Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Great Day

Just another great day! We met the Buddy ,MK, and Miss R for breakfast. Then we went over to the Taylor's. After visiting a little while my sister informed us we had to hurry and get out the door. We were unsure of what was going on but we soon learned we were headed to the Nike store. Yeahaw!!! They had gotten passes to the store for us. I was the only one who had never been before. It was a blast. I met a new friend at the store. An employee just wanted to be so helpful. He kept following me around and offered to get my email so he could email me when they had certain items come in. (no, I didn't give my email). Art and I got some cool shoes and I got a Packers jersey. It was a fun place. After a quick bite for lunch, we went to see Art's sister from another mother (his cousin). We had a very brief visit with her but it was good to see her. We couldn't stay long as we had appointments for...... Pedicures. My sweet sister treated us to pedicures. She took me, of course, the buddy, MK, Miss R, baby WET's mom and baby WET's mom's mom. It was so sweet of my sister and now we all have beautiful toes. Unfortunately Miss Nellie went to the dr and was diagnosed with strep throat so she was unable to go with is. We really missed her. We had a good dinner and visited a bit then Art, MK, Miss R and I headed back to the hotel to go swimming. Art didnt swim, he waited for us in the bar. Miss R had a great time and met a friend, a little girl from Seattle. They were so cute to watch. When we were leaving a lady came up to us and said someone stole her pants and she was going to call the police. She wondered if we knew anything, which we didn't. Crazy though. Then it was off to bed. Overall a fantastic day.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Its My Birthday

Its my birthday! Early this morning, Mrs Dr sent a cute birthday video with kids singing. Art gave me some toe shoes, and external harddrive for my laptop and sang to me. I have been wanting some toe shoes for a long time. They fit great. Then off to get the Buddy, MK, and Miss R. They wished me happy birthday and gave me some funny cards. We all flew to Portland. Baby WET is going to be blessed Sunday. I have been wanting to go to IKEA for a long time, so we all went. The joy of it being your birthday, folks are more willing to go and do things they would otherwise pass on so I took advantage.... Actually everyone was very willing and it was fun. We had lunch at IKEA and then we wandered around. Art and I got some great ideas for our remodel and we also purchased a cutting board, paring knife, pillows and travel cases for our electronics. Miss R even got some ideas for her Chritmas wish list. We also went to the shoe store and I picked up a couple more pair of shoes. One pair was only 10 dollars. How could I resist. Then off to check into the hotel. After a quick check in, we headed to the Taylor's. They had a big bouquet of balloons out front. It was so fun and made me feel so good and special. The house next door burned down and they are rebuilding so we wandered through it. While wandering through, I got a call from my brother. I put it on speaker so my sister and I could both talk to him. Then Miss Nellie cooked chicken cordon blue. It was a yummy dinner. (I have to get the recipe). Then after dinner we had a party. Oh it was so cool. Miss Nellie made DVD with minute to win it games. I did the quarter out of the panty hose game. MK rocked the blowing the card. Everyone played and it was so much fun. Then we had birthday cake with candles and everything. I just can't thank the Taylor family enough. After, we visited and the Buddy and Miss Nellie did their voices. They are so funny! I am just sorry I didn't have my video camera going. Maybe I can get them to do it again. They just make me laugh. Poor baby WET got his immunizations but he was such a trooper and is so darling. His mom is so good to share him and I just love holding him. He has the cutest little face, he just makes you smile. Then back to the hotel to retire for the evening. What a fun Birthday!