Friday, June 27, 2008


Every year I participate in the Susan G Koman race for the cure. I find it a very worth while cause and love it. This year after the race, I received an email asking me to take a survey. Normally I don't but I think this is such a great cause I decided to take the survey. At the end it said my name would be added to a drawing for a possible win of a $250 gift certificate for New Balance shoes. Shoes!!! Yeah!!!! Well I didn't think I had a snowballs chance. But while I was in Missouri playing with my adorable grandchildren and their fun parents, my darling PC called to tell me I had won the certificate and I needed to call a number to confirm my mailing address. Hmmmm, could it be a scam? Well I called the number and got an answering machine. Hmmmm, could it be a scam? I left my name, number, and address and decided to see what happened. I got the certificate in the mail but it said I had to use it on line. So I did. I am not one to pass up new shoes especially if they are free. Now we will see if the shoes arrive. I'll keep you "posted"...... get it? posted. - post to the blog......o.k. never mind.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Guess I Really Am Old

After getting up this morning I felt something nipping at my ankles. It was quite annoying so I looked down and it was my behind. I was definitely dragging butt. Hmmm I guess I really am old.

I spent yesterday playing with Reagan. We had such a good time. We played in the hot tub (I think it is the favorite for all the grandkids), ran around, went for a walk, dug in the dirt and were just busy all day. And then I headed to slumber party. Yes I said a slumber party. The young women at church wanted to have a slumber party for their activity. As it was one that I had not planned I new thankfully I might add that I would not have to stay the whole night. This was good because I knew with my health, I can no longer stay up all night and function with no sleep. In fact, I end up getting sick when I do. When I mentioned to the girls that I wouldn't be spending the entire night as I didn't have a sleeping bag, several offered to loan me one. Brent and Marykate even offered me one of theirs. The girls wanted me to stay and sleep in the tent designated for the girls. I laughed and said sleep???? You guys are really planning on sleeping? I knew better. My plan was to stay until midnight at the very latest. Well you know what they say about the best laid plans. Yeah. The leaders in charge had activities planned for most of the night. We had a great time. I can't remember when I laughed so much and so hard. My sides still hurt today from laughing. It did remind me of being young and having slumber parties with my friends. I stayed until 2:30 a.m. When it was time to watch a movie I bugged out and found my way home to bed. They were going to watch a movie and then scrapbook. I hope they made it through the movie. They were sad to see me go which between you me and the fence post it made me feel good that they wanted me to stay. Now for today..........Oh! Did anyone say it was time for bed?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We got up early.....4:00 a. m. (2:00 a.m. mst) We returned the rental car and made it through security in about 30 minutes. The flights were all good and we got to Boise about 12:40 p.m. We made it and Don's luggage made it. True to form mine did not. Brent, Marykate, and Reagan picked us up and delivered us safely home. It is so nice to be home. The good thing is my luggage was on the front porch this morning at 7:00. Ahhh, all is well.

Now back to the real world.

Friday, June 20, 2008


We rose about 6:15 and Carmen had lovely cinnamon rolls and juice for breakfast. We visited a little and then we went visiting. We met Carmen's step son, his wife, (Jay and Marcy) and his niece and her husband (Rich and Ann). Ann and Rich had lunch for us. It was so sweet and they are a darling couple. We really enjoyed visiting with them. Speaking of visiting (were we?) We loved our visit with Uncle Carmen. He is a very interesting and colorful man. He was so gracious to us. I wish we lived closer so we could visit more with him. One thing we learned.....he doesn't go by Carmen, everyone calls him Red. He had red hair we he was young. No one called him Carmen but us. Everywhere we went they called him Red.

After lunch we packed up and drove back to Ft Lauderdale. I have to say I thought Utahans had interesting driving skills but Floridians..........they are interesting for sure.

We are back to the hotel. I will have to post about the hotel at a later time. For now I am headed to bed. We have to get up at an uncivilized hour. 4:00 am (2:00am MST) Yikes!!! Then we are homeward bound.


