Friday, January 27, 2017

The day of lasts and a first

Sadly this was our last day.  We did a lot of lasts.   This morning, Miss 5 scored some great loungers by the upper pool.  We were there yesterday and it worked great so she scored them again today.  The weather was beautiful for our last full day.

We met some great people and had a lot of laughs and fun. We are so lucky to have been able to come and have Miss 5 and the Bootlicks join us. We said gooodbye to Juan our favorite waiter after dinner.

We got our painted items today.  They all turned out good.  I was so happy....I was looking at it and a lady who was sitting in the loungers by us saw it and said "oh that's a pretty platter".  I thank her profusely. She freely offered it up.  I don't get that with stuff I make so I was super thrilled. I told her she was my new best friend.

We swam in pool and did the slide a lot.  It was so much fun and entertaining.  The pool was a little cool at first but after a few turns on the slide the water warmed right up.

The other night I was unable to sleep so I was sitting on the deck enjoying the ocean.  There was an animal that ran across the beach.  It moved like a cat but was big like a dog.  We have seen lots of big dogs all week on the beach so I figured it must have been a dog.  While  talking to the lady who painted with us she told us there are two jaguars on the beach.  Aha.....I saw one. No Mrs Dr and Buddy it wasn't a wolf.  We also saw several dolphins and whales today.

At dinner tonight Miss 5 and I did the Buddy thing.  We ate dessert first. After dinner the hotel next to us set off fireworks.  They were the big 4th of July kind.  Pretty fun.

Ok now I will end this post with a very embarrassing but funny story.  My kids can stop reading at this point.  I had a DT moment.  DT is Miss 5's mother.

Her we go........I mentioned earlier in this post that we swam in the pool and did the slide a lot today ....We did ......and that it was certainly was.  We were the only 5 in the pool.  In fact, we were the only 5 in the area.  For some reason there were very few people here anywhere today.  That is a good thing. Anyway,  we were having fun in the pool and going down the slide numerous times.  We were all in the pool and I was looking at the slide hole.  The one you pop out of.  Well.... I was thinking I wonder how it would be to go down face first.  I contemplated it for a few minutes and then Miss 5 said I wonder how it would be like to go down the slide head first.  Holy cow I was just thinking it and she said it.  One of the guys we did the slide with the day before went head first. He said it was fun.  After talking about for a couple minutes, Miss 5 announced she was going to do it.  So she did.  Mrs Bootlick and I declined doing it with her but I kept thinking about it. She did awesome!!!!  She did say the only thing is you have to adjust your suit after you land. She went a couple times. Soooooooo I think what the heck.  I am going to do it.... so I did.  I hit the water with such force that when I came up to adjust my suit like Miss 5 instructed it wasn't there.  OH.MY.GOSH!!! My first thought was it was still in the tube then I realized nope it was just around my waist.  So when I popped up ...ummmm....... I was topless. We all started to laugh.  I hurried and pulled my top up.  Miss 5 said she would take the puppy with the pink nose.  Art said " oh my it's the Keebler elves.  Magically delicious".  This is a first.   I don't know who was more or my peeps. Any way we all got the biggest laugh and made several jokes the rest of the afternoon and evening.  If my kids are still reading this.......sorry.  But hey twerking doesn't seem so bad now huh?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Where did this day go?

I am not sure how this day could have gone any faster.  It seemed to fly by.  It was 9:00 and then 1:00 then 6:00 then 10:00.  The times in between just simply disappeared.   It was a really fun day though.

The Bootlicks, Miss 5 and I all did the slide.  It really is a fun slide.  I am amazed at people though.  There were some folks in the pool.  They could be anywhere in the pool.  Where do they stand?  Right in front of the slide.  Then they are surprised when you go down.  Hello!!!!!  Oh well... we had a good time anyway.

I noticed a young man standing off in the bushes.  I looked to see what he was doing and saw he had a table set up.  He had finished ceramic items.and unfinished items.  So I wander over to talk to him and get the scoop.  He isn't part of the hotel but could set up his table on the edge of the property. I talked Mrs. Bootlick and Miss 5 into going with me and painting some unfinished items.  I painted a small platter, Miss 5 painted a bowl and Mrs. Bootlick painted a medium sized platter.  I am anxious to see how they turned out.  They have to go in a kiln so they won't be ready until tomorrow. It was super fun painting.  There was another lady who walk by and ask us what we were doing.  She decided to join us as well.  We found out she was from Minnesota and used to be the Mayor in her town.

We played bingo this afternoon.  I am not sure why we bothered.  I love to play bingo and usually it is super fun.  Today was not one of those times.  Not to say they were super slow calling out the numbers but at one point Miss 5 looked at me and said my clothes are going out of style.  HAHAHAHA.

It got a little windy and overcast late this afternoon.  I thought maybe it was going to storm but good fortune came our way and no storm.  

