Monday, November 17, 2014

All good things must come to an end.......

Today was our last full day here.  It is hard to believe it has come to a close. The week flew by.  It was suppose to rain the past three days but we dodged that bullet.  We had perfect weather. We did have some lightening tonight but nothing serious.  Today I went with Art to get a spot on the beach. We got a great spot.   We played in the ocean.  Wave hopped and body surfed. Man those waves are strong.  A couple of the waves had a rock in them. We decided maybe the pool would be better so went to the pool and played. While we were lounging on the beach, a vendor walked up to Art and called him Mr. Whiskers and then called me Mrs. Whiskers.  Ha ha that would be Mr & Mrs Berger from Iowa near Seattle he had us confused for the Whiskers. It's a common misconception.   It was funny.  

I left the beach early to go for a mani/pedi.  It was nice.  Art stayed at the beach.  A sad note, I lost my swimsuit cover......super bummed.  Oh well. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Spa Day

Oh what a wonderfully awesome relaxing day!!!  After breakfast Art and I headed to the beach.  Art got up early and got us a spot right at the ocean's edge.  It was pretty cloudy and we thought we might get rained on but fortunately we didn't.  It ended up being a nice day.  After about an hour I left to go to the spa. Art had a peaceful day on the beach.

My spa day was incredible. I was there for 4 hours and 15 minutes.  First I had an 80 minute hot stone massage.  It was soooo good.  Then I had a body scrub.  They scrub your body to exfoliate it.  Then I took a quick shower to rinse it all off. Then I had warm chocolate rubbed all over my body. After that I was wrapped in plastic wrap, then in a sheet, followed by a warm blanket then something else I am not sure what but I was wrapped up like a burrito.  I was wrapped up for about 45 minutes and the best part about it was, I had my head, neck, and face rubbed the whole time.  GLORIOUS!!!  Oh my heck it was good.  Then another shower to wash all the chocolate off.  Followed by a moisturizer lotion all over my body.  After that I had an 80 minute facial. I hope sometime before I die, I get to do it again.  It was the best. 

At dinner Art and I were chatting and I looked up to see a man pull down his underwear and moon us. Whoa! Wasn't expecting that. 

Hard to believe tomorrow is the last full day here. 

Mr & Mrs Burger from Iowa

SArt was up early and scored us a great spot on the beach.  While he did that I got up and moving.  Before we went to breakfast we went the gym. I rode the bike, did crunches, and used weights. Art did the treadmill, elliptical, weights, and I am not sure what all.  Kudos to us.  Then we went and ate a nice breakfast.

Spent most of the day on the beach.  It was pretty cloudy all day and a little chilly to be wet so no swimming today.  We decided to have dinner tonight at one of the other hotels.  Art has had a hankering for lamb chops and they no longer serve them here. So we thought we would see if one of the other hotels served it.  Art suggested we take a taxi instead of the bus.  I am always a little leery of taxis'. The are usually a wild ride but it wasn't too bad going.  Coming back had a couple of scary moments but it was all good. Art was right in suggesting the taxi.  It was much faster then the bus. They didn't have lamb chops but they did have baked lamb. 

We took the elevator at the other hotel. Holy smokes I about had a stoke....or heart attack...or both.   We stepped onto the elevator and so did about 12 other people.  I was squished in the back. I watch as people kept getting in.  As they did, my claustrophobia kicked in.  My heart started pounding wildly and I began to sweat.  My head started spinning.  I said to Art, who was by the door, let's get out and take the stairs.  Some of the folks were part of a wedding party so I suggested they all ride together.  Art and another lady said oh it's ok.  No, no, no it isn't ok.  It was definitely not ok. I was in panic mode and stuck in this small space with no way out.  I began to tremble.  I prayed Oh dear Lord,  please help me not to scream or pass out and please please please get me out of here.  I was giving Art the look of  "get me out of here" but we rode. I cannot even begin to express how utterly grateful I was when that door opened. 
Our waiter at dinner was an absolute hoot!  He read our name and this is the conversation 

Waiter: Mr &Mrs Bur..... Bur....
Us: Berg
Waiter: Burger
Us: Berg
Waiter: Ah, Burger
Us: Berg like iceberg 
Waiter: Burrrrrger
Us: Berg like iceberg.....Berg (emphasis on the G)
Waiter: ah.....BerGA
Us: (realizing he would never get it) um sure
Then he asked where we were from
Us: Idaho
Waiter: Iowa, nice
Us: yep
Art: it's by Seattle
Me: what?!
Ha hahahaha 
We are Mr & Mrs Burger from Iowa, you know, by Seattle.  I am still laughing. 
Now back to watch the BSU game. Go Broncos! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

