Saturday, November 14, 2015


In the words of Dude "Adios Amerigos". It is time for us to go. Our bags are packed and ready to go. We leavin on a jet plane....don't know when we'll be back again.  Oh babe we hate to go. We're leavin on a jet plane.  Ok now that song will be stuck in your head too.......sorry.  

We are leaving rainy Cancun. It is over cast and rainy. Makes it much easier to leave.  Art and I sat out by the pool for about 15 minutes. We went in just in time.  The skies opened up and cried.  It was sad to see us go.

Homeward bound.........should be home around midnight. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dining Experience I Won't Soon Forget

The rain finally made it. It started to rain about 2:00 am.  It was accompanied  by thunder and lightening.  It lasted most of the rest of the night. It had stopped by the time we got up but everything was wet.  Art got up early and scored us some loungers by the pool.fter breakfast we went to the loungers.  It was a little cooler than it has been and it was pretty cloudy.  We had been there for about 30 minutes and it started to rain.  It rained hard for about 20 minutes.  Then it cleared up and was a beautiful day.  We played in the pool and on the slide all day.

We all were excited for tonight's dinner.  We signed up for a surf and turf dinner.  We were told the surf would be lobster.  Only 5 couples are allowed to attend.  It is a private dinner with the chef.  We learned after we got there that one of the couples dropped out so there were only 4 couples.  The other couples were from California.  They were super nice.  It was one of the ladies birthdays.  The room was set up really nice and we had a lot of fun with the other couples.  The dinner however was.......... well.......... the dinner was....well let's say it was a dining experience.  That is what I kept telling myself it is a dining experience.  I will tell you what we had by course.

First - It was a a salad.  It wasn't the green salad with lots of yummy vegetables and it wasn't even a Caesar salad,  It was a piece of watermelon (with the seeds) with hot sauce drizzled on the side. OK I can eat that.

Next - Cold Soup - It was two pieces of sausage  at the bottom of the glass with some sort of avocado  puree and then it tasted like watery catsup but I think it was a can of tomato sauce. The sausage had a really strange flavor so it was basically inedible.

Next - Beef Soup -  We got  a bowl that had two rocks yes I said rocks,  a piece of tomato some chive onions, cilantro and a piece of beef tongue.  Then the staff came a pour beef broth over it.  The rocks were suppose to keep the soup hot.  Gives new meaning to stone soup.

To cleanse our pallet we were given Mango pudding.  It was ok.

Then the main course...the turf and surf.  I kept thinking to myself it is going to be OK.......the surf and turf  will be steak and lobster.....I can do this.  We all had that same thought.   When the plates arrived the lady across from me gasped and said that is octopus.  I thought no way I looked up and could see a lobster tail on a plate. Whew!!  Then they set my plate in front of me.  Yes there was a lobster tail siting on what appeared to be spaghetti and to my utter horror an octopus tentacle.  I started to giggle. It was so disgusting all I could do was giggle.  I thought ok I will eat the spaghetti and lobster.  It was really wasn't spaghetti is was some kind of funion painted red.  The lobster was so stuck to the shell I couldn't get it out.  And what I could get out was undercooked and mushy.  I thought suck it up buttercup maybe the octopus would be good.  I cut off a piece off and tried to ignore the suction  cup looking part and popped it in my mouth.  Oh I wanted to spit it out so bad.  It wasn't any good.   We all felt the same way. I looked at Miss Cricket's plate and she had a huge tentacle.  I thought she was going to pass out.  It was so bad I started to giggle again.  Oh dear Lord don't let me throw up please please please. Art looked at his plate and said what part of this crawled on the ground. That made me laugh right out loud.   I thought maybe we would get the steak next.

No turf......we had dessert next.  We  were told we had to guess the ingredients.  I think they did that as an attempt to get us to keep eating it.  It was marshmallows, parmesan cheese and chocolate ice cream.  The marshmallows were wrapped in the cheese and then there were big chunks of the cheese. Wow!!! These items should never be put together. There was something else but I don't know what it really was.  It was so bad I just giggled all the way through it.   The lady across from me was trying not to gag.