We had a good dinner then back to the room to visit a little and then bed.   Didn't get a nap in today so I hope it isn't a bad night.  Maybe once my dinner settles I will be able to retire.  Everyone else is in bed.  

On a really good note...... my mom got to go home from the hospital today.    Woohoo! On that good note I will close.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

To Market We Go

To market to market we go.  Today after breakfast, we went shopping.   It was great. We went to the mega store which is basically a gigantic Walmart.  Then to a few pharmacies and ended up at the barter market.  This was Miss 5's first time at a barter market and she got some really good bargains. Our taxi driver stayed with us the whole time so we didn't need to worry about getting a taxi from place to place AND no scary rides.  Our driver was great.

Then we headed back to the hotel for lunch.  After lunch, we went to the beach.  On the way to the beach Miss 5 and I were stopped by a lady wanting us to the the slide.  The slide goes under the ground down to the pool.  I didn't want to do it as I am very claustrophobic.  Miss 5 went and said it was really quick and fun so I gave in to peer pressure.  It really was fun.  We went several times.  Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.  We also met some nice folks in the pool.  After the slide we joined Art at the beach.  The Bootlicks stayed back at the room and took a nap.  I took another bodacious nap on the beach.  Oh it was heavenly.

We were among the last to leave the beach.  Tonight was Italian cuisine.  Everyone ate Italian but Miss 5 and I.  We went for the beef tenderloin.  It was delicious.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Great Relaxing Day

Today was nice!!! It looked a little overcast and the ocean was a little angry but the temp was just right.   It is sprinkling tonight.   It picked the perfect time to start.  It can rain all night if it wants but I hope it stops by morning.

Not a lot going on.  We spent the day on the beach.  It was awesome!  I took the most bodacious nap........heavenly.

Art is feeling better today.  Didn't eat or drink much but he was up all day.  Hope he continues to feel better.

Our dinner tonight was extremely slow.  We were there for 2 1/2 hours. I m glad it was good because that would have been the pits to be that long for icky food.   We had prime rib and shrimp and that is my all time favorite.  I was excited all day for it.

 Maybe we will play cards again tonight or maybe just go to bed.

Not much more to report today.......just a great relaxing day.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Here is to feeling better

Well my wish to wake up and have Art feeling better and my mom out of the hospital didn't come through.  Art is still pretty sick and my mom is still in the hospital.  Dang it!! We were supposed  to go to the barter market today but Art was too sick.  Maybe on Wednesday

Today Art laid low and rested. The rest of us went to the beach and pool.  Miss 5 and I hung out at the beach in the morning then had lunch back at the room so we could check on Art.  After lunch we got in the pool.  It was really cold so we went back to the beach.  We got in the ocean.  We didn't wave hop as the undercurrent was too strong. After we just hung out at the beach.  I got a great nap in.  It felt so good to nap listening to the crashing waves.

We had a lovely dinner,  We ordered yogurt and toast for Art and our favorite waiter Juan took it to him.  I sure do hope it gets to feeling better soon.

We ate breakfast in shifts because that is what you do here.  Mrs Bootlick and I got there first , then Miss 5, then the Bootlick.  Can you believe the Bootlick and Miss 5 not only got their breakfast first they were completely down eating before Mrs Bootlick and I even got ours.  Crazy!

After dinner, we went back to the room and played UNO.  It was pretty fun.  I can say that because I won.  Yes I did.  I know that is a shock but it is true. Art went to bed early.  That is where I am headed now.`

Sunday, January 22, 2017

What a night

The skies were bright blue this morning.  A little chilly but not bad.  And by noon it was nice and warm.  Miss 5 and I went for massages  If you can believe it, I got the same woman who cut my toe when I had the pedicure.  I must say at first I wasn't so sure.  I thought she was going to do a 85 minute massage in 10 minutes.  But then I told her lighter on the pressure and when she did it was slower.  It ended up being a good massage.

We watched a very disappoint game,  Sad to watch the Packers lose. Enough on that......moving on people nothin here to see.......

Got a call from my dad that my mom wasn't doing well.  She ended up going to the ER.  She and my Dad are in my prayers.  It is so hard being so far away and not being able to help.  MK was quick to show up and take care of them.  Trixie and the Coonster are on their way to help.  I am so blessed to have these three to jump in and help out.

Poor Art started to feel poorly.  He got ready for bed and BAM it hit.......he is throwing up and has diarrhea. Poor guy!!!   What a night!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Story of the Pedicure

A great day here in paradise.  I am so glad not to be at home with the winters weather.  I had a couple people send pictures and videos of it snowing.  Yikes!!! It was pretty overcast this morning but true to  form here it burned off by noon and was a really nice day. Not too hot but just right.