New Shoes

No surprise I got new footwear....the surprise is I failed to mention it.  About a dozen years ago I bought some water sandals here in Cancun.  I love them and wear them all the time. They are showing signs of age though.  For the past 6 or so years, I have been looking for more but have been unsuccessful in finding them.  I even looked on line.  Nothing.  Well I popped into the gift shop here at the hotel just to see if by chance they had them again and to my complete surprise; they did.  I was thrilled beyond words.  They also has a pair that was a flip flop but made out of the same material.  I told Art I was tempted to get them instead.  He said get them both so when the sale clerk asked me which one I was going to get, I told him BOTH.  The look on his face was priceless and all he could say was OH.  He told me since I got both he would give me discount.  They ended up being cheaper then they were 12 years ago.  I just love a good bargain.

Today We Were Slugs

Talking about lazy.......oh? Were we? 
Today we were slugs.  We sat on the beach and ate.........all day.  Actually, we did going swimming so we got a little exercise.  While in the pool, we met a nice couple from Canada.  We offered to give them one of our certificates as a referral and I think they will.  Sweet!! That gives us free days. After the pool we played bingo but sadly we came close to winning but didn't. 

Berfore dinner we played 21 and a couple hands of Texas hold 'em. Last hand Art had three of a kind and bet big but.......... I had a straight so I won. Woohoo!! Sorry Art. It was just funny money anyway. 

The weather was good today but got a little cloudy and windy late afternoon. Nothing like back home.  We have seen several pictures of all the snow. We picked a good time to be here instead of home. 

Tonight they had a fire show after the fire show they released baby turtles.  We forgot they were going to do that so we sat on our deck to watch the show.  The show was boring so we went in. Later Art looked out and saw a bunch of people at the edge of the ocean and remembered. Dang!!  Oh we'll maybe next time.

We ate all day.......a lot.......we are miserably full.........we ate.....a lot.  Hope we don't dream of the devil tonight because we are going to bed with such full tummies.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Bluetiful Day At The Beach

Today was a bluetiful day!  The sky was blue the weather was warm and it was just bluetiful. After breakfast we snagged us a lounger on then beach. We were just a few feet from the gorgeous ocean.  About 9:00 we went for a couples back massage.  It was pretty good. Art is willing to do that but forget the pedicure.  I think he actually enjoyed the massage. No feet were involved.  When it was over, I said to him that was a pretty fast half hour and agreed.  Then back to our lounger on the beach and that is where we stayed the rest if the day.  Even took a nap.  It was so great!  Got word it snowed at home so we enjoyed the sun even more. The food is so good I will probably gain 10 pounds.  We did go check the gym out tonight.  Maybe we will take advantage of it before the week is over.....or maybe not. 

Tonight at dinner, the cute waiter made a flower out of a napkin for me.  Pretty sweet.  I will try and post a picture later. Sat on the patio lounger tonight and enjoyed the stars listening to the ocean.  Doesn't get any better than this. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Did you say upgrade

This morning we got up to the awesome sound of the ocean. Knowing back home it snowed makes it even better.  We had a great breakfast. The fruit is so fresh and yummy, I just love it.  I am not even worrying about my diet while I am here so I had a delicious omelette with my fruit.

We decided to do the presentation today.  We were pretty set to tell them no thanks, we are done as we have so many times but........... Yep that's right we upgraded our membership to Presidential.  The Presidential suit is pretty awesome.  It is like a condo.  Our sincere desire and hope is to bring our kids and grandkids here for a family vacation.  Upgrading, puts us that much closer to that goal. It took most of the day taking care of it all.  We did have some lunch at our favorite rooftop grill though.  As part of the upgrade, we got a new room here.  A free upgrade.  We were going to upgrade anyway today but now we did it free.  I asked the guy if we upgraded our membership could we upgrade our room now and not wait until our next trip (knowing full well I would have to wait). He said we had to wait and then came back a few minutes later and said he would pay for the upgrade now......sweet.  Art talked to him about auctions. The guy said he wanted to start an auction here.  Art said give me an airline ticket and I will tell you how it is set up and works.  The next thing we know, we have two free airline tickets.  Too funny.