Needless to say no one liked the dinner.  Afterwards we went to the grill for real surf and turf.  It really was a dining experience I won't forget.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Just Relaxed....and I Won

Today was a just relaxing day.  I laid in the pool lounger most of the morning.  It was so relaxing.  Everyday a member of sports and entertainment staff ask a random trivia question.  I got the answer right today.  The staff member came by while I was in the pool.  He asked me the question and I said oh you would ask me a hard one.  He laughed and said it was easy.  I started to try and figure it out and then thought I really don't know so I will just guess so I did.  He looked at me really funny and said ok.   Then I heard someone say they looked it up and what the answer was. It was different from the one I gave.  I told Art the answer they said but Art picked a different answer. Well, they said only one person got it right and called my name.  Woohoo..... Good for me.  I got a dumb prize but it was fun.

We have had a lot of trouble with the key and door locks.  The Bootlick and Miss Cricket had to have the lock on their door repaired last night. This afternoon I had to have the maid let me in to our room.  When Art and I came in for the day our key wouldn't work. Art had to get it rekeyed.  Hope the keys all work now without any more problems.

This afternoon I went for a hot stone message.  It was very relaxing.  The Booklick and Miss Cricket had a back massage.  Art held down the loungers for us.  Tonight we watched the football game and relaxed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It Was Just a Fabulous Day!!

This morning Art went out early to score us some loungers by the pool. After breakfast we headed to the pool.  It was a little cooler this morning and a little cloudy.  It didn't last long warmed right up.  Miss Cricket and I played on the slide.  We had a grand time.  Then we played in the pool.

After lunch we decided to play in the ocean.  The sand in the beach was pretty rocky and had broken shells so I went to  the gift shop and bought some aqua socks.  Art and I went first.  Art had his boogie board and had hopes of using it to ride the waves. We walked out in the warm ocean water and let the waves crash into our legs.  The waves carried a lot of sand with them.  We didn't seem too far in when the waves got harder and stronger and it had a really strong undertow. It didn't take long to fill my aqua socks with sand. We decided not to stay.  The pool was more my speed. The Bootlick and Miss Cricket came out about the time we left.  They decided to stay and play.  The waves hit Miss Cricket and knocked her over and as the Bootlick bent over to help her up, a wave hit him and down his shorts went. They decided the pool would be better as well. Too funny!!!!

Tonight we went to the Chef's dinner,  It was really fun, entertaining and delicious.  They even had a live band play while we were eating.  The chef explained each course.  I enjoyed all the food except the tuna.  I am just not a fish fan.  I tried to eat it but I really don't enjoy sucker meat.

At lunch today the staff sang happy birthday to a gentleman at the table next to us.  They gave him the cake that the Bootlick and I love.  They don't serve it anywhere so I asked the waitress where she got it and she said we could get it from room service.  So after dinner we came back to the room and ordered cake from  room service.  Darn was the cake they serve everywhere and not the yummy cake we wanted.  Oh well you can't have it all.

We ended the evening by playing a game.  Over all it was just a fabulous day.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shopping Day

Today was the cloudiest day since we arrived.  It made it a little cooler but it is still hot.  We spent the morning on the beach.  Someone had reserved all the loungers by the pool so we decided to just go to the beach.  The morning flew by.

About 11:00 we got cleaned up and headed to town.    We went to one of the barter markets.  I won't say what it is but I am getting on awesome Christmas present.   After the market we went to one of  the other resorts for lunch and dinner.  It is the resort that we usually stay at when we come here. We hungout at the pool there.  Poor Bootlick had a few too many beverages and we lost him.  Miss Cricket was quite concerned so I helped her look for him.  We did find him and he was fine just a little lost.  We have had a good laugh about it since.

