Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fly Away

This morning was the last morning Art had to rise early and go save a spot on the beach.  We hung out on the beach most of the morning.  Then we showered and had a bite of lunch and left.  In the words of our eldest grandson "Adios Amerigos".   Farewell to Mexico.

Here we now sit in the Phoenix Airport waiting for our flight home.  Customs was really easy.  I think it  took less than five minutes.  That is a record here.  We have never beat our luggage through before.  

I forgot to mention ....yesterday I read the same book Art did and....... I read it in one day. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Check it out

Ok........today Art got up early as usual and as usual went down to reserve a spot on the beach.  It really hasn't been a problem all week but today was different.  A lot of people have shown up so we really did need to go down to get a spot.  We watch the whales jumping out of the water.  It was pretty cool.  I just wish they were closer.  We walked back to the market and then after lunch we swam.  But.........before lunch while sitting on the beach a new vendor showed up.  He made flip flops.  I had a pair made in BSU colors.  I was thrilled. Check them out.
The blue doesn't show up really well but they are super awesome.

When we returned to our room today the maid had been there and left everything in chaos. We waited a little while and then I decided not to wait any longer and got in the shower. She finally showed up and was really embarrassed that we had returned before she had not finished and was gone but boy was she excited when she realized we weren't mad and I handed her our bottle of champagne.  She even left us extra soap and shampoo. Too bad she forgot to leave water......oh well.

Tonight was the returning guests dinner. The hotel has a dinner for all the guests that have been here more than once.  Art sat by some interesting ladies from Canada.  But then almost everyone here is from Canada.  We were the only Americans at our table.  Art jokingly asked everyone what part of Canada they were from and seriously everyone said they were from Canada.  It was hilarious. Anyway the ladies were charming.  The couple I sat by just wanted to complain about everything. 

Hard to believe it has been a week already.  This time tomorrow we will be on a plane heading home. It has been a blast this past week. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's up

Today was another lazy day.  We hung out at the beach all morning and swam this afternoon.  Art read an entire book today.  He is a fast reader.  It took me five days to read a book and he sits down and reads an entire book in one day. Yes I am a slow reader but goodness....one day?!

Lots more folks arrived today.  Most of the folks here stay for 10-21 days.  Some people in the pool asked me why we can't stay more than a week.  I could do 10 days but I think that would be all. That way we are excited to come back. 

We went to our favorite restaurant tonight.  We didn't have reservations but they told us we could come back.  Yes we had the chocolate mousse for dessert. 

The sunsets here a just spectacular.  Here is a picture. 

Art watching the sunset.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This Little Piggy Went To Market

This morning we lounged on the beach. It was nice and warm, just right for napping.  After lunch, we walked to the flea market.  Turns out it is just two blocks from here.  How is it that this is our third time here and we just realized it?  Anyway, I had a blast walking through the shops looking at the Mexican junk. Then we headed back for a swim in the pool. 

We went to dinner and the Maître d suggested we eat the stuffed shrimp, the tuna, and the lamb.  So......that is what Art ordered plus the salad bar. I ordered the salad bar, stuffed shrimp and the chicken.  That is a total of 5 meals.  Oh boy!!!  Art absolutely loved his three meals.  The lamb was served last. Art wasn't so sure he would like it when they brought it but he was hooked on the first bite.  I really liked the stuffed shrimp but the chicken meal was .......no bueno. The shrimp was wrapped in bacon.  How could you not love that? I didn't have dessert there but Art had the flaming coffee. Flaming coffee is made with alcohol and they set on fire.  It is quiet the show to watch them make it. Then as if that wasn't enough, we walked over to the French restaurant and we ordered the chocolate mousse.  Oh it is so yummy!!!  The mousse tastes like vanilla frosting and it is served in a hard chocolate bowl.  Did I mention how yummy it was? Art had more flaming coffee over there as well.  Then we waddled back to our room.

As of today, we have been able to talk to our kids, my folks and my sister. Gotta love FaceTime and Skype.  They can all say they went to PV with us........ Almost. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

It's a Shocker

My goodness it is amazing how exhausting watching the ocean waves are.  Art and I must have taken a dozen naps between us.  Who knew it was such hard work?  We did manage to take a little walk on the beach.  We also swam in the pool so we are at least getting a little exercise.

I don't wish to alarm anyone and I know it is out of character for me........but I bought some footwear today.  They have all kinds of vendors on the beach (it can get annoying) they sell all sorts of things like dresses, swimsuit covers, T-shirts, jewelry, wood carvings, hats......you get the idea.  Well today a vendor had flip flops.  Super cute!  I just couldn't pass it up.  I even wore them to dinner tonight.

Speaking of dinner (oh!  Were we?) the restaurants here are trying to confuse us.  First the Mexican restaurant played American elevator music, next the Italian restaurant played everything but Italian music. Then the French restaurant played Christmas music.  My favorite song they played was Oh Holy Night.  But then again it is one of my favorites carols.  But tonight the Japanese restaurant played Japanese music. 