After we got back to our hotel, we switched rooms and then I dashed off to the spa for a manicure and pedicure.  I got to the spa and it was actually full of men.  It made me think of Art. Some of you will remember the pedicure last time we were here.  Art screamed when they filed his feet.  Well... he refused to do it again. While I was thinking about how funny it was,  no kidding, the guy across from me let out a scream.  I was a goner.  Embarrassed, he said in a very southern drawl, everyone said he would love it but he begged to differ.  It was so funny.  

A lovely dinner and walk then back to the room. We sat on the deck for a little while and now we are ready to turn in.   Tomorrow we have hopes of beach time.  Can you believe we have been in paradise for more than 24 hours and have yet to put our swimming suits on?  Goodness......Tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

All in a day

I knew morning would come early but oh my....... We got up at 4:15.  I actually woke up this morning at 4:00.  My bladder was full and when I looked to see what time it was I decided to stay in bed for the extra fifteen minutes. My bladder could wait.

After a prior discussion of our options, we decided that we would drive ourselves to the airport and just park in long term parking.  I still think it was a wise decision.  It was super chilly this morning.  Some might even say it was cold.  Art had to deice the car. Brrrrrrrrr.  Traffic was light and we got to the airport in about 15 minutes.  We had a fun treat while at the checkin counter, our sweet MKs parents were there.  They are headed to Texas. We had a quick visit. 

Art booked the trip with his credit card so he had priority boarding.  I however .....didn't.  He was with the first to board and I was was with the last.  I was stunned and amazed how many strangers had an opinion on that.

The flights were flawless.  We arrived safe and sound.  As we stepped into the building to enter customs, I was a tad bit nervous anticipating the line.  I thought it would be light but you never know. Fortunately, my nervous feeling soon vanished.  The room was pretty empty.  We made it through customs in about five minutes.  Sweet!  We had to wait a little bit for our luggage but that really is to be expected. As we stepped out of the airport, the smell of the warm Caribbean air and the sun on my face was awesome.  Just like greeting an old friend.  We had to wait for about 40 minutes for our ride to the hotel.  Glad the sun was warm.

We didn't get the room we requested but thought oh well until we got to the room they gave us. Not thrilled with it so Art went and requested a different one.  They don't have another room til tomorrow so we will take care of that in the morning.

We had a great dinner.  I just love the squash and tomato soup here.  It is the kind that when you put it in your mouth, your taste buds shiver with joy and say thank you very much.  I had been anticipating it for a while so Art said lets have it tonight and let me say it didn't disappoint.  A funny..... My mouth is really tiny and waiters always  bring me a giant serving spoon.  I can't fit one in my mouth, so when he brought it, before I could say anything, Art requested a small spoon.  The waiter had a funny look but agreed.  Once he realized it was for me and not Art he was fine.  Art told him he would stick with the big spoon.  Don't know how folks use such a big spoon.

Traveling always wears me out with excitement of going and anxiety of wondering if everything will work out.  That mixed with the early morning, this kid is ready for bed.  Art is already "resting his eyes". We are going to relax a little bit and will head to bed early......... I hope.  As I am writing this, I am listening to crash of the ocean waves.  Love it!!   So excited for tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Magic

We had the privilege to go to a Penn & Teller show.  It was awesome!  I am sure those who know me and know I don't like magic, that it makes me nervous, will be surprised to hear be say it was awesome.  We arrived at the theater about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  There was a man playing piano and a man playing the bass.  They were playing jazz. The bass player was wearing a hat so you couldn't see his face really well but I soon realized it was Penn.  And let me tell you, he was a great bass player.   We had front row center seats.  They were the best seats ever.  The pianist kept announcing as folks arrived to come up on stage. On stage was a wood box.  A crate type of box.  You were welcome to examine it and even get in it if you so desired.  They also had poster type board on an easel.  It had the date and an 8x11 manila envelope on it.  They asked everyone to sign the envelope. So of coarse, I did. (It was actually used in the show.)  When the show began, a stage hand closed the box tipped it on it's side and moved it to the front of the stage.  They announced Penn and Teller, Penn walked out on stage and Teller popped out of the box.  How he got in there I don't know.  I was stunned…… my mouth dropped to my chest and my eyed popped wide open.  Teller pointed at me and imitated my face.  Truly I was stunned.  I watched the stage hand with the box the whole time.  All I can say is "Magic"

A few of the tricks I knew how they worked and a couple I could figure out but they rest was a total mystery. Pure magic.  They were very engaging and entertaining. Would I go again?  Absolutely!