We took a taxi to the market and our driver waited for us.  Then he waited at the hotel for us as we gathered our things to go to the other resort.  He told us to call him when we were ready to leave but we just got an other taxi.  We decided not to ride the bus.  I think it was a good choice.

Now we are just sitting on our deck enjoying the evening.  There is a fire show going on at the pool area. We can watch it from our deck.

Monday, November 9, 2015

It as a Bluetiful Day

It really was a bluetiful day.  There were a few clouds off the shore but where we were the sky was bright blue.  Art and I went to breakfast this morning and we had to ask to be seated at a different table because the sun was so bright in our eyes.

I think it was warmer today.  We got in the pool before 8:oo this morning.  After breakfast we went to the loungers by the pool.  We no more got settled and decided it was too hot to sit around so we got in the pool.  It was so refreshing.  I think we spent most of the day in the pool.   Everyone took a turn at the water slide.  In fact, we all did it multiple times.  It was really fun.

Later this afternoon we all had spa appointments.  Miss Cricket and I had mani and pedis. Art and I had a massage and the Bootlick soaked his feet in a fish bowl.  The fish bowl is full of fish and they eat the calluses off your feet.  I had my mani first and then straight for the massage.  My polish didn't have time to dry and when I changed clothes for the massage it messed up the polish.  I was really bummed. When I went back for the pedi, I had it fixed. I am sure it won't last long but for today my hands look good.

We went to the Japanese restaurant for dinner and then after dinner we went to casino night.  First we played Bingo then 21 and finished with Texas Hold Em. The Bootlick and Miss Cricket didn't stay for the games but we did visit back at the hotel room before retiring for the evening.  

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day One in the Books

Well this was a fabulous day.  The weathermen had predicted it to be rainy with thunderstorms.  But it wasn't.   I arose early.  It was about 6:15, Art was still slumbering so I slipped out to the desk.  It was really peaceful.  I was quite surprised at how many people were up and walking the beach that early.  I watched how the employees artful drove the tractor in the sand making creative designs. I was up for about two hours before Art got up.  I was a little concerned about the weather and the clouds did nothing to ease my mind.  There were several ominous dark clouds. But as good fortune would have it, the more the day wore on the bluer the sky got.

We spent the day down by the pool.  Miss Cricket and I got in the pool this morning.   It was quite hot and the pool offered a refreshing reprieve.   We had a great time playing in the pool.  Art got some blow up floating loungers at the auction a while back and he brought them.  I used one of them in the pool.  I felt like a Queen floating around.  I even had my very own motor for it.  The motor was really Miss Cricket but she did make the noise as she was pushing and pulling me around the pool.  Ahhhh what a friend.  I offered to let her ride and I would be the motor but she wasn't convinced it would be fun.  Maybe tomorrow she will be the Queen.  We all got in the pool this afternoon.  It was really fun.

They have a fun water slide here.  I kept my good eye on it most of the day.  It seemed to beacon me.  I really wanted to do it but didn't want to go alone.  I am funny like that. I hate to do things alone.  No one wanted to go so I put my big girl panties on and ventured up to the slide. It was fun.  I love that kind of stuff.  I am going to do it again tomorrow.  It was funny when I got to the top, I asked the life guard if it was OK for an old lady to do it and he laughed and said yes....... when you get tot he bottom, tell her to come on up.  I laughed and said I would tell her.  Sweet kid.....made this old lady feel better.  The only hard part was going up the stairs.  My stupid knees are just giving me fits.  I  really hope they behave better tomorrow and stop bothering me.

We made our spa appointments today.  Tomorrow I get a massage, mani and pedi.  Art is going to do the massage with me. I am so looking forward to it.

The weather held up great all day. Tonight we ate outside.  It was delicious.  The interesting thing about dinner was I kept seeing a flash of light.  I finally paid attention and it was lightening.  No thunder but a lot of lightening.

