Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's Magic

We had the privilege to go to a Penn & Teller show.  It was awesome!  I am sure those who know me and know I don't like magic, that it makes me nervous, will be surprised to hear be say it was awesome.  We arrived at the theater about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  There was a man playing piano and a man playing the bass.  They were playing jazz. The bass player was wearing a hat so you couldn't see his face really well but I soon realized it was Penn.  And let me tell you, he was a great bass player.   We had front row center seats.  They were the best seats ever.  The pianist kept announcing as folks arrived to come up on stage. On stage was a wood box.  A crate type of box.  You were welcome to examine it and even get in it if you so desired.  They also had poster type board on an easel.  It had the date and an 8x11 manila envelope on it.  They asked everyone to sign the envelope. So of coarse, I did. (It was actually used in the show.)  When the show began, a stage hand closed the box tipped it on it's side and moved it to the front of the stage.  They announced Penn and Teller, Penn walked out on stage and Teller popped out of the box.  How he got in there I don't know.  I was stunned…… my mouth dropped to my chest and my eyed popped wide open.  Teller pointed at me and imitated my face.  Truly I was stunned.  I watched the stage hand with the box the whole time.  All I can say is "Magic"

A few of the tricks I knew how they worked and a couple I could figure out but they rest was a total mystery. Pure magic.  They were very engaging and entertaining. Would I go again?  Absolutely!

The theater is a beautiful theater and probably holds about 1200 people so after the show, I said to Art let's just sit here and let all these folks head out.  So we did.  The theater was practically empty when we walked out.  We didn't make to too far and we found the crowd.  It was elbow to elbow.  I didn't understand why.  Then I saw folks holding cameras up in the air.  Teller was standing there and taking pictures with people. That was pretty cool.  He did a card trick earlier in the show and we picked up two of the cards so I wanted to have him sign them and take a picture but the crowd was too big.  We decided to keep walking.  Glad we did as just up a little ways was Penn and he was taking pictures with people as well.  A man was there with his 10 year old daughter and said he wished he could get someone to take their picture so I said to him, I will take a picture of you guys with your camera, if you will take our picture.  He happily agreed.  I could hardly stand there I was so excited.  I was going to have my picture taken with Penn.  Woohooo!!!   I know Art isn't big on that short of thing ( I can't imagine it) but I told him since it was his birthday, he should have his picture taken too. He agreed. Penn called everyone "Boss" and it wasn't long he pointed at me and said your turn boss.  Oh! I was like a star struck giddy school girl.  The battery on my phone had died just before the show so we used the camera on Art's phone.  I hurried up and asked if he would sign one of the cards.  He smiled and said I will do whatever you want Boss.  I said oooooh. He looked and me and got a huge grin and chuckled.  Not only did he sign one of the cards, he signed them both.  Penn stood between Art and I and posed for the picture.  It was so cool. The guy who took our picture didn't a very good job….darn it.  I took about 4 great ones for him and he did one lousy one.  Oh well, we still have it.  It is on Art's phone so I don't have it to post so you just have to take my word for it.  It was really him….not a poster or a wax figure. It was him.  He really was a genuinely nice guy and holy smokes Myrna….that guy is TALL.

It was just a "Magical" moment and night.