Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Again Home Again Gigity Gig

What a whirl wind! We got in the last of the sun before we had depart. I got up early and joined Shawna on the beach. The guys came later and joined us. We were heading to breakfast and I had my bifocals on and misjudged the step from the beach to the sidewalk and jammed my little toe and split it wide open. It was pretty deep. Anyway it made for a long day walking and was pretty darn sore. No last minute swimming for me after that. DANG IT! The flights were flawless and we flew back to the States first class. I could really get use to that. Poor Don ended up with Montezuma's revenge. He was sick all night. I guess if it had to happen, it at least waited until he got home as not to ruin any of his trip. I guess yesterday was not a good day for either one of us. But we made it safely home and overall had one heck of a good time.

Did someone say Cancun?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Last Full Day In Paradise

Oh dear today is our last full day here in paradise. We played in the pool and the ocean and had a lot of beach time. It was a little overcast so it wasn’t as warm but still nice. The week has flown by and it has been so relaxing. We all agreed we will be back. Tonight there was a wedding on the beach and they had fireworks. Not the wusie kind, they were the full blown 4th of July kind. We laughed and said that was nice of them to celebrate our last night here. Tomorrow back to the real world. My mom loaned me a book to read. I got half way through…..hey give me credit it is over 800 pages and I have been busy playing in the water.(it is a good book!!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just Played Today

We played in the pool this morning. Dan and I stayed in long enough to play BINGO only it was RIFTA. The last game was you couldn’t have a number on your card. I made it down to the last three and then dang it….I lost. Oh well. We played in the ocean this afternoon. We ate dinner in the French restaurant. It was THE best meal since we have been here. It was sooooo good. We made arrangements to go there again tomorrow night. Don went to the grocery store tonight to get me some Dr Pepper. What a sweet guy. We decided we should do at least one show and tonight was it. I don’t want to say it was bad but…… several folks left midshow and Shawna slept through a lot of it. But in her defense, she was not feeling well and probably should have been in bed. She really didn’t miss anything. We left after an hour. I am not sure how long it lasted but we took all we could. Tomorrow is our last day. Oh dang! I so need a pool.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Goofy Rings

Here are pictures of the rings we got.

Just Another Day In Paradise

Toady was fairly laid back. I went for a massage this morning………yes it was heavenly. Then I did water aerobics. Shawna got up really early and got us a great place to lounge on the beach. The afternoon was spent lounging on the beach with my book. The photographer brought Dan and Shawna’s pictures this afternoon. He did a great job and took a lot of pictures. We were invited to a special event on the beach tonight. There were four couples there and we had our picture taken. It was for those celebrating their anniversary. Don and I really shouldn’t have been invited but we were and it was nice. They took a group picture and we will get it tomorrow. My Don got some more Dr Pepper for me so I should be set. Shawna is feeling a little under the weather so she planned to stay out of the ocean but as it turned out we all did. We did have some pool time though. We had dinner at the sister property tonight. It was really good Italian. More lounging tomorrow.

Vow Day

Today went by in a blink. Shawna and went to the spa. That in itself is a post. The "spa" really isn't. Anyway we both got pedicures and Shawna got a manicure. My pedicure didn't last the day and neither did Shawna's manicure. Oh well. We played in the pool and sat on the beach until midday. Then we got ready for the big event. Don went to Dan's room to get ready and Shawna came to ours. We had a ball getting ready. We did each other’s hair and helped get dress. We were like two little girls playing dress up. Shawna looked absolutely gorgeous. We met the handsome gentlemen in the lobby. We changed were we originally planned to have the ceremony and it worked out perfect. The ceremony was held in a cute gazebo and then pictures were on the beach. The ceremony itself was very touching. Even gave me a few tears. It was a good reminder and good advice. Bobby the photographer was a hoot and a half. He was really good and he got some fabulous pictures. He will deliver the tomorrow. On the beach there were two guys playing music so the photographer paid them to play for us to have a dance on the beach.....way sweet. Afterward we had dinner. A man at the table next to us told Shawna Dan bought her a nice ring and handed her this big red rubber ring that lit up. It was hilarious!! Then he gave me a green one to match my dress. It was so goofy and fun.

My Don looked handsome and dashing in his tux. He went back to the room to get the camera and a lady told him she was single. I will have to drowned her later.......don't need the competition.

