Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Which Should I Use

OK... I am taking a pole.  Which of the following do you thing I should use?

Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow

Life is Like Laundry Loads of Fun

Sorting Out Life One Load at a Time

Drop Your Drawers Here

The Laundry Room Self Serve

The Laundry Room for Faster Service Do it Yourself

Laundry Room Ring Bell, If No One Answers, Do it Yourself

Monday, April 15, 2013

Another Room Bites the Dust

To quote the words from a Queen song.

Dah..... Dah..... Dah.... Another one bites the dust
Dah..... Dah..... Dah.... Another one bites the dust
And another one gone and another one gone
Another one bites the dust.

Another room is gone.  Art took the laundry room to the dump today.  Yep he ripped out the walls and loaded them into the truck and delivered them to the dump. Most of the demolition is done.  I think the the master bath is about the only room left to completely destroy.

We got plumbing parts today.  The guy at the store was really helpful.  Art was reenergized.  I am excited he is excited.  Art also got the bedroom door framed.  It really looks different.

I filled the hot tub back up today....I think Art is going to need it.  He has been working really hard.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What's Up

The remodel is making lot of progress.  Art has really worked hard.  The new bedroom is about 80% done.  Art has the wiring done, most of the framing, insulation, and sheetrock done. To help the process, Art brought his air compressor in.  It is strange to walk in his office and see the compressor sitting there.

He took a little break this afternoon.  We ran some errands and bought new shoes.  We both got a couple pair. I have been wanting some new navy blue shoes.  They are really hard to find.  I wanted some with the wedge heel.  One of the stores here had some but I just refused to pay the price they wanted.  Art said he didn't care what the cost was, he was tired of going to every store looking so we went back to the one store an got them.  They are pretty cute!!  One good thing about it .......Art always says time stands still when we go shoe shopping.  He thinks it lasts forever and today he thanked me for making this day last forever.

Here are some pictures.
 Closet in office
 Closet removed
 new wall 

 gutted bathroom
wall between the bathroom and bedroom (bedroom closet removed)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's Gone

For the past 23 1/2 years, I have showered in the same bathtub/shower.  Yesterday was the last.  Knowing it was my last, I was determined to take a little longer and soak up the memory of it.  Standing in the shower I reflected on the years past.  So many memories flooded my mind, both good and bad.  In a strange way, I almost mourned some of the changes in life while wanting to re-celebrate others.  Then all of a sudden without any warning the water stopped flowing.  I was about to holler for Art when the water returned as quickly as it stopped.  I started once again to reflect and the water stopped again. Dang it!  With no water, I couldn't finish my shower and visit down memory lane. Never again would I be able to shower in the bathtub/shower again. But it occurred to me,  I need to honor the past but not dwell in.  The past was done and couldn't be relived but the future held brightness and hope of better things so I need to live my life now so that my future would be bright. It was time to move forward.

With that thought in mind, I eagerly cleaned out the bathroom. I knew that the new bathroom would be so much better.  The Buddy came over and with his help Art gutted the bathroom. The bathtub/shower, vanity, toilet, and the walls all gone.  The main bathroom is completely gone.  Today, I showered for the very first time in the basement.  I kinda felt like a guest.

Art also got the new on demand water heater installed.  It works really well. He removed the ceiling in the laundry room.  He had to do that to get to the plumbing for the new bathrooms upstairs.  The upside to that and the new water heater is the laundry room will get a makeover as well.  It is so crazy how one thing leads to another........but so far ......I am loving it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It All Depends On Which Direction You Are Going

I had a doctor appointment today.  I arrived at the the Dr office about 5 minutes prior to my appointment time.  I learned sometime ago not to be early at this office.  You wait at least 30 minutes in the waiting room no matter what.  Anyway, I got there to find a notice that they had moved.  WHAT?!  I had no idea.  I had not received any notice and when they called to confirm my appointment they didn't say anything.  So I called their office to tell them I was at the old office so I would need to reschedule.  I was told to come anyway.  So I said I knew the address and repeated it and then asked where they were exactly.  She gave me the address again.  So I asked her again exactly where that was and she told me the two streets they were between. Ah ha.  I asked what they were by and she said "them" and said again the streets that they were between.  Then I asked "are you on the east or west side of the street" and she said "Well, it depends on which direction you are going."  Really????  I thought east west north and south were set.  hmmmmm.... guess all depends on the direction I am going.  And with that conversation my direction went south.  I did find the office and when it was all said and done,  I was only 10 minutes late and the two appointments ahead of me were still waiting in the waiting room.  Yes... I waited 30 minutes so it was just like being on time.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Closet Has Arrived

More work today was done on the remodel.  Art took 1100 pounds of closet and walls to the dump today.  He also removed some of the ceiling today.  He has a love hate relationship with the rock wool insulation in the attic.  He hates it when it falls on his head and loves to see it gone.   

The highlight of the day was 1100 pounds of new closet arrived today.  Now listen,  I am not prejudice against older folks really I am not.  But I will say when you reach a certain age,  you should be able take it easy and let younger folks do the heavy work.  Today the truck carrying our new closet components drove up and Art went out with the intent to show the guys where to put the items.  I looked out to see Art helping unload the truck.  Surprised, I stood there a sec and saw an old guy pop out of the truck and then an other old guy popped out.   I thought the young guys (20s or 30s) must be inside so I stood there a few more seconds and realized these guys were it.  The one guy looked to be about 70 to me.   Art said he thought both guys were in their 60s.  I am not so sure the guy wasn't in his 70s. Anyway, Art was the youngest one out there so Art thought he better help them unload. And it was a good thing......they needed a "younger" guy to help them.   Here is a picture of the unload.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The fun has begun

Several years ago I came up with an idea to expand the bedroom and create a walk-in closet.  Art was not too thrilled with the thought but after years of talking about it (OK nagging about it)  it became a possibility and now it is becoming a reality.  I am so thrilled I can't stand myself. Art not only agreed to it, he drew up plans.  His plan is much better than the one I came up with.  I was still a little skeptical with the whole thing happening but then.....then we started purchasing items for it.  Oh my gosh it really was coming to be. I guess it is true never say never.

We are turning Art's old office into a new master bedroom.  To make it big enough we have to remove the closet from spare bedroom.  The spare room will become Art's new office. The old master will be an awesome walk-in closet and part of a new ensuite.  The main bathroom will become a powder room to make room for the rest of the ensuite.  Oh it is going to be awesome!  I am so excited and nervous all at the same time.  I am such a lucky lady.  Art has the talent and the ability to do it all.  Thank you so much Art for making this a reality.

Now the fun has begun.  We got started on the remodel.  Yesterday we emptied out the rooms and closets.  The family room in the basement has become a storage unit.  We won't be able to use it until we are done.

Art spent today removing walls.  It looks so different.  It is shocking to see it. He worked so hard today.  My job was staying out of the way and then helped with some clean up.  Here are some pictures.

Art removing the linen closet

looking down the hall

in the new bedroom looking at Art in his office. The wall between the two rooms is gone

Closets in master and new master have been removed