After dinner, we came back to the room and the boys beat us in a game of Pinochle. It was fun and we had a lot of laughs.  Now to bed.  Day one is now over and in the books.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Let the Adventure Begin

It hardly seems like a real time but 3:45 is real.  That is the time I got up. Art got up at 4:00.  Being retired I forgot how hard it is to get up so freak show early....but so worth it.  When Art made the reservations back in February he worked and finagled to get us first class tickets.  Let me say first class is everything it is cracked up to be.  We decided not tell the Bootlick and Miss Cricket but instead surprise them,  It was so fun anticipating their reaction.  It  was almost as good as waiting for Christmas.  Oh, it was so hard not to spill the beans but we were so careful not to say anything. 

As the time for the tirip drew near, it was harder and harder to keep it secret.  At one point they asked it we had seat assigments.  I about croaked.  We easily distracted them and kept the secret. Whew!

We met them at the airport this morning,  Yes they were surprised.  We walked up to the first class line and Miss Cricket thought we were in the wrong line.  But .........we didn't get the first class expedited treatment.  Recently American Airlines and US Airways merged.  They still need to work up out the bugs.  The ticket agent started to enter our info and then stopped turned to the lady next him and said we have another one. Ugh Oh!! The lady was on the phone and was helping some other passengers with the same problem. Apparently the new system didn't allow us to check in any bags.  He asked us to step aside so he could help other passengers.  After waiting about 40 minutes, the lady was able to get the system to accept our bags.  Hallelujah!!!!  We then proceeded to the security check point. We had precheck so we didn't have  to remove our shoes and it should have been easy.  Well for three of us it was.  I walked through and BEEP.  I sounded the alarm. I had some rivets on my pants and thought that is what it was.  The security agent assured me that couldn't be it.  We tried to figure out what it could be.  Then it dawned on me.  I am such an idiot...........I left my darling grandkid bracelet on.  I love it and wear it all the time and didn't even think twice about it.  I hurriedly took it off and shazame..... it worked. 

Because we were first class, we could board early.  As soon as we got to the gate, Art needed to use the restroom.  No sooner did he walk away it was time to board.  I sent the Bootlick and Miss Cricket on their way so they could get a drink and snack while everyone boarded. (a perk of being in first class).  As soon as Art got back we  went to board.  The agent scanned my ticket and instead of the happy beep, I got the dejected beep.  Art asked if his was good so the agent scanned his and sure enough he got the happy beep.   I had to once again step aside.  When the original ticket agent realized there was a problem, he just stopped and didn't check me in so they gave my seat to someone else.  That person was really mad when they told him he couldn't have the upgrade.  I thought for sure I would end up sitting in coach but nope the lady who helped us earlier took care of it and it wasn't long before I was sitting in my seat in first class.  She told me I was good to go and wouldn't have to check in at the gate in Phoenix.  Sorry but I was leery.  When we got to Phoenix, I asked the agent at the gate if I needed to check in.  She smiled and said not unless you are Art.  The original agent didn't enter Art's info in.  It all worked out and we made it to Cancun just fine. It is hot and humid......just like we like it.  We love the room and and are super excited for a fun week ahead of us.  The time is two hours ahead of the time at home so we can retire early and not even feel  bad about it being good night all. I need to get to bed soon so I can be rested for the fun week ahead.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Last Full Day was the last full day.  I have to say the week flew by for me.  It has been fun.  Today we did the norm.  After breakfast we did our walk and then up to the deck.  I am really going to miss the deck.  It has been so nice.   We did go on a couple of walks.  It is crazy how much of the beach has eroded over the week.  The tide comes in and washes a good part of it away.

While we were on the deck this afternoon, Art pointed to a boat out in the ocean and said see that boat?  It is following a whale.  And sure enough there were two whales.  A really big one and a small one.  I figured it was a mother and baby.  They would jump high in the air and splash back down.  It was fun to watch.

