Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wedding Bells

I was fortunate enough to accompany my parents to Albuquerque to attend my nephew Jared's wedding. He is a great guy and married a cute gal. The trip was so much fun. It was a long drive per miles but the time seemed to pass quickly and I so enjoyed the time with my parents. It was so fun spending time with my brother and sister in law. I do so enjoy them. My brother took us all for pedicures. I took my mom for a pedicure before but my dad had never had one. Not only did my parents and I have a pedicure but my brother and two nephews did as well. It was fun to be pampered. I even had a manicure. The wedding was very special. They were married in the Albuquerque temple. I was so proud of them.

Getting pedicures

Cathy and Jared

Winter in Cascade

My dear friend Shawna and I ventured north to Cascade. We had a great time and enjoyed our girl time. I had business to do in Cascade and after we went to check on the cabin. You can see from the pictures there is still a lot of snow. Shawna had never been to Tamarack so we went there to have a look. It was a great spring day and a few folks were skiing. It reminded me of how much I enjoyed spring skiing. Since I haven't skied in over 20 years I had forgotten how great spring skiing could be. It was a great time and it was so fun spending the day with a good friend. I am anxious for warm weather so I can spend more time in Cascade.

Front door at cabin

Shawna at the front door. Yes she is leaning on the roof

Connie leaning on the roof