The theater is a beautiful theater and probably holds about 1200 people so after the show, I said to Art let's just sit here and let all these folks head out.  So we did.  The theater was practically empty when we walked out.  We didn't make to too far and we found the crowd.  It was elbow to elbow.  I didn't understand why.  Then I saw folks holding cameras up in the air.  Teller was standing there and taking pictures with people. That was pretty cool.  He did a card trick earlier in the show and we picked up two of the cards so I wanted to have him sign them and take a picture but the crowd was too big.  We decided to keep walking.  Glad we did as just up a little ways was Penn and he was taking pictures with people as well.  A man was there with his 10 year old daughter and said he wished he could get someone to take their picture so I said to him, I will take a picture of you guys with your camera, if you will take our picture.  He happily agreed.  I could hardly stand there I was so excited.  I was going to have my picture taken with Penn.  Woohooo!!!   I know Art isn't big on that short of thing ( I can't imagine it) but I told him since it was his birthday, he should have his picture taken too. He agreed. Penn called everyone "Boss" and it wasn't long he pointed at me and said your turn boss.  Oh! I was like a star struck giddy school girl.  The battery on my phone had died just before the show so we used the camera on Art's phone.  I hurried up and asked if he would sign one of the cards.  He smiled and said I will do whatever you want Boss.  I said oooooh. He looked and me and got a huge grin and chuckled.  Not only did he sign one of the cards, he signed them both.  Penn stood between Art and I and posed for the picture.  It was so cool. The guy who took our picture didn't a very good job….darn it.  I took about 4 great ones for him and he did one lousy one.  Oh well, we still have it.  It is on Art's phone so I don't have it to post so you just have to take my word for it.  It was really him….not a poster or a wax figure. It was him.  He really was a genuinely nice guy and holy smokes Myrna….that guy is TALL.

It was just a "Magical" moment and night.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Art

Happy Birthday to Art.  The day started early .  How early you ask.  5:15 am.  It was a crazy night.  About 3:00 am we were waken by a loud bank.  We have an adjoining room and I don't know what they were up to but they banged the adjoining  door a few times.  Then at 5:15 there was banging on our door.  A lot of banging.  I finally got up, looked through the peep hole and saw a man standing there. I noticed he didn't have a shirt on and then I realized he was in his underwear. ( I don't even want to know).  I hollered throught the door "wrong room" and he staggered off. Art said I wonder what two things will happen tonight. We seem to be on a roll.

We decided to walk the strip......go to the M&M store.  For some reason this town turns us around.  We didn't go the way we should have so it took us a lot longer to walk there and it was the back roads.  Oh well....we made it.  What a sea of people.  It was hard to walk the streets it was so crowded.  We found the quick way back to the hotel. 

We took a nap.  Art is feeling all better. I am so glad.  Even his color returned.  Throughout the day, he got birthday wishes from his peeps.  It was awesome!

We went the RIO hotel.  We had a great dinner there.  The restaurant was located on the 50th floor.  It was floor to ceiling windows all the way around.   The views were awesome. We had the filet mignon. It was so good.  It was the best filet mignon I have ever eaten.  Mine was cooked just perfect and the flavor was out of the world.  They brought Art cake for his birthday.  It was a layered carrot spice cake.  He was too full to eat it.  Too bad because he really likes that kind of cake.  After dinner we stepped out on the balcony and both caught a terrible chill. We about shivered our teeth loose.  We headed in and bought hooded jackets.  

We played a little craps on a machine.  It is a new machine and you push a button and these giant dice are rolled. It was really fun and you get to sit playing it......bonus.

Off to Penn and Teller. It deserves it's own post, so I will post when I have more time.  But I will say it was very enjoyable and we even got our picture taken with Penn. stay tuned............

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Low-key is what is was

Today was pretty low-key.  Art didn't feel well most of the day.  We didn't go to breakfast until 10:30. I had a delicious omelette but Art just had some coffee and toast.  After eating we came back to the room and Art dozed the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon. Poor guy!! I feel bad for him.

We did sit outside for about a half hour and then walked across the street to another hotel.  Art was a little hungry by then so we stopped and he ate some apple pie and ice cream.  Then we headed back to the room so he could rest.

