought a nice letter opener there. We got back to the hotel in time to order and enjoy chips and guacamole then head off to dinner. We had steak by the pool. No that isn't a type of steak. We ate steak and our table was by the swimming pool. After dinner, Don and Shawna went to the Italian restaurant for Mexican coffee. Dan and I went to the lobby bar and played janga. I am not sure how you spell it but it is a game where you have a tower of blocks and you try to remove a block one at a time without knocking the tower over. It was fun. Then we went to the show. It was different dancers than the last time and they were good as well. After, the lady in front of us had a little too much to drink. She was goofing around and tripped over the stage and fell backwards spilling her drink on Dan and Shawna. Yikes, some people shouldn't drink and she is definitely on of them. Good thing she didn't hurt. Then off to bed. Tomorrow.......another massage. Aaaahhhhh.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spoiled and Lucky

Did I mention that I am so spoiled? No? Well it is true. My darling Don just completely spoils me. I am such a lucky girl. I am so lucky to be with him. He is always doing little kind acts for me and I so appreciate him. Take today. I was in a lounge chair in the pool and he came and asked if he could get me something to drink. How did he know I was hot and thirsty? He pays attention to me and anticipates my needs. He brought me a drink and all I could think about was how I am so lucky to have him. Did I mention I am spoiled.........and very very lucky. Love you Don. :)

Cancun-day 5

We slept in a little today. We went to breakfast about 8:30. We had breakfast with Dan and Shawna this morning. I tried a new juice. It had pineapple, orange and kiwi. It was really good. Today was spa day. We hung out at the pool until our appointments. Dan and Shawna went first and so we hung out at the salon for awhile teasing Dan. He had his first manicure and pedicure. Then I went to the first of my appointments. I had a hot stone massage. Holy smokes Myrna. It was superb. I have had stone massages before but nothing like this. On a scale of one to ten I would give it a thirty. It was one of the best massages I have ever had. Then I had lunch by the pool with my darling Don. While Dan, Shawna, and I were getting pampered at the spa, Don tool the city bus to the Cancun Palace to make reservations for dinner. After lunch, I went for a deluxe pedicure and manicure. And when I say deluxe I mean deluxe. I was there for a little over 2 hours. Then I met up with the gang. If you are wondering why I didn't mention Don having an appointment at the spa, I didn't because he didn't go to the spa for anything....he hates that kind of stuff. Worked well for me, I got his share. Thanks darlin. After making reservations, he came back and played in the ocean.

We got cleaned up and I called the kids. I was sorry to hear Brent was so sick. Hope he gets better soon. We got on the city bus and headed to the Cancun Palace for dinner. We had the oriental hibachi. fun, fun, fun. They built a new out door theater. It was really cool. We decided to stay for the show. We didn't know it started at 8:00, we thought it started at 9:00. So we hurried and ate our dessert and went. It was a circus show. And boy was I glad we didn't miss it. It was fabulous. I am sure I sat there with my mouth wide open. I said the performers couldn't be human. I had my picture taken with them afterward so I will post it later. Then back on the city bus for our hotel. Shortly after we got on, the other few riders got off and surprisingly we rode the bus by ourselves. Tomorrow is an early day, we are going to Coba.

