Friday, August 2, 2013

The Anniversary Week Comes To A Close

Today was our last day. Boohoo! Our last big hoorah was shopping.  We drove to a huge outlet mall at the border.  I got new shoes and so did Art.  You cannot believe all the shoe stores this mall had.  We bought some fun stuff.  I got a new phone cover. I have been needing one for a while but couldn't find what I wanted with a price I was willing to pay until today.  I was pretty stoked.

We went to a quaint little Italian cafe for dinner.  It was so small it only seated 22 customers.  It was family owned.  They had really yummy bread.

We are packed and ready to head for home tomorrow.  It has been such a great week. What a way to celebrate 25 years.

25 years ago

Thursday, August 1, 2013


What was today about?  Chips.......we drove to the Indian Casino. It is only an hours drive from here.  We played 21, poker and slots.  We played all afternoon.  We had the buffet there. It was so good.  We ate prime rib, lobster, shrimp, cabbage, sweet potatoes and a lot more but that's not all.......they has sugar free desserts.  I was so excited, i got to have dessert. And it was all free.  We signed up for the players club and the buffet was free.  We made up for it in gambling though.  Fun day.  It is hard to believe tomorrow is the last day here.  It has been so fun hanging out all week with my best buddy.

On the docket

Forgot to post this it is

The weather is a tad cooler today.  Sooooooo Today we went sightseeing.  This area is really beautiful.  We drove the coastline.  Art thought it would be fun to drive the Coronado bridge.  Holy stroke.....I mean smokes Myrna.  It is sooooo high up.  I didn't enjoy it at all. I was ready to have stroke.   Glad it didn't bother Art at all. Then we went to see the  temple.  WOW!   It is incredibly beautiful.  It looks like a castle.  We walked around the grounds.  They were in the process of planting flowers.

Then we went across the road to a shopping center.  Yes I did get some new shoes.  A cute pair of Pumas. Art got a dash holder for his phone.  After that we drove up to Cabrillo Point.  Talk about million dollar views.  They have a little museum, theater, gift shop, and lighthouse. The lighthouse was cool.  It was set up like it was in the 1800s.

We had dinner at the Marina.  It reminded us both of the Marina in Seattle. Our waitress was a bit of a dipity do but that is part of the charm of it.......right?