Friday, September 9, 2011

Pictures of House Changes

Here are some pictures of the changes. I didn't take any of Art's office but when his new furniture comes in I will post pics.

I Did It

About 4 years ago the Buddy and I made an agreement and my end of the agreement was to grow my hair out. So I thought if I was going to grow it, I may as well do it for a good cause. So the past 4 years I have been growing my hair out for locks of love. I have received a ton of compliments on my hair and I even started a few trends with my braids. But now the time has come for me to cut it. I didn't tell anyone I was cutting it, I just did it. It was really long!!!! I don't have a picture of it just prior to cutting it as I didn't want to tip anyone off of what I was about to do. I thought I would be sad but I am not and I really hope locks of love gets good use of it. It was super healthy and very soft. And another plus is I won't be needing as much shampoo or conditioner.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This is an exciting day!! We are getting our new carpet. Can't wait to see what it looks like. The carpet we picked was so new there were no samples. Given our luck lately I am not sure what it will look like but I am super excited. The guys are here right now. Pictures coming. Pssst. we bought a new entertainment is beautiful.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Change Change Change

In the words of Aretha Franklin.......change change change. This is a long post so you might want to get a drink....go ahead I'll wait....really. Ready? Here we go. Art and I decided to get new carpet. Our carpet was looking so ratty and cleaning it did no good. So we picked out some nice carpet. Art didn't care what the carpet was as long as it was darker than what we currently have. I agree. Also I wanted to put wood laminate down the hall. I really wanted to match the laminate in the kitchen/dining area but the company we got he kitchen from stopped making the floor so we had to try and match it. We couldn't match it so we got something similar. So that started the ball rolling.

Our recliners in the family room were old and showing wear and the base on one was broke so we decided with the new carpet we would get new recliners. We picked some nice green ones to match the current couch. They didn't have any in stock so we ordered them. They came in.......we brought them home.......and we we got them out of the truck I said they look brown not green. Yep they are brown. After spending the evening looking at them (intently I might add) I said we need to return these. I told Art they would look better in the basement with the leather couch. Then I said maybe we should bring the leather couch up. No that wouldn't work because the couch upstairs wouldn't match the basement. The chairs had to go back. Art however liked that idea of bringing the leather couch up and keeping the chairs. So when the the Buddy, MK and Miss R came they agreed. Grandpa didn't offer to put a dog in the fight. Well the Buddy helped me bring a piece of the couch up and everyone liked it......well except for me. But it will be a good thing. I guess I just hate to lose my green. Oh well. Now what to do with the current couch. Well I suggested (and Art was thrilled) to put the current couch on the deck and the hide-a-bed (currently on the deck) back in the basement. So that is what we are going to do after the new carpet is installed.

A few nights ago Art said he hated to say anything but maybe we should paint the spare bedroom. I said no I would just wash the walls and they would be fine. But after washing them, I decided maybe they should be painted. Then after looking at the curtains I thought a very pale yellow would be pretty in there. I know what you are thinking and you are right ....I hate yellow. Art was stunned but said whatever I wanted. After looking at pale yellows at the store, Art found one he thought would look good so we got that. It isn't pale it is bright. It looks good and I like it but I don't like the curtains with it. Now I will have to find new curtains. Art thought his office would be fine with out painting it but upon further examination, he agreed it should be painted. So I painted it. It is a nice white.

With all the furniture out for carpet.........we decided that would be a good time to downsize our bedroom furniture. We are going to sell what we currently have. It is beautiful and we like it but it is just too big for the small room. We went and bought new furniture. It will be interesting as we ordered it from a catalog and have not actually seen it. After the chair experience I am a little nervous but very excited.

Because we are getting new carpet, we got new bedroom furniture, new recliners, wood floors down the hall and freshly painted bedrooms. This has been a case of one thing leads to another. Poor Art has had to endure my indecisiveness and desires. He has been such a good sport and I love him for it. I will be posting pictures so stay tuned.

Trip to IF

Art and I went to Idaho Falls to see my parents and can you believe I didn't take any pictures? I can't believe it myself. But I did shoot some more video so that is something to look forward to. Art and my Dad went night fishing and caught a lot of chubs but nothing to bring home and cook. They had a good time though. I drug my mom around to several furniture stores. She was a good sport to go with me. No!! I didn't get anything. We had a fun weekend with a lot of laughs and great food. It is always fun to go home.