We got up and had some breakfast and then headed for Crystal River. Unfortunately there was a car wreck on the payway. I say payway instead of freeway as it is not free. The roads are toll roads but don' t get me started on that. Anyway we were on the road for about an hour and we were still in Ft Lauderdale. We averaged about 7 miles an hour. We didn't know the area well enough to get off and go around another way so we endured. Finally we worked our way passed the wreck and were on our way.

We stopped for lunch at KFC. I went to the restroom and when I walked out of the stall, a girl about 12 was waiting for me. She was "special". When I opened the stall door she clapped her hands and she "I'm going to Disney" She was so excited. I chatted with her a few minutes and I was so excited for her. I hope she is having a great time.

We made it safe to Crystal River and to Carmen's house. We went to dinner at Crackers. It was very good. Back to Carmens for visiting and TV. And bed with Ozzie.... no not Ozzie Osbourne but Ozzie Nelson.

More later.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today's Events

Well I got up and had breakfast with my darling PC. Then he was off to the conference and I was off to the beach. I held a moment of silence again for my sister. She would really love it here. Then back to the pool. I swam some laps and then settled in a comfy lounge chair for some reading. I stayed by the pool until the rain forced me in. Then once it stopped raining I was back out. I talked to Brent. He gave me an update on the house being built next door. We appreciate him keeping an eye on things for us while we are away. Don was done with the conference at noon. As soon as he got back we took a water taxi around the town. It rained the whole time. We stopped at a nice place called Charlies Crab for lunch. I had Shrimp trio (scampi, grilled, and coconut) and Don had Salmon and grilled shrimp. The taxi captain gave us a coupon for a free dessert so we had a chocolate truffle cake with ice cream. It was very rich and decadent. We spent the afternoon on the water taxi. Then we went to the mall. (it was even Don's idea). Not much for us so we drove out a ways to an outlet mall. It was the biggest mall. We were there an hour an a half and only saw a fourth of it. Don got some new shorts and a shirt. We had dinner at the food court. Then back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our drive to Crystal River to see Uncle Carmen.

What's New

Well the BBQ was nice. It rained so they moved everything into the hotel. It was sponsored by JP Morgan Chase. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, and shrimp skewers. They had a DJ and several folks got up and danced. Don and I went out to the beach and then back to our hotel for the night.

Yesterday - Don and I had breakfast together before he went to the conference. Christmas called and gave me the scoop with them then I went to the beach. Nobody enjoys a beach like my sister so I had a moment of silence at the beach for her. She isn't dead or anything like that I just had a moment for her knowing that she would really enjoy it here. Then because I love swimming, I went back to the hotel pool. I swam some laps and then settled in on a comfy lounge chair and read my book. When it got hot I hopped in the pool. The afternoon brought rain showers so I headed back to my room and got cleaned up and ready for the evenings events.

We took a bus to the Seminole Paradise Hard Rock Cafe and Casino. One the way Brent called to see how we were doing. Unfortunately with all the noise on the bus, I couldn't understand what he was saying so I have to call him back later. Seminole is like a mini outdoor mall with an areana, restaurants, and casino. They were not prepared for so many folks to show up. They had no idea (so they said) so many were coming. Don asked at the conference how many registrants they had at they told him 7100. That's a lot right there;I don't care who you are. Anyway we found a place to have dinner and while we were waiting to go to a concert we watched a boxing match. A father and son were boxing. Then Abraham Miranda got in the ring to promote his upcoming match which will be aired on Showtime. He danced around the ring like he was fighting someone. I told Don I could be a boxer because I could do those moves. He wasn't a believer but I think I can bob and weave like the best of them.

The concert was good. We saw REO Speedwagon. They said they had just returned from touring in Europe and have a new CD coming out. I enjoyed it and Don didn't think it was too loud. Afterward we went to the Casino but neither of us "felt the love" so we kept our money in our pockets. No gambling for us. On our way out we saw the bass player and the drummer from the band. Hope they had good luck at the slots. The buses weren't organized very well for the return and there was a lot of confusion. We got on one bus and the seat Don sat in was broken. Then after checking I found a bus that was headed to our hotel so we switched and I will be darned the seat Don sat in was also broken. What are the odds?

