Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Birthday Present

I always know my birthday is coming because I get a card and present from my folks about 3 weeks prior to my birthday. I love it. My mom worries that it won't make it in time and to ensure it's timely arrival she has my dad mail it early. It is great and I am so glad they do it. It sets it out as something special. But this year Art beat my folks to the punch.

We went Sat and got me a new cell phone. Art said he checked and I was due for an upgrade and he was going to surprise me and get me the phone I had been wanting for my birthday. Oh dear, I didn't want him to do that without me because I needed to check out all options. We ordered phones without really checking them out and that is another post but I will say Art never heard the end of my displeasure with the phone (not him...the phone). Any way I got a BlackBerry Storm Smart phone. It is cool and I am sure once I figure out how it works I will love it even more. Brent has one like it so I bug him for my tech support.

Thanks for the great present Art........I really love it but not as much as I do you.

Monday, April 13, 2009

No Easter Dress For This Kid

Oh the goings on ........With Easter approaching I thought about being a kid and getting a new dress. Oh I loved to go shopping for a new Easter dress. I have a few dresses that stick out in my memories. Thinking about it made me want to get a new Easter dress this year. Hello have you been shopping lately for a dress? They are hard to find. My thought was I would go to one store at the mall and if they didn't have what I wanted, I would bag it. I had always had good luck with that particular store in the past so off I went. No they did have any dresses. I asked the clerk an she helped me hunt for one but it was not to be. O.K. so I thought well while I am here (at the mall), I would just check the other stores. Still no luck. I went to a couple of stores by the mall no luck. As a fluke, I stopped at a store on my way home. No dress but....I saw a cute skirt. I tried it on and to my complete surprise it was too big. Can you believe it? Woohoo. That hasn't happened to me in years. It was awesome to put on a shirt in my size and have it be too big. I was ready to party. But wait they didn't have a smaller one. dang. But I was going to revel in the fact it was too big. I tired on some cute tops that would have matched the skirt but no sense in getting the tops without the skirt because they didn't match anything else I owned. When I put them back on the rack I noticed they had the same tops in different colors. They had a color that would be a good match for a skirt I already owned. Perfect. That would do. I thought no need trying them on because I had just tried on tops with the only difference being the color. So I bought them and went home. I got up Easter morning tried to put them on my horror they were too small. Oh horrors. I could put one arm threw the neck hole but what about the rest of me? Well back I go to return them.

Not all is lost........I was able to find a purse. Some of you know I have been looking for quite some time for a new one. Yes it is green leather and dang cute. Also I got a b-day present. No it isn't my b-day yet and it deserves it's own post. SOOOOO stay tuned.