Cancun-day 4

Holy is already day 4. My goodness the time is going to quick. Today we had breakfast at the buffet. It was good. Then we headed out about 8:30 to get on the party boat and go to Isla Majaures. We have been to the Isle a few times before. (This is where I swam with the shark and dolphins.) The resort has a contract with a new company to organize tours and airport pick up and I must say the new company is not very good. With the old company the party boat was truly a party boat. But this company well....they aren't very good. But we had a good time non the less. The reason we decided to go the Isle is they have built a new resort there and we wanted to check it out. The new resort is nice. It only has 64 rooms. While most of the other went on their extra excursions, we hung out at the pool. Nice!! It was pretty relaxing. We had lunch there. I was able to once again sneak my dessert (what I couldn't finish) on Dan's plate. (that is another story). He's a good sport. After lunch, we got back on the boat and headed over to the other side of the island where all the shops are. Don bought me a cute ring. Then I found some leather sandals that I really liked. The gal came down in price but I said no and we left. I told Don I really liked them and he said I should go back. So I went back. I offered her a lower price and her boss made a counter offer and I said no and left. I really really like the sandals. Don said they are less then $20 why didn't you do it. You know me, I wished I had done it and kept saying it. Well Don said go back and give her her price. (poor Don I do this to him all the time.) So Shawna and ran back to the shop and yes I got them. They really are cute and very comfortable. Then back to the hotel for dinner and then we went to the show. The had 4 ladies and 4 guys dancing Mexican dances and then another man did a dance with a lasso. The costumes were beautiful. I enjoyed it but was so tired I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. To bed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cancun-day 3

Can you say Aaarrrgggg Matey. Or as Dude would say Aaarrrgggg Marty and Miss R would give her pirate look. We were so busy today. We started with room service at 6:00 am. It was so yummy. Then off to the paradise tour. We rode the bus to the state park. There we got on a boat to go snorkeling in the ocean. Don was a little sea sick and Shawna didn't want to get in the water so they stayed on the boat. It worked out fine as neither one of them enjoy the water that much. Dan and I joined the others and jumped off the side of a perfectly good boat. Oh dear that jump is a little scary when you first look down and see how far you have to jump. I made Dan go first. When Dan jumped in he lost his breathing tube. One of the workers dove under the boat to retrieve it for him. We saw a lot of cool fish and even saw a big sea turtle. Very Cool. My legs were so tired after swimming for 1 1/2 hours in the ocean they felt like jello but I loved it. Then we (Don, Dan, and Shawna) all got in speed boats. The one Don and I were in died when we started to head out. But fortunately they were able to get it started again after a while. Then out to the ocean we sped. You see I said it was a speed boat not a slow boat. My goodness we went flying through the water. We were riding the waves. We even picked up some air and boy I wish we had some more padding on our seat as we went kerthunk back down. I thought we might roll the boat a few times but Don assured me later it was pretty safe. It was a blast. Then we went 4 wheeling in the jungle. The mosquitoes were thick and my legs and arms got bit a lot. Then when we had lunch. A couple of guys were playing their guitars and singing and they came to our table and put sombreros on our heads and sang the song Don requested. (for those familiar with the fritos bandito song, that was it) . Fun. Then back to the hotel. We were dirty. I had salt from the ocean and dirt from 4 wheeling. Oh my goodness the hot shower felt so good. Don and I had a drink on the balcony and then headed down to the lobby bar sitting area to wait for Dan and Shawna. Then we had a great dinner and I'll be darned we got sang to again. The singers consisted of two women and a man. They sang beautifully. We bought their CD. Don and Shawna had more Mexican coffee and yes they enjoyed it as much as yesterday. Then off to the show. It was celebrity night. The dancers and entertainment team were great. We loved the show. Now after a full day and tons to eat we are full and tired so off to bed to rest so we will be able to go again tomorrow.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cancun-day 2

