Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home or Bust

Well the trip home I am happy to say was uneventful. The flights were all good and we made all our connections with no problems. The Buddy picked us up at the airport and delivered us safely home. We landed at 9:00 pm and were home before 10:00 pm. It seems like a dream now it went by so fast. Now back to the real world.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh goodness it is already our last day in DC. After breakfast we checked out of the hotel, left the car in the hotel parking lot and took a cab to Capitol Hill. We started at the Library of Congress. Wow was the library ever awesome. I am so glad we decided to go back to see it. It was so worth it. We spent several hours there and we didn't even see it all. But it really was amazing. We were really lucky because there was hardly anyone there when we got there and it got really full by the time we left. Then we headed over to the Capitol. We wandered around there a little and then we walked(a long walk) down to the original Smithsonian, the castle. I was surprised how small it was....well in comparison to everything else. But it was cool. After that we caught a cab back to the area of our hotel and had a late lunch.

The Buddy told us about a sandwich shop so we went there. It was really yummy. I would definitely go there again. We tried the milkshakes and they were good too but when will I matter how good the shake is, it makes my stomach hurt. Thank heavens I packed pro-actazymes.

After lunch we headed back to Newport News. It was a pleasant drive. We took a little side road and it was really pretty. After getting checked in to the motel, we took a dip in the pool. It was so refreshing. Then we just rested by the pool.
We walked next door to a store and then went to a Japanese Hibachi Steak House. It was really good but they gave us way too much food. I couldn't even eat half of it. It was yummy. We waddled back to the motel.

Tonight it is like a barnyard.....our calves are mooing and our dogs are howling.(our legs and feet hurt from so much walking). It is hard to believe we go home tomorrow. The time has just flown by. I need to say, every hotel we stayed at was really nice. I usually take pictures of the rooms that we stay in and for some reason I didn't do it this time. I wish I would have because they were all nice. And the bed at the last hotel was awesomely comfortable. One of the best ones we have ever slept in. Not only was it comfortable, Art's feet didn't hang over the end.

One small sad note. I lost one of my favorite earrings and I never did find it. Dang.....oh well.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best Laid Plans

Well we actually had a plan of what we wanted to do just didn't work out that way. It all worked out fine just different. All the streets downtown were blocked for a triathlon. They were blocked until 1:00. We were detoured on the way to town. It took longer but we were able to see areas not on any tour. We even got to see some of the slum areas. Since the streets to the places we had planned to go were blocked we went back to Georgetown. It is really hard to get back on the trolley after you get off so we decided not to get off anywhere. When we got back to the transfer station, we decided to walk around the area. We thought about going to the Spy Museum but I thought the entrance fee was too high so we ended up going to the wax museum. It had all the Presidents past and present and several celebrities. It was fun. By then the streets opened up. We decided to go to the capitol and Library of Congress, Unfortunately they were closed, We walked down to the Air and Space Museum. It was pretty cool. Then the afternoon was almost gone and it was getting late so we got back on the very full trolley. To get on Art had to sit up in the window area that isn't really a seat but we were grateful to be on. We just stayed on and looked at the sites from the window of the trolley. It was ok as we saw most of if up front and personal yesterday.We did the manager's reception split a sandwich and back to the room to put our tired feet up and make some calls. It was suppose to rain today and although it lightly sprinkled a couple times the weather was good......not too hot. We still managed to do a lot of walking. We didn't get to see the things we planned but we still had a grand time. Maybe tomorrow we can see a few things before we leave. And if not that is OK. The best part is we saw the things on our bucket list. AND we were together.

Really? Again?

Are you kidding me? Really? Seriously? Again? At 5:15 am there was a loud it wasn't the alarm was the freaking FIRE ALARM. Fortunately, it turned off before we evacuated but after it turned off, every 15-20 minutes it would chirp.

More later........breakfast is calling my name.

BTW....Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red Letter Day

What a great day. We got up and had a quick breakfast and got on the shuttle to head to town. We did the trolley tour. I don't think I would recommend it but it worked out ok. We saw A LOT. I thought I walked my tail off but when we got back to the hotel I felt something nipping at my feet. It was my tail. I didn't walk it off, it was just dragging. It was hot and humid. I was sweating like crazy. I was and Art wasn't. What on earth is the deal with that?

We saw the White House, White House Visitor Center, National Archives, the original Magna Cata, original Constitution, original Bill of Rights, original Declaration of Independence, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Ford Theater, The Natural History Museum, The Hope Diamond and other precious gems, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, and Georgetown. We saw a a lot of buildings that we didn't stop to go into. Some we will go to tomorrow. It was all a bit overwhelming. I love my government and Country. How proud I am to be an American. I must admit, I thought I knew a lot about the Country's history but I felt a little stupid a couple of times today. I am motivated to study and learn more. Today also confirmed my conviction that the forefathers were foreordained. It was fun seeing and experiencing it all with my darling Art. We were tired when we got back to our hotel. We did the manger's reception, ate some dinner and back to the room to put our tired feet up. AHHHH what a great day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Moving On

Today was the last day of the conference. I had breakfast with Art this morning and he went to the conference and I went back down to the colonial area with one of the other spouses. She is a lovely lady from Utah. We had a lot in common and really hit off. We had a great morning together. We went back to the hotel about 11: 15 and Art showed up about 11: 30. Art and I packed up before breakfast so we were ready to head to DC. The traffic was crazy and there was a wreck so we decided to stop and have some lunch to give them time to clear the wreckage away.