The food has steadily gone down hill.  We were surprised when we first got here how it had improved but as the week has gone by the food quality seems to have gone by the way as well.   But tonight  after we ate, we went to one of the better restaurants and had "sexy coffee" and tiramisu. Art had the coffee and I had the tiramisu.  The maitre'd there is awesome and he actually took good care of us this week. The coffee is made with liqueur and is set on fire.  It is really fun to watch them make it. We had to go one last time.  We should have had dinner there but we went to the restaurant just below it since we hadn't eaten there all week, tonight was our last chance.

I bought a dolphin made out of  ironwood.  It is beautiful.  It spoke to me so I had to buy it.   I was in the pool and a vendor came by.  I told him no but then the dolphin spoke to me and we all know when something speaks to me I have to get it.  It will look so good with the rest on the entertainment center. Now I have to figure out how to get it home.  

Art and I had a great time playing in the pool this afternoon.  I am going to miss our pool time.

Art was feeling a little under the weather, so he took a nap this afternoon.  Hope he feels better especially for the long day tomorrow.

We found out our nephew and his wife had a new baby yesterday.  Congratulations to them.  Now they have two really really cute boys.

Today started out overcast.  Tried to sprinkle and then the sun came out and was beautiful.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cloudy Day-

We spent most of today on the deck.   We went on a couple of walks and went to eat but other than that we were on the deck. Late afternoon, I went to get a massage.  I was prepared for the contorting this time so it was more relaxing.  I still don't think my body should move that way but it seems to do it.  Art stayed and read a book.  I am jealous he read a book that took me a week to read and he read it in a day.  He started yesterday and finished it today.  I wish I read that fast. 

We were talking to a couple of folks we met at the returning guests dinner and they said last night there was a small crowd down at the water and so they walked over to see what was going on.  It was a crocodile.  Whoa!!!  

At dinner a crazy lady came up to us and started asking a questions.  She said she had been coming since the place opened.  She had a little too much to drink.  She had to tell us all about her. She is meeting tomorrow with the manager to tell her everything she thinks is wrong. Don't know if she really is or not but if she is, I feel bad for the manager.   When she finally left Art smirked and told me I was a magnet. 

After dinner we got in the hot tub on our deck.  It is a pretty shallow tub but it was fun all the same.

A note for those who know my Myrna..... Her sister Gladys is here and she has a bad back.

The food today hasn't been that great.  Today was really cloudy all day and not as warm. It tried to sprinkle a little.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today Was A Crazy Day

We slept in this morning.  It felt good but it made us late going to breakfast.  By the time we got there it was full.  Fortunately, we could eat just inside the restaurant instead of outside where all the tables are.  Service was really slow in there but that is OK.  The regular cook was off today so it wasn't as good as it has been all week. More people arrived today.  The hotel is busier than I have ever see it.  We didn't even try to get a lounger.  After breakfast we came back to our fabulous deck.

About noon we headed to the Malecon.  We ate lunch at the Blue Shrimp restaurant.  It was really good.  It is right at the waters edge.  We had shrimp, asparagus soup and fresh guacamole.  We were told by a couple people at the hotel to check out the wall by the bathroom.  There are pictures of everyone famous who ate there.  Soooo I checked out the wall.  I was paying attention to the pictures and not where I was going. I walked right in the men's room.  Oops!!!!  I walked in and immediately saw urinals and realized what I had done.  I had hoped I could sneak out and no one would be the wiser but as I walked out the manager came running.......laughing he said Oh Señorita you are in the wrong bano.  Ya think????  We both started to laugh.  He thought I was just going in, he didn't know I was walking out.  It was a good laugh.

We walked all around the Malecon.  There were lots of fun shops and the mother of all flea markets. It was good to walk around.  The taxi ride back was a little scary.  Not as scary as the ride to Walmart but it was a close second.  Art and I both thought we were going to side swipe a car while passing it.  It was good to get back to the hotel.