Today is the last day of the conference but not the last day of our adventure so stay tuned. Gotta run I hear the pool calling my name.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Forgot My Journal

Well here I am in Florida. In the plane here I realized I forgot my travel journal. I take it whenever Don and I travel. Don suggested I blog it. So sorry readers my next few blogs will be about our trip.

Don is attending a conference in Ft Lauderdale Fl and I came along as his carry on if you will. We left on Saturday afternoon. Brent, Marykate, and Reagan took us to the airport. We flew to Salt Lake for a 30 minute wait and then on to Florida. We arrived at 11:30 pm and after getting our rental car we arrived at our hotel room about 1:00 am. We were tired.

Up Sunday at 7:00 am for a nice continental breakfast. Then we went to Walgreens for a few things and drove around the area. We saw the missionaries. Let me stop the travel log for a sec. The missionaries were on bikes......yes a bike with two wheels. But not a bicycle a motorcycle. They were on crotch rockets. I thought it was a one time thing and crazy fun but then I some more later. Tough mission, motorcycles, nice weather. Almost make me want to sign up. I said almost.

Back to the trip. Don went to the conference in the afternoon. He took the shuttle. I walked him to the shuttle pick up so I would know where to go when it was my time to go. I laughed as it was like I was taking a child to the bus on the first day of school. I spent the day at the pool with my book. I didn't get a lot read because several folks came up to me and started to talk. Not sure why that happens but I do enjoy it. I met some really nice folks. Then I got on the shuttle bus and met Don at the conference for a meet and greet. The conference is huge. I have never been to such a big conference. I think Don told me there were about 5000 people attending. Then after getting back to the hotel we went for a walk on the beach. It was so fun to spend some time with my darling PC. We had a quick drink and then back to our room for popcorn and bed. ah, it felt like home. (we have popcorn at home in the evenings) I talked on the phone with Christmas, Brent, and my folks.

Today I got up and had breakfast with my PC and then he was off to the conference. I walked to the beach and played in the ocean a little but spent most of the day at the pool. I read my book. I swam in the pool for about an hour. I talked with Christmas and Brent on the phone. Then after lunch I swam a little more. Some teenage kids asked me to play volleyball with a beach ball in the pool with them. My team won of coarse. It was fun and I was thrilled and surprised they asked me to play. Dark clouds moved in and the thunder started so I headed back to my room to get ready for tonight. We are going to a BBQ.

More later.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Am A Lucky Grandma.

I haven’t posted for a while as I have been away playing grandma. And play I did. It was kinda a whirlwind. I got there one day we went to the circus the next and then my newest little bundle of joy came the next. Megaman was born. He is so tiny and sweet. He looks a lot like his oldest sister but the funny thing he looks an awful like his cousin Miss R. They truly could be siblings. They both have the small features and same coloring. I came home and looked at Miss R’s baby pictures and they look a lot alike.

I got to attend Princess’s school circus where she was smiley the clown and go on a field trip with Dude to the stream. I was responsible for Dude and 6 of his classmates. Honey bunch loves to be pushed on the swing so I did a lot of pushing.

I made it home in time for Miss R’s very 1st birthday. I can hardly believe she is already one. It is fun to watch her learn and discover new things. So far I have been to every grandchilds 1st birthday.

I am a very lucky grandma. I am so glad that all my grandkids enjoy having me around. As I think back at my grandparents, I really didn’t know them well enough to be excited when they came and sad to see them go. They were older and spent all their time visiting with my folks. My grandma spent one winter with us and I played cards with her in the evenings but other than that I didn’t play with my grandparents or spend much time with them. So I am so glad that I can build a special fun lasting relationship with all my grandkids. One that we are excited to see each other and sad when it is over. I love all 5 so very much. As I said I am a lucky grandma.

Now I am back home with my darling PC or as Honeybunch called him “your friend”. And he is… in fact my best friend.