Monday, November 11, 2013

What Day Is Today

What Day Is Today. Huh? Huh?  What Day Is Today? Camel day.  We went on the camel tour today.
This morning we hung out at the pool until about 10:15.  Then we got ready to go. I was really surprised, we were the only ones in the van to go.  We got to the terminal and had an hour to wait.  They had three parrots so we had our picture taken with them.  Then we headed out on a big bus. We drove to a remote location and got in a big hummer type vehicle and drove to another remote location.  We got out and did a hike along a canyon ridge learning about cactus.  Then we loaded back into the hummer type vehicle and drove to a beach on the pacific side.  There we got on camels.  Our camel's name was Slim.  He was sweet.  We rode on the beach.  We had our picture taken with Powder, the youngest camel.  He was so sweet and gave us a kiss.   After that we had authentic Mexican food and tequila shots.  Art and I refrained from the shots and Art wasn't real impressed with the food. We were told the tour lasted three hours.  It must have been Mexican time because it was really six hours.  What a fun day.  I was able to find a couple to give the extra certificate to.  They just arrived and the are on their honeymoon. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


There are a lot of folks here now so early this morning Art got up and went to the pool and saved us a couple of loungers by the warm pool.  After I got up, we went down to the pool.  I forgot to mention yesterday, we got a new bed.  I went to our room yesterday morning and they had the box springs in the hall and were in the process of carrying the old mattress out.  I had hopes the new bed would be better but it is really hard.  And to add insult to injury, I fell out of bed in the night. HA HA the marble floor and the bed feel about the same.
Anyway, back to today... Art wasn't feeling all that well so he went back to the room to rest and watch football.  I stayed at the pool.  I went for a walk on the beach, swam and played BINGO.  I even won.  You will never guess what my prize was........ another camel trip.  They said the prizes were camel trip, massage, glass bottom boat tour, and a bottle of tequila. I so wanted the massage. I think it was a made up prize because no one had it.  I was the only camel and everyone else said they had the glass bottom boat tour. It was really fun non-the-less. While I was lounging by the pool, there was a loud noise and then everyone started yelling "WHALE"  and the biggest whale popped up out of the ocean and started spraying water.  It was cool.  It was like he knew he was performing and gave us quite the show.  It was really something to behold.  One of the waiters told me there are 4 whales but I just saw the one.  The day went by really fast.  Art and I are pooped.  We both wish it was bedtime.  Maybe we will have to change the clocks around here so we can go to bed.   We have a big day tomorrow.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our Platmates Had To Go Home

So sad for Dan and Shawna...they had to go back home today.  We hung out at the pool with them most of the morning. We ate lunch with them and shortly after lunch, they departed.

Art wasn't feeling 100% so we went to our room and he took at little nap and I sat on the deck. He felt much better after his rest so we went to the pool and swam awhile.

This morning when we went to the elevator someone wrote in the ashtray sand "Go Boise".  We thought it was cool. Then at breakfast a couple came up to us and said they saw Art's BSU shirt and hat and had to come say "hi". The guys was wearing a BSU T-shirt so I asked if they were from Boise and they said no they were from California but their son was going to BSU. Art told them about someone writing in the ashtray sand and they lady laughed and confessed it was her.

After dinner we were sitting in the lounge area and all of a sudden we could see fireworks.  They were pretty good. We could see the night show from our balcony.  We watched a little bit and decided football would be more fun.  Now we have decided watching the inside of our eyelids would be the best.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Today We ...........

Today we just hung around the pool.  The good news is my ear finally popped.  This afternoon it had been really crackly and I was hoping that meant it would pop soon and then I had the most intense pain ever....holy smokes Myrna.....  and then it popped. Ahhhhh.  and then I could hear again.  

