Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 Girls YW Camp

I got asked to attend Girls Camp this year. I was very excited. I was one of four in charge of the 4th years. We were assigned two 5th years and three SYLS. We went to a place in Oregon. It was a beautiful campsite and we stayed in tents. The theme was a moment in time. Our group was the "Stone Age". We decorated with dinosaurs and cave women. Our girls were absolutely lovely. Because the 4th years do adventure camp, they didn't go on the day hike. We were in charge of a spa experience for the rest of the girls. We did pedicures for everyone. Our girls did an excellent job and we all had a good time. We had several visitors ie Alma, Lucy Mack Smith, Jesus, Mary, Mary Magdalene. The stake leaders planned several moments in time experiences and games that were absolutely amazing. It was a very spiritual week and I was so buoyed up. Our girls had a great skit. Here are some pictures I took during the week.

Everyone doing the Thriller dance

5th year (Sheighla), SYL (Elise), and 4th yr, (Merecia) girls

Girls getting ready for our skit (Schuyler, Jordan, & Megan)
(Princesses and Mrs DR. made one of the cars)

I was in charge of this value during the game of life. Yes the r is missing.

Some of our Priesthood leaders

Part of our campsite

Part of our campsite
Yes I put up most of the tents
Part of our campsite

Doing pedicures at our spa experience

Doing pedicures at our spa experience

Mailboxes for each girl

Family Photos

We had family photos taken. Candace Hawkley (Dr.'s sister) is a professional photographer. We were lucky enough to have her take our photos. Here are some of the photos.

Crazy July

July was a pretty crazy month. First we were lucky enough to have our daughter and her family come. It was great. We were lucky to have sleepovers with all 5 grandkids. Art and I had a ball. We were able to get family pictures taken. I am so blessed to have such a great family. I will post pictures later. I had the pleasure to go to girls camp. Before I left for camp we got word that Art's sister had colon and liver cancer. My thoughts and prayers were with her. I had reservations before I left as Art's mom was not doing very well and I had a feeling she would pass while I was gone. She did. I was very saddened I was not there to support my Art and I was unable to pay my last respects to her. We ended the month celebrating our 23rd anniversary.