Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doing New

I feel so Art. When I get something new to wear, I can hardly wait to wear it. Oft times I have it on before I even get home. O.K. that only applies to shoes, hats or outerwear. Contrarily so when Art gets something new to wear he sticks it in his closet never to see the light of day until he really needs it. Sometimes that can take up to a couple of years. Seriously the kids can sign my voucher on that one. Anyway if you recall I got some new shoes from New Balance last year. Well one pair of shiny white slip-ons were tucked away. Now before you get a carried away thinking I have so many shoes that I didn't know I had them let me put those thoughts right out of your head. I put them away knowing I would have them for this spring. Yes I gave up on spring and decided to wear them. I kept getting them out and looking at them and then thought I would wait for spring but spring isn't springing so yesterday I got them out. It was such an Art thing to do. But here is what I decided. I like the way I do new best. Get something new.........wear it right away. It is fun to get something new and why wait. Seriously why wait?

By the way ..... I only got three new pairs of shoes this month and I got rid of 27. Now that is progress.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Portland Weekend

Last week Brent, MaryKate, and Miss R invited me to go with them to Portland. My nephew recently returned from serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints so we went to see him and his family. I had such a grand time. The ride over was enjoyable even with the snow. I can say that because Brent drove and I could just sit back and relax. And that was good because the snow was wicked crazy. I have never seen it like that before and hope to never again. We left home about 6:30 p.m. in the evening and drove straight to Portland. We were going to stop half way and spend the night but we just kept going. Miss R and I watched Superwhy and KungFu Panda. The next morning MaryKate ended up in the ER but is just fine (thank heavens!). And when the shock wears off I think she will be even better. My sister and nephew picked Miss R and myself up and we went to their house. We were later joined by Brent and MaryKate. We played guitar hero for a while and then my nephew borrowed Rock Band from a friend and he, Brent, and I took every opportunity to play. My sister and niece even took a turn and being the lead singer. I am a huge fan and it is now on my wish list. We also went shopping and I bought a new coat and yes a pair of shoes. I can't go out of town and not buy a new pair of shoes. That would be terrible. Anyway we did a lot of visiting and ate some really good food. On Sunday my nephew gave his report. He did a fabulous job. I really enjoyed it. My sister and niece sang with a couple of other girls and another woman. My sister has a little group that she sings with (the lil smokies) and the other woman is in her group and the girls are the daughters of the other women. They sounded beautiful. Then my brother in law was ordained and elder. Way cool to witness. It is always fun to visit the Taylors. They are so hospitable and incredibly fun. Then we headed home. Visiting on the way home was fun. Sadly I returned to find my dear Art sick. Oh dear. But I had such a good time and am so thankful Brent and MaryKate invited me along. So a big thanks to them and a big thanks to the Taylors for the hospitality and good time.