We didn't have lunch but for dinner we decided to have a bowl of soup.  I had a half sandwich with my soup and Art had toast with his. We took Kevin the minion with us.  We had fun taking pictures of him at various locations. 

Tonight we went to the Donny and Marie show.  Let me just say it was excellent!  We sat at a table with two other couples.  The music was so good.  They are both so incredibly talented.  Marie sang an opera song that just gave me chills.  I am not a big opera fan but it was so good. She began to sing and I became transfixed.  I don't  think I moved or even so muched as blinked while she sang.  Good thing breathing was just a natural thing or I would probably would have stopped.  When she was done  I had goosebumps and was just so taken away by Marie's incredibly beautiful voice.  The notes just left her mouth and floated effortlessly across the air. The entire show was so entertaining. I can see why it is rated the number one show.  The time went by so quickly.  And Marie's shoes were awesome.  She wore a couple pair that I wish I had.  I was so excited when the announcer welcomed everyone and the show started.  Donny looks just like my cousin Glen. least the way I remember him.  It has been many years since I saw Glen last.  Anyway... I was really surprised ..... As they walked down the steps onto the stage I was surprised at how small they are. But I must say they are a very good looking couple.

As I enjoyed the music and humor.  I couldn't help but think about how close they are and it really reminded me of my brother. Maybe because today is his birthday and he was on my mind but I was taken back to when we were teenagers and how folks thought we were a couple.  It is also amazing how a song can take you back in time.

Tomorrow is Art's birthday so I hope he feels better and has an awesome day. 


This month on the 30th Art turns 57.  It is special because his numbers align.  How you ask?  He was born in 1957. To celebrate his special day, he wanted to go to Las Vegas.  Not being one to pass up on a fun trip, I was all for it. 

So here we are in Sin City.  We have met some fun folks.  Currently I have been given $15 dollars from fellow gamblers.  The tables and slots have not been so kind but we are having a great time.  Art brought his Minion Kevin and he is enjoying it here as well. 

We didn't get to bed until about 1:30 am. Yes that's right 1:30 AM.  We just had a great time. But around 3:30, someone kept calling and hanging up.  It was particularly alarming as my sweet brother in law suffered a major heart attach and is in the hospital so when the phone rings at 3:30 in the morning....... It is rarely good. After about the fourth call,  Art thought it to be extremely funny and started making cracks that whoever it was was calling for the minion Kevin.  He say something like "Kevin isn't here....he is at the craps table" then he would laugh until his cheeks hurt.  I finally took the phone off the hook.  We just back to sleep and an alarm went off.  That is when I started to laugh. Not sure what the alarm was about but Art was able to sleep through it.  He even slept in.  Must have been the bottle of grand mariner he drank. 

Oh I must say something about the fabulous dinner we had.  Oh it was soooooo good?  We had bone in prime rib, lobster tail, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. The  meat was bone sucking good.  It was so tender and tasteful.  When you put it in your mouth, your tongue could not help but jump for joy.....demanding another bite. Then they brought this delicious chocolate cake with a candle on it for Arts birthday. It had a drizzle of rasberry syrup around it with a strawberry.   Art isn't a big chocolate fan but it was so good he ate it.  

Art is feeling a little under the weather this morning so we are laying low.  Hopefully he can rest and be better this afternoon. It is after all his birthday weekend.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fly Away

This morning was the last morning Art had to rise early and go save a spot on the beach.  We hung out on the beach most of the morning.  Then we showered and had a bite of lunch and left.  In the words of our eldest grandson "Adios Amerigos".   Farewell to Mexico.

Here we now sit in the Phoenix Airport waiting for our flight home.  Customs was really easy.  I think it  took less than five minutes.  That is a record here.  We have never beat our luggage through before.  

I forgot to mention ....yesterday I read the same book Art did and....... I read it in one day. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Check it out Art got up early as usual and as usual went down to reserve a spot on the beach.  It really hasn't been a problem all week but today was different.  A lot of people have shown up so we really did need to go down to get a spot.  We watch the whales jumping out of the water.  It was pretty cool.  I just wish they were closer.  We walked back to the market and then after lunch we swam.  But.........before lunch while sitting on the beach a new vendor showed up.  He made flip flops.  I had a pair made in BSU colors.  I was thrilled. Check them out.
The blue doesn't show up really well but they are super awesome.

