Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well it is finally done. Don and I have been painting all week and now it is done. Since last fall we have been talking about painting the upstairs in the spring. About a month ago, Don said he thought we should have an accent wall. I was stunned. He has always wanted white walls and I thought I was lucky to talk him into painting the walls a tan so when he suggested an accent wall I was pleasantly stunned. He said he had been watching the design shows onTV and thought a green would look good. So we went color shopping. We found two colors that we really liked. I was a little worried about buying the paint in the quantity we needed before we knew if we would like it on the walls. The last time I thought I was getting a tan color for the walls I ended up with orange walls (that's another story). Anyway we bought a quart of each color and Don put it on the walls as a test. We loved it so we went and got the quantity we needed and got started. I painted walls but I couldn't help Don paint the ceiling due to my vestibular disorder so Brent and Marykate volunteered to help him. Don and Brent got it painted in no time at all. Don and I really appreciated the help. It is now done and we love it. Here are pictures. The entry is green and the rest (except bathrooms and bedrooms) of the upstairs is a tan color. The colors match the furniture and paintings perfectly. Woohoo.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Best thing I wore today was a smile.

This has been one of those crazy days. I got up a little earlier than normal as I was able to give service to a loved one today. My father in law had quadruple bypass surgery a couple of months ago and his recovery has been a little difficult for him. Today he had two doctor appointments with the first one starting at 9:00. He lives about 1/2 hour away so I had to leave the house today at 8:00. So I arose a little earlier then usual as I had some business to attend to prior to leaving.
As I was heading down the stairs to my office my problem arch popped (it does it quite often and is very painful) well when it popped, I am not sure why or how but I lost my balance and down the stairs I went. Yikes!!! It knocked the wind out of me, twisted my elbow and shoulder, hurt my tail bone, back and both knees. As I saw there a little dazed, I thought oh not today I have too many things going. Please, please let me be O.K. enough to go about my day. I sat there for about three minutes then gathered myself up and got my work done. Then I grabbed some advil and out the door I went. I made sure I had my best smile on as I arrived to pick up my father in law and I made sure to keep it on all day. No one would know of my foolish fall earlier in the day. We went to the first appointment and then to the bank to have a document notarized and then to the next Dr appointment. I was getting a little more sore but I took some more advil and kept that darn smile on. It is easy to put on a smile and have a cheerful attitude when serving someone else. So I was so grateful to have that opportunity. Then I had lunch with a good friend and then back to her house to see all the fun new things she got for her new house and to check out her fabulous new computer. I was so excited for her it was easy to smile. Then I hurried from there to bowling. Prior to going in to bowl, I took more advil. although my smile was feeling a little droopy by now, I pick up the corners of my mouth and went in. My first game was a little hard but then my shoulder and arm went numb and I bowled pretty good. I shared with my teammates about my little tumble and we all got a good laugh. Then as it was our last night of bowling, we went for pizza and awards. Sitting at the pizza parlor, the day was taking it's toll. I was pretty sore and ready to head for home for .....you guessed it more advil. But I couldn't leave until the awards ceremony was over. I am so glad I didn't. I received an award. It really cracked me up. I got the award for the funnest, most cheerful person to be around at bowling. I cheerfully accepted. Thank goodness I wore a smile today. And now that the day is finally over and I am just now getting home (12 hours later) I can relax. I am so stiff, I can hardly move but as I reflect upon my day, I can't help but smile.

He is my award

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where Art Thou

For those who have been wondering about Art, let me tell you. With all my demands on his time and other family duties I noticed a while back Art was getting a little tired. He has a lot on his plate and with all his auction finds the garage was getting pretty full. (Yes MY car is still in the garage) and it was getting harder and harder for him to get things sorted and sent away so I made the suggestion he might think about dialing it back ....just a little. To my surprise he had the same thought. A couple of weeks ago he told me he wasn't going to go to the Caldwell auction. I was surprised and wondered if he was not feeling well but he reminded me he was dialing it back a little so I didn't worry too much. But then the next week came and he said he was staying home. I got worried then and asked him if he was feeling O.K. Now one week is O.K. but two weeks is a little worrisome. He again said he was dialing it back a little. When family and friends called they all inquired why he wasn't at the auction and wondered if he was O.K. Well the next day, one of the clerks from the auction called to see if he was O.K. They were all worried as well about him. I assured them he was fine and would be at the next auction. He will be back to the auction tomorrow and the world will return to normal.......well at least that part of the world.


If you can believe it my clothes dryer gave up the ghost last Friday. I was trying to dry some sheets and the dryer kept turning off. Well I turned it back on for the bajillionth time and started up the stairs and heard a loud explosion noise. Goodness sakes it was the dryer. So when Don got home from work that night he and I ran to Sears in the mall and bought a new dryer, grabbed a quick bite to eat at the food court, hurried home unloaded the dryer, wrangled it down the stairs, changed clothes and went to a local dance. Don got it hooked up on Saturday morning and if you can believe it...yes it didn't get the clothes dry. Shoot! And can you believe it? The hose to the outside was plugged. Once I cleared it, the new dryer drys drys drys. You know it is just the little things in life. :)