Friday, January 27, 2017

The day of lasts and a first

Sadly this was our last day.  We did a lot of lasts.   This morning, Miss 5 scored some great loungers by the upper pool.  We were there yesterday and it worked great so she scored them again today.  The weather was beautiful for our last full day.

We met some great people and had a lot of laughs and fun. We are so lucky to have been able to come and have Miss 5 and the Bootlicks join us. We said gooodbye to Juan our favorite waiter after dinner.

We got our painted items today.  They all turned out good.  I was so happy....I was looking at it and a lady who was sitting in the loungers by us saw it and said "oh that's a pretty platter".  I thank her profusely. She freely offered it up.  I don't get that with stuff I make so I was super thrilled. I told her she was my new best friend.

We swam in pool and did the slide a lot.  It was so much fun and entertaining.  The pool was a little cool at first but after a few turns on the slide the water warmed right up.

The other night I was unable to sleep so I was sitting on the deck enjoying the ocean.  There was an animal that ran across the beach.  It moved like a cat but was big like a dog.  We have seen lots of big dogs all week on the beach so I figured it must have been a dog.  While  talking to the lady who painted with us she told us there are two jaguars on the beach.  Aha.....I saw one. No Mrs Dr and Buddy it wasn't a wolf.  We also saw several dolphins and whales today.

At dinner tonight Miss 5 and I did the Buddy thing.  We ate dessert first. After dinner the hotel next to us set off fireworks.  They were the big 4th of July kind.  Pretty fun.

Ok now I will end this post with a very embarrassing but funny story.  My kids can stop reading at this point.  I had a DT moment.  DT is Miss 5's mother.

Her we go........I mentioned earlier in this post that we swam in the pool and did the slide a lot today ....We did ......and that it was certainly was.  We were the only 5 in the pool.  In fact, we were the only 5 in the area.  For some reason there were very few people here anywhere today.  That is a good thing. Anyway,  we were having fun in the pool and going down the slide numerous times.  We were all in the pool and I was looking at the slide hole.  The one you pop out of.  Well.... I was thinking I wonder how it would be to go down face first.  I contemplated it for a few minutes and then Miss 5 said I wonder how it would be like to go down the slide head first.  Holy cow I was just thinking it and she said it.  One of the guys we did the slide with the day before went head first. He said it was fun.  After talking about for a couple minutes, Miss 5 announced she was going to do it.  So she did.  Mrs Bootlick and I declined doing it with her but I kept thinking about it. She did awesome!!!!  She did say the only thing is you have to adjust your suit after you land. She went a couple times. Soooooooo I think what the heck.  I am going to do it.... so I did.  I hit the water with such force that when I came up to adjust my suit like Miss 5 instructed it wasn't there.  OH.MY.GOSH!!! My first thought was it was still in the tube then I realized nope it was just around my waist.  So when I popped up ...ummmm....... I was topless. We all started to laugh.  I hurried and pulled my top up.  Miss 5 said she would take the puppy with the pink nose.  Art said " oh my it's the Keebler elves.  Magically delicious".  This is a first.   I don't know who was more or my peeps. Any way we all got the biggest laugh and made several jokes the rest of the afternoon and evening.  If my kids are still reading this.......sorry.  But hey twerking doesn't seem so bad now huh?


Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Best blog post, ever!! I guess that's why it's called a *slide* cuz your suit sure did!!

Brent said...

It's ok mom, I swim topless all the time. And no, almost nothing is worse than your twerking.