When we returned to our room today the maid had been there and left everything in chaos. We waited a little while and then I decided not to wait any longer and got in the shower. She finally showed up and was really embarrassed that we had returned before she had not finished and was gone but boy was she excited when she realized we weren't mad and I handed her our bottle of champagne.  She even left us extra soap and shampoo. Too bad she forgot to leave water......oh well.

Tonight was the returning guests dinner. The hotel has a dinner for all the guests that have been here more than once.  Art sat by some interesting ladies from Canada.  But then almost everyone here is from Canada.  We were the only Americans at our table.  Art jokingly asked everyone what part of Canada they were from and seriously everyone said they were from Canada.  It was hilarious. Anyway the ladies were charming.  The couple I sat by just wanted to complain about everything. 

Hard to believe it has been a week already.  This time tomorrow we will be on a plane heading home. It has been a blast this past week. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's up

Today was another lazy day.  We hung out at the beach all morning and swam this afternoon.  Art read an entire book today.  He is a fast reader.  It took me five days to read a book and he sits down and reads an entire book in one day. Yes I am a slow reader but day?!

Lots more folks arrived today.  Most of the folks here stay for 10-21 days.  Some people in the pool asked me why we can't stay more than a week.  I could do 10 days but I think that would be all. That way we are excited to come back. 

We went to our favorite restaurant tonight.  We didn't have reservations but they told us we could come back.  Yes we had the chocolate mousse for dessert. 

The sunsets here a just spectacular.  Here is a picture. 

Art watching the sunset.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Little Piggy Went To Market

This morning we lounged on the beach. It was nice and warm, just right for napping.  After lunch, we walked to the flea market.  Turns out it is just two blocks from here.  How is it that this is our third time here and we just realized it?  Anyway, I had a blast walking through the shops looking at the Mexican junk. Then we headed back for a swim in the pool. 

We went to dinner and the Maître d suggested we eat the stuffed shrimp, the tuna, and the lamb.  So......that is what Art ordered plus the salad bar. I ordered the salad bar, stuffed shrimp and the chicken.  That is a total of 5 meals.  Oh boy!!!  Art absolutely loved his three meals.  The lamb was served last. Art wasn't so sure he would like it when they brought it but he was hooked on the first bite.  I really liked the stuffed shrimp but the chicken meal was bueno. The shrimp was wrapped in bacon.  How could you not love that? I didn't have dessert there but Art had the flaming coffee. Flaming coffee is made with alcohol and they set on fire.  It is quiet the show to watch them make it. Then as if that wasn't enough, we walked over to the French restaurant and we ordered the chocolate mousse.  Oh it is so yummy!!!  The mousse tastes like vanilla frosting and it is served in a hard chocolate bowl.  Did I mention how yummy it was? Art had more flaming coffee over there as well.  Then we waddled back to our room.

As of today, we have been able to talk to our kids, my folks and my sister. Gotta love FaceTime and Skype.  They can all say they went to PV with us........ Almost. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's a Shocker

My goodness it is amazing how exhausting watching the ocean waves are.  Art and I must have taken a dozen naps between us.  Who knew it was such hard work?  We did manage to take a little walk on the beach.  We also swam in the pool so we are at least getting a little exercise.

I don't wish to alarm anyone and I know it is out of character for me........but I bought some footwear today.  They have all kinds of vendors on the beach (it can get annoying) they sell all sorts of things like dresses, swimsuit covers, T-shirts, jewelry, wood carvings, get the idea.  Well today a vendor had flip flops.  Super cute!  I just couldn't pass it up.  I even wore them to dinner tonight.

Speaking of dinner (oh!  Were we?) the restaurants here are trying to confuse us.  First the Mexican restaurant played American elevator music, next the Italian restaurant played everything but Italian music. Then the French restaurant played Christmas music.  My favorite song they played was Oh Holy Night.  But then again it is one of my favorites carols.  But tonight the Japanese restaurant played Japanese music. 

It was a good day though.....Art said just another crappy day in Paradise. Haha I'll take this
kind of crappy day any time.  The weather is so great!  I think it was even hotter today then yesterday.  The sand was pretty hot to walk on.  Good thing I got some new flip flops to keep my feet off the hot sand. Clever!  Very clever indeed. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today was just a lazy day.....

