Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Bedroom

I just realized I hadn't posted the new bedroom. It was crazy. Art's sister passed away and he went to spend the last few days of her life with her. The night before he left the store called and said the furniture was in. We decided we would get it when Art got back to town.

The next night I went to the Buddy's to watch football with him, MK and Miss R. I told him about the furniture and he volunteered helping me get the furniture. I told him I needed to empty the truck (Art went to the auction before he left town) and I didn't know where to put the stuff so I better wait but the Buddy suggested we take the trailer. I told him I couldn't drive the trailer with all the furniture in it. He said he could and he was an expert......he was right. Anyway we went the next day. The Buddy hooked the trailer up to the jeep and away we went.

All the furniture was in boxes so we loaded them in the trailer and drove home. I thought we would just put the furniture in the garage and wait for Art to come home and together we would set it up. But no the Buddy said n0 way. He told me he does "new" better than that. The Buddy worked his tail off. He got the furniture unpacked, carried in the house and all put together. What a sweet son. It looked great. An extra chair was in one of the boxes so the Buddy even returned it for me. Everything was in place when Art got home and it looked good. I could have never done it by myself. Art and I are so lucky to have such a great son. Thanks Buddy for all the help. Here are pictures.