We got up about 7:00. We had the buffet breakfast. It was o.k. not the best but o.k. We then headed over to the Cancun Palace for our tour and upgrade speech. All the Palaces have been remodeled and are very (as Princess would say) posh. We listened to the updgrades and decided to cash in our remaining weeks and upgrade. Afterward we had lunch and headed over to check out the Beach Palace. It is interesting that they kept the name the Beach after the remodel as it no longer has a beach. It goes straight to the ocean. hmmmmm. Then we went to the market and walked around. We took the bus back to our hotel and had dinner. We ate at the Italian restaurant. Mrs Doctor said they had the best pizza so Dan ordered the pizza and agreed it was pretty good. After dinner Don and Shawna had Mexican coffee. It is made with tequila, coffee, cream, and kaluha. They set it on fire. It is quite the production and fun to watch but the best part was watching Don and Shawna's faces as they watched it being made and anticipating it. They were like a couple of kids in a candy store. Then Shawna was so happy with hers that it reminded me of a scene in the movie When Harry Met Sally. That is all I will say about that. Shawna is not feeling well. She has a sore throat, chills and just feels sick. She is taking medication and went to bed early. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow. Tonight was Casino night so Don and I went. We played with faked chips and then they held an auction after. Don got his auction in. Yeah! You could play 21, roulette, or Texas Holdem. Don and I played Texas Holdem. I had some great hands and I won the most chips at the table. Playing in Reno really paid off. I ended up with 600 pesos and because I was the big winner I got a great used CD of show tunes and disco. I can't wait to play it and see what it really is. I wanted a red hat at the auction but our dealer said you could only have 200 pesos per voucher and could only combine two vouchers. But that wasn't true. I found that out when I was outbid. Dang. Our dealer gave me a stupid t-shirt to make up for it. I wanted the red hat. (but I am not bitter........) I am having such a great time. It is so beautiful here. Can't wait for tomorrow. We are going snorkeling, 4 wheeling and driving speed boats in the ocean. Yeehaw.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cancun-day 1

Hola!!! This is day one of our fun filled vacation. Dan and Shawna picked us up at 5:50AM. The flights were all good. It is interesting how the airlines now charge for almost everything. We did still get a complimentary drink. We packed our own snacks. My passport number was entered wrong in Boise but I got it fixed in Denver so all was well. The flight attendant told us we could not take fruit (which we knew) or nuts (which we didn't know) with us when deplane. So we ate as many cashews as we could and threw the rest away. What she failed to say is we can't have beef jerky. We had some and Wilkes had some. We found out when the police dog smelled it in Shawna's backpack. The dog sniffed my bag sat down and then got up and walked away. Shawna was not as lucky. They searched her bag. She got off with a warning. Whew! Off to the hotel. It has been at least 5 years since we stayed at this particular hotel. It has changed a lot!!! It is very nice but Shawna and I both remarked how we miss the way it use to be. Oh well I guess that is progress. It would have changed any way thanks to a hurricane a few years ag0. Don't get me wrong the hotel is very nice. The room is nice and we have a great balcony. We had steak dinner and got acquainted with the hotel and then went to our room to watch the BSU game via the sling box. We ordered salmon, chips and guacamole to snack on. Yummy. Overall it has been a great day. Now we are tired and need to turn in.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Love Story

Let me tell you about some friends of mine...Shirley and Dean. Shirley was the person who got me involved in D.U.P. (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers). She was also in love with my darling Don. Every time she saw him she would lock arms with him and smile her heart out and flirt with him. She would always ask me how he was and tell me how I had a very handsome husband. Don and I joked about her being his girlfriend. But we both knew her heart belonged to her beloved Dean. Shirley was a very classy lady and I so enjoyed her. I even had the pleasure of being Shirley's visiting teacher just before she passed away. Yes my friend Shirley passed away this past July. Shirley had a stroke and as a result she had to go to a nursing home. It was very hard for her and Dean to be apart. You see they were married for 64 years and they were very much in love. Dean faithfully visited her everyday. He was so sad to leave her each day. One time while I was visiting Shirley she asked me to wash her face and brush her hair so she would look nice when Dean arrived. She said she needed to get better because she was worried about him living alone. Dean moved to be closer to her. But sadly she didn't get better. The day before Shirley passed away she held Dean's hand and told him it was time for her to go. He told her he wasn't ready for her to go. She then told him she was going to go prepare a place for him and she was going to make it really nice. He relented but told her not to take too long as he would miss her terribly. I would say she didn't take too long. I am attending Dean's funeral tomorrow. I am thrilled that they are once again reunited.