Mrs Bootlick and I went for pedicures today.  Let's just say the whole scene made for a good story and that is about all.  We went to a room that had two wooden chairs with padded seats and two massage tables. We sat in the chairs. The two ladies doing the pedicures bought out two large ceramic bowls to put our feet in.  Not exactly what we were expecting but it was all good.  Then the torture began.  I have to say I got the better pedicure of the two.  The lady doing mine cut my big toe in three places.  Oh man I was hanging on the the arms of the chair so tight and tried with all my might not to kick her.  She looked at the toe with  blood coming out and put my foot in the water.  The she stuck her fingernail in the cuts then put acetone in them then sealed them up with clear polish.  I looked at Mrs Bootlick and mouthed this lady just cut a little chunk out of my toe.  Man it hurt.  But like I said I got the better pedicure.  When we walked out I just had one toe cut.  Poor Mrs Bootlick had four toes bleeding.  At one point I hurt so bad all I could do is start laughing.  That made Mrs Bootlick laugh and the ladies just looked at us trying to figure out what was so funny.  Miss 5 and I are supposed to get massages tomorrow so I hope it goes better.

Neither Mrs Bootlick nor I had a room key but the Bootlick had gone back to the room to rest and said he would let us in when we were done.  Well............. we rang the bell and pounded on the door with no luck.  Art and Miss 5 were on the beach.  We didn't want sand to get in our cuts and we certainly didn't want to mess up the polish so we couldn't go get a key from them so I called and texted Miss 5 because I knew she had her phone.  But the call went straight to voice mail and she didn't get the text til much later.  Soooooooo we decided to find a place to sit where we would see them when they went back to the room.  But then, after sitting for a while,  I had an idea to ask someone to go get the key from them for us.  Woohoo that was easy enough to find someone.  We got the bar waiter to do it.  That was funny too because it looked like they were just watching the ocean when in fact they were asleep,  The waiter told them he needed the key but they never responded as they were asleep.  Thankfully he just kept asking till it finally woke them up and we got the key.  When the Bootlick got up we told him we pounded on the door and rang the buzzer. He said he heard the buzzer but thought it someone was doing laundry.  Overall it was pretty funny.  Mrs Bootlick and I got a good laugh over the whole thing and it sure made for a good story.

There were two whales in the ocean playing off and on today.  It was fun to watch them,  They were pretty far out but you could easily see them.  They looked really big from the distance so I can only imagine how big they really were.  

After dinner we went to the room and played cards.  Overall it was a pretty good day.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Shift Work

These early mornings are hard work but worth it,  The Buddy showed up a few minutes early and we were on our way.  The traffic was light which is good because the roads were a litttle slick. But we had an excellent driver.  Thanks again Buddy.   We hooked up with our traveling companions the Bootlick and Mrs Bootlick at the gate.  Everything went so smooth.  We arrived safe and sound in Phoenix.  While in waiting to board in Phoenix, I talked to Mrs Dr.  She called to tell us Honey Bunch won a contest and the poster she made would be made in to a billboard.  WOW!!!  Way to go Honey Bunch!!!!   The flight to PV went great as well.  The only crazy was we taxied for 45 minutes.  At one point, I asked Art if we were in Tucson yet.  He said no we were in Flagstaff.  He is too funny.  Anyway even with taxiing, we made it on time.  

We met up with our niece Miss 5.  It couldn't have gone any smoother.  The plane didn't get any customs forms for us to fill out so we had to get them when we landed.  You would think it would slow things down but it didn't.  We headed to the baggage claim and there was Miss 5.  Yeah!!!!.  We gathered our bags and headed out to get a taxi.  That couldn't have gone any smoother.  We got a big van type car.  It was just us so we didn't have to share with anyone or make a bunch of stops.  It was a pleasant hour ride.  We arrived at the hotel, what a great place!  It is like we have our own private beach.  The hotel is small but beautiful and charming. Our suite is awesome.  We have a three bedroom villa.  The deck is spacious and it will accommodate all of us. 

I have to laugh because we ate in shifts.  Not by choice.... it just worked that way.  The food so far is really good.  Depending on what was ordered is how they brought it.  If you orderd something that was on the appetizer menu even though it was your entree you got it as an appetizer not with everyone's entrees if that makes sense.  At dinner the Bootlicks went to that pasta bar so they ate first, Then Miss 5 ordered soup and a tuna salad.  She got that next.  Then finally Art and I got ours.  We had surf and turf.  Yum it was good.  But we laughed at the shifts.  Even the dessert came in shifts.  Art and Mrs Bootlick got their Spanish coffee then Miss 5 and I got ours. Miss 5 ordered a nice mango mouse and I ordered chocolate cake.  It is always a gamble with the cake.  But the waiter came and said they ran out of cake so the chef was making something special.  I was worried but I t was actually chocolate cake and it was really good.  Boy did I luck out!  The Bootlick passed on dessert and headed to bed.

While sitting at dinner, I felt a bad burning sensation on my upper back.  It felt like someone stuck a match to me. Don't know how it happened but I have a little cut.  Miss 5 put some ointment and a bandaid on it for me so I will be good in no time. 

Tomorrow should be a fun day......... so looking forward to it.  Hoping to find a lounger with my name on it.  And I am looking forward to more laughs.