We went to the pool.  We managed to score a couple of loungers.  It was a little cool out so we got in the hot tub.  It is part of the pool.  After a bit, Art decided to rest on a lounger and I stayed in.  Several folks came and got in.  It was fun to visit.  At one point a new guy came and he had a little too much to drink.  Someone asked one of the ladies where her husband was and she said he was in the room hungover so he was resting.  She said he was up until 3:00 am and he had kept mooning people last night.  The new guy said that was no big deal, he did it all the time.  The lady looked funny at him and said oh yeah.. I dare you to do it now,  Soooooooo he did........yes he stood up and mooned her......twice.   Yes he did.  Holy smokes!!!!

While we were on the deck this evening watching the sunset we could hear a chirping sound.  It was loud and annoying.  I thought it must be a bird.  Then all of a sudden hundreds ( I am not even kidding) of bats flew across the deck.  It was crazy.  They just kept coming.  They were the noise we heard.  I have never seen anything like it.

We ate a very late super.  We had 9:00 reservations for the French restaurant.  When we arrived there were quite a few people there but it was not full.  We were promptly seated.  After we were seated Art leaned across the table and asked if the table was a little too close to me.  I said no it is perfect.  He spreads his arms and said look at all the room I have.  He could cross his legs and never touch the table. He had a ton of room.  The table was bolted to wall so we couldn't move it closer to him.  It was unreal how far the seat was from the table.  Art said it was like sitting in the back seat of a car and trying to reach the steering wheel to drive.   He said even if he scooted forward he couldn't sit like that all night to eat.  I tried, I couldn't either so we switched tables.

It was pretty cloudy today.  Talk of rain tomorrow.  Hope not.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Dear Diary

Dear Diary....what did we do today?  Today was a relaxing day.  This morning there were no loungers on the beach or by the pool.  They had all been reserved so after a delicious breakfast we went for a walk along the beach and then headed up to our fabulous deck.  It was nice and relaxing.  Then after lunch, we swam in the ocean and the pool.  It is just amazing the power of the ocean.  The waves can totally knock you over and carry you back with the tide.  It was fun playing in the ocean. We did manage to score a lounger on the beach after playing in the pool.

The sun was pretty hot so we decided to retire back to our deck. Art took a snooze while I went for  walk.  I stopped to get an ice cream cone but didn't eat it.  There was a couple at table with a bunch of food.  A bunch of hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, salads........a bunch of food.  The man had his head down  on the table.  I sat  down at the next table and before I had a chance to eat my cone the man raised his head up and projectile vomited.  Lovely!  I threw my cone in the trash and walk away.....yes I gagged. Oh well I shouldn't be eating ice cream anyway.

We got cleaned up then went and watched the beautiful sunset.  The sunsets here are so beautiful.  We have watched it every night.  Then off to dinner and back to the room.  They are having a pool party tonight so we are enjoying the music from our deck.   Did I mention what a great deck we have?  It is fabulous.

We Facetimed with family today....that was really nice. Technology is just amazing and I am so grateful we have it.

The weather today was clear and sunny.  It was a bluetiful day.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Today Started Out Normal

Yes today started out normal......Art got up early to reserve us a place on the beach but all the good spots had been taken.  We figured folks put towels out the night before. More people arrived so there wasn't any places left by 8:00.  We got the last table at breakfast.  Breakfast was really good.  We then spent a couple hours on the beach.  Poor Art was really hot from the sun beating down on us so we hopped into the pool to cool off.  It was pretty cold when we first got in.  It didn't take but a second to cool off but we endured and stayed in a while. Then we hung out on our fabulous deck.

While we were at lunch a couple of charming ladies that we met last year arrived.  It was so fun to see them.  We visited with them a little while. There are alot of folks here that we recognize from last year. After lunch,  we walked across the street and Art made arrangements for me to have two massages. Such a great guy.  I had one of them today.