What a fabulous day!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sun and More Sun

Today was full of sun. Shawna and I spent a lot of time in the sun. This morning we wanted to play in the ocean but for some reason it was really rocky. So we decided to hang out under a cabanna on a lounge chair. Shawna and ventured out a couple time in the morning but the rocks were a bit much. We went to the pool for a while and at one point Don joined us for a little while. Then we dried off and had some lunch. After lunch we went back to the cabanna, me with a good book, but the ocean beconed us once again so Shawna and I went back out and most of the rocks were gone and it was once again smooth. We played and laughed a lot. We had so much fun. At one point, Don and Dan came out and told us we had been on the ocean for three hours. We were so stunned. We thought we had been out for maybe an hour. Certainly not three. We stayed out and played with guys body surfing and when the guys were tired, we went in. We had time to shower and get ready for dinner. Shawna and I are both pretty red but fortunately not in pain.......yet. We played really hard today in the water and we are all tired so early to bed tonight.

Tomorrow is the big ceremony. Woohooo.


My hair has a mind of it's is a sick and twisted one. Note to self: Thick hair and humidity don't to go together.

Monday, November 16, 2009

What a Great Day

What a great day. I am such a lucky girl. We all met for breakfast and hung out hoping our Taxi Tour guide would show up. Don had made arrangements with a guy to take us around the city and show us the sites in his taxi. Don was a little worried as he hadn’t received a response to his emails. No surprise, the guy was a no show. But it all worked out for the better. Don talked to the Bellman and the Bellman got us all set up with a Taxi and tour. Our Taxi driver’s name was Martin and he spoke excellent English. He took us all around and we all had such a great time. He showed us Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s homes. We saw where the movies Night of the Iguana and Predator were filmed. It was amazing at how steep some of the streets were. I thought Seattle had steep streets but my goodness they have steep ones here. The tour was such a fun thing to do. Don did a great job getting it all pulled together. He deserves a big gold star. We stopped to check out a beautiful view and I saw a great bag that I wanted that was for sale by a street vendor. I knew the price I wanted and I bartered the price down to the price I wanted. Ah, I love a good deal and a cute bag.

Then back to the hotel for a late lunch and then to the beach. We boogie boarded and body surfed in the ocean. It was a blast. It’s amazing how tired you get doing that. Yes I am a woos. The weather was absolutely perfect. We couldn’t have asked for better. We spend most of the afternoon doing that, and then we cleaned up and walked to Wal-Mart. Dan needed to get some pants and while we were there, we picked up a few items. Back for dinner. We had fish. Yes I said we had fish. No I am not a fan of fish. Thanks to Don, Shawna and I ended up getting a couple steaks. They were yummy and I am a fan of steak. Then we walked around the property. The hotel has a sister hotel next door so we checked it out. We may change the venue for the vow renewal. After we got back Shawna and I popped in the gift shop to look at swim suits. Shawna was looking at maybe picking up a new suit. While in there Shawna looked in the pop cooler and spied some Dr Pepper. I was stunned. Yes I bought some. Did you really think I wouldn’t? Anyway Shawna deserves a gold star for spying it.

We had a lot of fun today and some great laughs. Did I mention I am a lucky girl…….I really am.
Tomorrow……….more fun in the sun.

First Class to Puerto Vallarta

Today was a great day. We got up early (4:00 am) and the Wilke’s picked us up and to the airport we went. We went to the counter to give them our suit cases and the airline employee told us we needed to pay for our luggage. I knew Don did this online so I stepped aside and let Don talk to him. I was not paying any attention at all to their conversation. Don thinking I had heard their conversation confessed he upgraded us to first class. Don wanted to surprise me. I was shocked to say the least. Brent travels all the time first class and I tease him. I get it now. I must say it was absolutely marvelous and what a great surprise. We arrived in Puerto Vallarta 30 minutes early and there was no one in the customs line. We did however get the red button so they searched our bags. It really was no big though. We got to the hotel and had some lunch and then got settled in and went down to the beach. We spent the rest of the day sitting on the beach visiting and relaxing. We did find a nice place for Dan and Shawna to renew their vows. Don and Dan said I would never eat sushi……….so yes indeed I ate sushi. For those who don’t know what that is, it is raw fish. It was just ok.

Some ladies who work for interviewed us. We may be on their commercial. Hmmmmmm. The hotel is nice and the ocean is spectacular. We had a nice dinner and are now ready for bed. It is 11:30 pm.

The whole day was wonderful. You never know what trouble you might run into when you travel but today we traveled without any problems to speak of. I got to go first class and we love where we are staying. Overall this was a marvelous day.