Friday, April 29, 2011

The Count Down Is On

Well I am officially counting the days. Last February, Miss R came over and said Hey grandma guess what, you're going to be 50 this year. I asked her who told her that and she said her dad and mom. Hmmmmm. Then 50 days prior to the official day, I got a phone call. After saying hello the cute little voice on the other end (honey bunch) gleefully announced "50 days to you". Then later in the same day Dude, Princess, Honey Bunch, and Megaman called. After I said hello there was a cheer of "50 days to 50" and then a bunch of giggles. I asked them how they knew and they said their mom told them. Hmmmmm. Everyday since, I have received either a call, email or text with the amount of remaining days. When it was 36 days Megaman called me and said "36 days" I asked what was 36 days and with a big "duh sigh" he said til you're 50. Then yesterday in the mail, I received this count down chain. It begins with 30 days left. It is really special and I love it. It has little sayings on the chains (this month is such a special one, Happy Birthday, almost here and so on). I won't have to wonder when the 30 days starts as I am sure I will get a call. I do hate to take it apart but you know I will keep the pieces. When I am long gone from this world, and they look through my prized possessions, they will find the pieces of this chain. It takes the sting of 50 out of it.