Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Did It

Today we mostly hung out. But we went to the Space Needle. An item on my bucket list was to go to the top of the Space Needle. Holy smokes it is a long way up. Heights and I are not friends. To say I was scared spitless is an understatement. But I made it up and we had a fabulous lunch in the restaurant there. I kept telling myself I was in an airplane and that really helped. I had a ice cream on steroids for dessert. It was really fun. Afterward Art and Barb wanted to go out on the observation deck. YIKES! They went out and I worked on getting the courage to go out. I knew I wanted say I did it and this was more than likely the only time I could so.........I did it, I did it, I did it, yeah.. I did it.
I thought I would have a heart attack or stroke before we got back down but I survived. I even bought a jacket to reward myself.

We stopped by the house for the end of the sale. Folks were carrying all their booty out. It was hard to watch so we decided to go to the marina. We popped in and chatted with the boat broker. Not much activity on the boat sale..........hopefully soon. We did happy hour at the marina then back to the hotel and visited a while. We had dinner at the restaurant next door then back to the hotel to visit a little more. It was fun visiting as Barb shared a lot of family history. Overall it was a grand day.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Off to the estate sale

We arrived last night. The flight was good. Barb, Arts sister from another mother (really his cousin) was at the hotel and had set up snacks and drinks. We visited for a while and then off to bed.

Today Art, Barb and I had a continental breakfast at the hotel and visited. We eventually made our way to the estate sale. There were a lot of people there. I think I was surprised how many people were there......and buying. I think the sale is a huge success. The folks Art hired to do the sale are doing a fabulous job. When we walked into the office, there was a picture of Patty on the shelf. Then her wedding outfit was draped across her bed. It choked me up so I can only imagine how Art felt. The realtor stopped by with good news. Looks like the house will be sold by the end of the month. What a relief for Art. He has spent a lot of time and energy on it.

Art, Barb and I went to lunch and shoe shopping. We all bought some new shoes. Then off to Pikes. The weather was just perfect. We had a great afternoon.

Had dinner with friends of Harry and Patty. Then we all went back to Barbs room and visited. We had a great visit. Now off to bed.