Shawna and I were sitting by the main pool dangling our feet contemplating getting in the cold water when a lady in the pool told Shawna that one of the side pools was warm.  We had been swimming in the cold pools all week.  We thought we would try it and she was was warm.  We had a ball swimming.  We were in the pool so long the the guys came to check on us and decided to give it a try and got in. Art was so sweet, he brought me a drink and a fresh towel.  It is too bad we didn't know about the warm pool before today as Dan and Shawna go home tomorrow. There are three pools, a main pool and two side pools.  Everyday we lounged between the main pool and the one side pool never venturing over to the other side.  I know where I will be tomorrow.  

Tonight we heard a bunch of sirens.  Our hotel is on the highway and tonight there was a really bad truck and car wreck.  Rumor is everyone was killed.  Pretty sad!!! 

There is a band playing out at the pool tonight so I am listening (and yes rocking out) while I am writing this.  It is loud enough I can hear it in our room and we are on the fourth floor.  I am glad we like it or it would make it hard to go to sleep. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Rain.. Really

Can you believe it???  It rained this morning.  Made for a not so fun morning.  Actually, it was rainy but time wasn't too bad.  We hung out in our room for part of it.  I am reading a super fun book (thanks Mrs Dr for the suggetion) so the morning went by pretty fast.  I was super excited to go to town to shop.  After lunch we hopped on the city bus and went to town.  We went to a super high end mall so no shopping was to be had.  I got some super expensive drugs to try and unplug my ear.  It is still plugged and aches.  Now when I eat it crackles so maybe it will break loose soon.  We went to the night show tonight.  The first part was a fire show and was really good.  The sencond half went on and on and on and on and on and on and get the point.  It really wasn't good.  I had way to much sugar today,  so I have to be really good tomorrow.  It will be easy cause tomorrow is more lounging and reading. Hope the weather is good tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well...... unfortunately my ear is still plugged.  It has become a real pain....literally.  I can't hear a thing out of it now and it hurts like a dirty one.  Art wonders if I might have an ear infection.  I am so hoping it will clear up, soon.

We just hung around the pool all day.  I took a nice nap.  Shawna and I attended a cooking class.  We left when they started on a recipe for raw sea bass. It was great with the guacamole and salsa but the sea bass?? no thanks.

After dinner we stopped by the outdoor bar for a night cap.  Art mentioned he would like to do casino night.  After sitting waiting around we all got tired and decided to turn in.  Art wanted to finish his drink first. Knowing my ear hurt, he decided to take it with him back to the room.  Well as luck would have it we stopped by the 21 table and played.  It was fun.  We weren't the winners of the table but the winner is leaving tomorrow so he couldn't use his prize.  He gave it to us,  You will never guess what the prize is.  Ready?  Ha ha for real it is a camel ride.  I am so stoked.  Art is not so much but I am. I always wanted to ride a camel and now here is my chance.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

We made it

We got up freak show early. We were very lucky. ....the Buddy got up early as well and drove us to the airport.  All our flights were good. I sat next to an interesting gentleman on the flight to Pheonix. When he got on I thought "oh dear".  He was 62, bald with earrings, and a huge cigar hanging out of his mouth.  I was just sure the smell would give me a headache and make me sick. He looked at me and said "I look scary but I am not". So I responded back " I don't look scary but I am". He laughed and we hit it off. Thank Heavens his cigar didn't smell. He gave me his life history.

Customs was a piece of cake. I timed it..... It took us 1 1/2 minutes. That has to be a record. It helped we were the only plane.

 The shuttle was waiting for us. It was fun seeing someone with a sign with our name on it.  We rode with a couple from Kansas City. The lady has a ton of relatives in Sedalia..... small world.

We like the hotel so far. It is really beautiful here.  We hooked up with Dan and Shawna.  Shawna got too much sun and isn't feeling well. She passed on dinner and went to bed.  I feel bad for her. Hopefully she will be better tomorrow. 

I cheated a little on my diet. The Dr said it was ok.  It sure tasted good but not sure how good it made me feel.  Also, one of my ears is plugged. It would'nt be so bad but it really hurts. I sure hope it pops soon.

I am having lots of trouble with the internet here and I am super tired so I think I will join Art....... he is in bed snoring his heart out.  I am listening to a guy play his guitar and the ocean waves.  It is nice.  Night all.