First let me say I did enjoy the massage but it was the strangest massage I have ever received. I am not even sure how to describe it.  There was a lot of contorting. It was really different, nothing I expected.  When I go back for the other one I will know what to expect.  The hotel has a dinner for returning guests.  The dinner was tonight.  It is a nice perk and we really enjoy it.  There wasn't as many people there as there has in the past.  It was very enjoyable.  We sat with two other couples and it was a delightful evening.

I wanted to got Walmart.  Last year I bought a swim shirt there and I wanted to get the shorts that matched and another shirt.  We decided to go tonight.   We thought if we went at night, it wouldn't take away from our day in the sun.  Since it is only a half mile away, we normally walk but since it was dark, we decided to take a taxi.  Holy Smokes Myrna!!!!   The ride scared 5 years off our lives. We have had some scary rides but holy smokes......Our driver an older gentleman took off  and immediately ran a stop sign.  Then instead of stopping at a stop light, he weaved around cars and kept going.  Art just finished commenting that he would hate to drive here and we noticed the traffic ahead of us was stopped.  Our driver wasn't slowing fact he started to speed up.  There was a bus stopped ahead of us. It was obvious he was not going to stop and when he stepped on the gas, Art held the ceiling and we both stomped our feet like we were trying to step on the breaks and I screamed.  I think my scream startled him awake and he slammed on his breaks and we slid right up to the bus but we didn't hit it.  Oh..My..Word.  It scared me so bad I started to laugh.  We got to Walmart and jumped out of the cab as fast as we could.  Wow, we made it in one piece.  I didn't find the shorts in my size...dang it but I did get a shirt that will work.  The ride back to the hotel was much much better.    

We got in the elevator tonight and couple got in with us.  The man was extremely drunk.  I am not sure how could still stand let alone walk.  When the elevator arrived on his floor, his wife got out and he turned to us and said they had been married for 57 years and she had a mental problem....she drank too much.  We busted out laughing.  Yeah she had a problem alright.......but he was her problem.

The weather was great.  Partly cloudy but very beautiful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sunny Day

This morning we had a great breakfast.  The food has really improved. After breakfast we wandered around to find a lounger but they were all taken.  So we decided to go back to our fabulous deck.  Art turned the speaker on and we listened to music and sat on our chairs and loungers and enjoyed the ocean.  It was wonderful.  There is a lot of people here and all day there was a bunch of people running around but once 4:oo hit people seemed to just disappear.  It is strange.

Anyway we grabbed a hamburger for lunch then walked over to the barter market.  Art got a new hat.  I didn't get anything.  I know, it is surprising even to me.  But I did buy a new swimsuit cover from one of the beach vendors.  After we got back from the market, we got in the pool.  It was refreshing.  Then down to the beach for a couple hours.   Some folks got a fish and when they started to skin and gut it 50 - 60  birds showed up out of nowhere It was the craziest.  Art and I were worried we would pooped on but whew... we didn't.  As soon as they were done with the fish, the birds disappeared as fast as they showed up. 

We got cleaned up and went to dinner.  Dinner was scrumptious.  We had steak and shrimp.   The steak was cooked to perfection.  It was sooooo tender and flavorful.  The shrimp....oh my goodness.... the shrimp was not ordinary shrimp.  It was bacon wrapped shrimp.  AWWWWW.  We all know how much Art loves bacon.  He loved it.....I did too.  he got a bottle of wine and couldn't drink it all so he gave it the matre'd.   His name is Pauly and he is just a great guy and he was so thrilled.  When he realized I don't drink alcohol, he made me a a special drink that was really good but I bet it was loaded with sugar......why else would it be so good.  I am not sure how but I almost dumped the table at dinner.  We no more recovered from that when the lady at the table next to us fell off her chair.  She was OK but scary.  We ended up talking later in the evening and she found out I was from Idaho and said she has relatives in Boise.  Then I asked her where she is from and she was from Joplin Missouri and has cousins in Sedalia.  Small world.  

The best news......our luggage showed up about 4:30.  Whew!!!!  We were thrilled.  It didn't take long to unpack.  What a relief to have our things.