Today was a lazy day.  We spent time on the beach and swam in the pool. I bet I took at least three or four naps today and I know Art did too.  I hope I can sleep tonight. I am thinking tomorrow will be somewhat the same......however who knows, we may walk over to the flea market.  I thought the weather was better today.  It just seemed hotter to me but Art thought it was about the same.  Even so you just can't beat the weather today.  Oh!!!!!   Wait......I have to mention my mom asked Art if it rained at all and he told her no the forecast was sunny and no chance of rain. wasn't a full on rain but it did sprinkle a little tonight. I am sure glad she didn't asked about snow (wink , wink).

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Great Day

Today was a great day! We got a good night's rest.  Art got up early and headed to the beach to score us a couple of loungers and a chair.  After I got up, we headed for the beach.  It was a little chilly.  Not cold really just a little chilly.  It was probably only in the 60s.  Someone took the chair Art had so that was kinda a bummer. We hung out at the beach a little while before breakfast.  Then after breakfast we went back to the beach.  It started to warm up.

We met with our rep this morning.  He was a cute kid.  He arranged our transportation back to the airport.  We told him we didnt want to take any tours, so he gave us his cell phone number and told us if we needed anything to call him.  That was it.  Pretty easy and we didn't have to pay extra for the airport transfers.  Pretty sweet!

After lunch, we got in the  pool.  We met a fun couple from Canada.  We ended up talking to then for over an hour.

Late afternnon, we got showered (yes.... it was late afternoon....don't judge).  We headed over to the Walmart store.  It is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel.  Sadly, I didn't find a swimsuit.  Oh well, I gave it the ol college try (Art can sign my voucher on that) I also wanted some sandles but they didn't have any........We only got a couple of things on our list.

It warmed up and the weather was good all day.  We had dinner at the Italian restaurant tonight.  Poor Art wasn't feeling all that well.  He had a little vertigo so he didn't enjoy his dinner as much.  Hope he is better after a good nights rest and we will try the resaurant again another night.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Fun Adventure

 Can you you believe we are on vacation again?  I can 't believe it myself. Here we are in sunny Puerto Vallarta. We had an early wakeup call.   Up at 4:00 am.  Now let me tell you that is early.  The Buddy picked us up at 5:30.  Bless his heart.  He is so good to always take us to the airport and pick us up.  He had been out of town working and got in late and went right to work so last night was a late night for him and he was happy to get up early and deliver us to the airport.  What a great guy he is.

The flights were uneventful.  We had plenty of time to make our connection in Pheonix and customs was a piece of cake.  The only delay was waiting for Art's luggage to arrive. We hurried throught the airport ignoring all the timeshare hawkers and paid for a taxi.  We started to walk out and there was a guy standing there holding a card with our name on it.  We were stunned.  I went back to the taxi window and requested our fare back.  It took some doing as my spanish is no bueno and the girl at the counter's english wasn't much better. But I got our money back.  We are suppose to meet in the morning with our rep so we will see what is going on. But we got a free ride to the hotel.  I know, I know there is no such thing as a free ride.  We get the scoop tomorrow. 

The hotel is making changes but most of it is still the same.  We had some lunch, changed into our swimwear and headed to the beach.  Oh it was heavenly.  I took a little nap. Today 50 new turtles were born and needed to be released into the ocean. We were able to certify and release two turtles. It is easy to certify.  You listen to a speech about the turtles (which by the way was interesting) and pay 50 pesos.  I got to help carry the tub of turtles to the starting point.   I got two turtles.  I thought I was only going to get one so we decided to name it Shelley but then the guy gave everyone two. I quickly asked Art what I should name the second one.  You will never guess what name he picked............ok you are right..........Conrad.  He finally got a Conrad. HA HA HA.  When the guy says go everyone sets their tutles down on the beach and they race to the ocean.  Bless Conrad's heart he won the race.  He hurried so fast to the ocean,  Poor Shelley just laid there.  Poor little thing.  I had to pick her up and start her over but she was slow.  Once most of the turtles made it to the ocean the stinking birds started to swoop in and they started swooping down and getting the turtles and eating  them.  Horrors!!! One of the ladies that was there to help release the turtles ran and started gathering up the turtles. Thank heavens Shelley got picked up. The guy told me they would go back out tonight after dark and re-release them,  I will get a certificate tomorrow for Shelley and Conrad. It was really fun and very cool.

After dinner we headed back to the room. they brought us chocolate covered strawberries and a note welcoming us back........nice touch.  We are going to call it an early night as we are super tired.  Art and I are having a race to see who can stay up the longest.  It will be a tight race as we are both fading.