It was a good day though.....Art said just another crappy day in Paradise. Haha I'll take this
kind of crappy day any time.  The weather is so great!  I think it was even hotter today then yesterday.  The sand was pretty hot to walk on.  Good thing I got some new flip flops to keep my feet off the hot sand. Clever!  Very clever indeed. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Today was just a lazy day.....

Today was a lazy day.  We spent time on the beach and swam in the pool. I bet I took at least three or four naps today and I know Art did too.  I hope I can sleep tonight. I am thinking tomorrow will be somewhat the same......however who knows, we may walk over to the flea market.  I thought the weather was better today.  It just seemed hotter to me but Art thought it was about the same.  Even so you just can't beat the weather today.  Oh!!!!!   Wait......I have to mention my mom asked Art if it rained at all and he told her no the forecast was sunny and no chance of rain.  Well...........it wasn't a full on rain but it did sprinkle a little tonight. I am sure glad she didn't asked about snow (wink , wink).

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Great Day

Today was a great day! We got a good night's rest.  Art got up early and headed to the beach to score us a couple of loungers and a chair.  After I got up, we headed for the beach.  It was a little chilly.  Not cold really just a little chilly.  It was probably only in the 60s.  Someone took the chair Art had so that was kinda a bummer. We hung out at the beach a little while before breakfast.  Then after breakfast we went back to the beach.  It started to warm up.

We met with our rep this morning.  He was a cute kid.  He arranged our transportation back to the airport.  We told him we didnt want to take any tours, so he gave us his cell phone number and told us if we needed anything to call him.  That was it.  Pretty easy and we didn't have to pay extra for the airport transfers.  Pretty sweet!

After lunch, we got in the  pool.  We met a fun couple from Canada.  We ended up talking to then for over an hour.

Late afternnon, we got showered (yes.... it was late afternoon....don't judge).  We headed over to the Walmart store.  It is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel.  Sadly, I didn't find a swimsuit.  Oh well, I gave it the ol college try (Art can sign my voucher on that) I also wanted some sandles but they didn't have any........We only got a couple of things on our list.

It warmed up and the weather was good all day.  We had dinner at the Italian restaurant tonight.  Poor Art wasn't feeling all that well.  He had a little vertigo so he didn't enjoy his dinner as much.  Hope he is better after a good nights rest and we will try the resaurant again another night.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Another Fun Adventure

 Can you you believe we are on vacation again?  I can 't believe it myself. Here we are in sunny Puerto Vallarta. We had an early wakeup call.   Up at 4:00 am.  Now let me tell you that is early.  The Buddy picked us up at 5:30.  Bless his heart.  He is so good to always take us to the airport and pick us up.  He had been out of town working and got in late and went right to work so last night was a late night for him and he was happy to get up early and deliver us to the airport.  What a great guy he is.

The flights were uneventful.  We had plenty of time to make our connection in Pheonix and customs was a piece of cake.  The only delay was waiting for Art's luggage to arrive. We hurried throught the airport ignoring all the timeshare hawkers and paid for a taxi.  We started to walk out and there was a guy standing there holding a card with our name on it.  We were stunned.  I went back to the taxi window and requested our fare back.  It took some doing as my spanish is no bueno and the girl at the counter's english wasn't much better. But I got our money back.  We are suppose to meet in the morning with our rep so we will see what is going on. But we got a free ride to the hotel.  I know, I know there is no such thing as a free ride.  We get the scoop tomorrow. 

The hotel is making changes but most of it is still the same.  We had some lunch, changed into our swimwear and headed to the beach.  Oh it was heavenly.  I took a little nap. Today 50 new turtles were born and needed to be released into the ocean. We were able to certify and release two turtles. It is easy to certify.  You listen to a speech about the turtles (which by the way was interesting) and pay 50 pesos.  I got to help carry the tub of turtles to the starting point.   I got two turtles.  I thought I was only going to get one so we decided to name it Shelley but then the guy gave everyone two. I quickly asked Art what I should name the second one.  You will never guess what name he picked............ok you are right..........Conrad.  He finally got a Conrad. HA HA HA.  When the guy says go everyone sets their tutles down on the beach and they race to the ocean.  Bless Conrad's heart he won the race.  He hurried so fast to the ocean,  Poor Shelley just laid there.  Poor little thing.  I had to pick her up and start her over but she was slow.  Once most of the turtles made it to the ocean the stinking birds started to swoop in and they started swooping down and getting the turtles and eating  them.  Horrors!!! One of the ladies that was there to help release the turtles ran and started gathering up the turtles. Thank heavens Shelley got picked up. The guy told me they would go back out tonight after dark and re-release them,  I will get a certificate tomorrow for Shelley and Conrad. It was really fun and very cool.

After dinner we headed back to the room. they brought us chocolate covered strawberries and a note welcoming us back........nice touch.  We are going to call it an early night as we are super tired.  Art and I are having a race to see who can stay up the longest.  It will be a tight race as we are both fading.