After checking into our hotel we decided to head to Arlington Cemetery. And let me just say I was very humbled. We hiked up to see the Kennedy graves. I was surprised how plain some were. But is was still humbling none the less. As luck would have it, we were able to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier. It choked me up. It was amazing!!! I was so surprised how big the cemetery was. It was a little overwhelming. I am so grateful that I was able to go. It started to sprinkle a little but we got back before it started to rain hard.

We went to the managers happy hour at the hotel and then we walked to a shopping mall area to have dinner. On the way it started to rain. We ate at a rib place. The ribs were delicious. While we were in the restaurant it rained pretty hard but when we got back outside it had stopped raining. Whew. Back to the room to relax. I am so excited to be here and I am so looking forward to hanging out with Art and seeing all the sites.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Full Day Here

More walking for today. I have walked so much I got a blister. The back of my ankle started to hurt and when I looked at it, I could see where my shoe rubbed it so much I had a blister that popped. Ouch! Anyway I didn't let it deter me any.

I met a nice man from Oregon on the bus this morning. He and his wife are part of a tour group and his wife decided she would rather shop than see any of the sites so we went to some of the places together. After the first stop, we also hooked up with another lady that was part of his tour group. They were a lot of fun. Then this afternoon at one of the sites, a couple of ladies were having trouble with the map and came up to me and asked me to help them. We started talking and they asked if they could go around with me. Why not! So I really didn't spend a lot of time alone. Oh and yesterday I hooked up with some brothers and today I ran into them again so I hooked them up with the ladies and then left. They were a perfect match.

One of the sites I went to was an 1800s mental hospital. It was c-r-e-e-p-y. If you weren't insane when you arrived, you certainly would be when you left. But the cool thing was in the basement there was a huge museum with furniture, silver, pottery, portraits, and quilts just to name few things. It was huge.

Poor Art had to sit in meetings all day. To honor him I attended an 1800s legislative session at the Capitol. I think I had the better deal for the day.

After a stop at the conference reception, Art and I went to the colonial district for dinner. We had a good dinner. At one of the stops the man from Oregon and his wife got on so Art was able to meet him.

The weather was a little cooler and overcast. It finally rained a little tonight. Hope tomorrow has better weather. Tomorrow after lunch we head to DC. Yeah!! Art and I can see the sites together.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

After the Power Nap

Morning seemed to come earlier than usual. Must be because we just has a power nap last night. Art attended his conference all day. I went and played. I wanted to do a witch trial but it was completely booked.....dang. Oh well win some and lose some. I went to the colonial section of town. I did a lot did I mention a lot of walking. I saw a couple of plays and a lot of performances broke out in the streets. All the workers wear period clothes and talk as if it were the 1800s. It was pretty fun. I finally got the buses figured out and then realized I could walk it. According to the GPS it is only 2 miles to that section of town. The weather was stellar and I did meet some nice folks. Hope tomorrow is as good and hopefully no fire alarms tonight.

Tidbits of the Day....

The day started out usual enough but I did have few moment to share. MK and Miss R took us to the airport at a decent hour. They picked us up at 10:00. A big thanks to them for taking us. Here is my first funny moment. At the Boise airport, a couple was sitting behind us getting ready to get on the plane. They were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. How did I know? You couldn't help overhear their conversations and yes I was paying attention......don't judge. Anyway, this was the first time they flew and they were a bit nervous. They called someone they knew to check if they were doing everything right. (pretty cute). Then they had this converstation.

Man: Would you like to sit by the window?
Lady: Oh, the plane has windows?
Man: Sure they do.....well .......I think they I am pretty sure they do.
Lady: Ok but so you know I am not rolling it down. That is too much wind for me.

The Buddy loaded some movies on to my new ipad. Yes I said new ipad. Art gave me a new ipad for my birthday. Oh I just love it. Art does too. Thanks to the Buddy I was able to watch a funny movie and I laughed right out loud a couple of times. It was great. The flights were all good. The flight from SLC to Atlanta was a little bumpy a couple of times but nothing bad. And I even thought landing was fairly calm but the lady sitting directly behind Art threw up all over herself. No not in a bag but all over herself. The good news is Art didn't receive any of it. Thank Heavens!!!

We had two GPSs and they both had trouble finding the satellite. But eventually they worked and we arrived at our hotel safe and sound. It was about midnight. We were both tired and ready for bed. About 1:30 am I woke to a familiar yet unfamiliar sound. I thought Art's alarm was awfully loud.....then it hit me what it was. I sat up and turned the light on. Art stood up and this is our conversation.
Art: What is that?
Me: the fire alarm
Art: Yeah I know that.

I then hurried to the hall to see if I could see smoke. The gentleman in the next room came out as well. This is our conversation.
Man: What is that?
Me: the fire alarm
Man: OK ..... That is what I thought

I guess they were just asking to confirm...............

The hotel emptied out into the parking lot. Fortunately, it was just a false alarm. It took the fire department almost a 1/2 hour to show up. Had it been a real fire, they should have brought marshmallows and wienies because by the time they got here, the fire would have been a good blaze. Back to bed for a quick power nap as Art has to get up early for the conference.