The weather today was just perfect.   We got our name plague put on our door today.  When I figure how to load it on to the blog I will post it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Today was no blah blah blah day.......

.....and I thought I wouldn't have anything to blog.  I thought it would be we got up early, had a good flight...blah blah blah.

WELL....we got up early made it through security and it was all blah blah blah until we got on the plane.  Then it started.  We  sat on the plane at the gate for 1 hour and 45 minutes.  They told us there was a mechanical problem and they had to put hydraulic oil in and it would be about 10 minutes.  But it wasn't 10 minutes.  And no one believed it was just adding oil.  Then we had to wait while they deiced the plane.  We  would have not cared except we only had 35 minutes to catch our flight out of Phoenix.  Art kept checking his watch and saying, we aren't going to make it.  I knew he was right but I kept hoping.  Needless to say......we missed our connecting flight.   About half way through the flight, they announced the gate crew was busy rerouting everyone.  Art and I both figured it would be difficult at best to get another direct flight.  We were worried we would get rerouted to several other cities first and arrive in PV late tonight or tomorrow.  We were able to get online and see we had been scheduled for the next flight but no seat assignments.  We figured we wouldn't be sitting together but as long as we were on the plane it would be ok. We got off the plane and went right to the gate.  We watched one of the employees interact with passengers ahead of us and commented what a hag she was.  When it was our turn she told us she couldn't help us and we had to go to customer service.  We waited our turn in line at customer service and wouldn't you know it, when it was our turn she showed up and we had to go to her.  She  gave us seats NOT together and told us she would make sure our bags got on the flight.  Ass soon as she said that Art and I knew our bags wouldn't arrive.  We we got to the departing gate, Art asked the very sweet lady if the flight was full and she said not at all. We were surprised!  Art asked if we could get seats together and she said certainly and reassigned our seats.  It was comical, there were a ton of empty seats, so everyone on the plane started moving around to the empty seats.  Art and I sat in the exit row by ourselves.  It was nice.  When we arrived we got through customs in 5 minutes.  It was great.  Then we went and waited for our bags...........we waited ...........and waited.........and waited.  No bags!!! The bags are still in Phoenix thanks to the hag. Hope they will arrive tomorrow.  

Our room is spectacular.  It is on a top floor with two count them two sliding glass doors.  It is the top corner room. It has a humungous wrap around balcony. The balcony has two chairs, two loungers, a table and chairs, and a hot tub.  And it doesn't feel the least bit crowded.   The view is incredible.  It is just the best.  We love it.

Now a funny..... on the flight to Phoenix my seat mate was this sweet older guy.  He was headed back home to Georgia.  He had been in Boise to attend a funeral (not the funny part) and he told me his wife of 53 years passed away 2 months ago (not the funny part).  I asked him to tell me about his wife. He was so grateful I ask and thanked me several times for asking. She had a stroke seven years ago that left her blind and paralyzed.  He had been caring for her since then.    I could write a whole blog about this guy.  He was a pilot in the marines and after retiring he went to work for Lockhead.  He flys new planes to be put in service.  He was so interesting. He said the whole hydraulic oil thing was crap.....well he used different language but means the same.  Anyway here is the funny.

He said his wife had the most incredible sense of humor and she could always put him in his place when needed,  When he and his wife had been married for about 6 months, he went home and she was busy ironing her bra.  He asked her what on earth she was doing to which she said she was ironing her bra.  He asked her why she was ironing her bra especially since she had so little to put in it.  She smiled sweetly and said well I iron your shorts don't I?  I about split a gut.  That was so funny.     I have chuckled all day just thinking about it.  I really enjoyed listening to his stories.

Another crazy thing.......there was a lady on that same flight that sat across and up one from us.  She looked and talked just like my Grandma.  They say everyone has a twin, well I saw hers today.

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow.  Art is already in bed and I am going to join him.  We have a busy day tomorrow holding down some lounge chairs.

Hope our luggage arrives.