Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Love Halloween

I love Halloween!!! It has to be my most favorite holidays. As far back as I can remember I loved it. When I was little, I knew two ladies Charlotte Brace and Margaret Wood. They were best friends and crazy fun. On Halloween, they would dress up as witches. They made the best looking witches ever! They looked the part perfectly. They were awesome ladies. On the outside they looked witchy but on the inside they where the most beautiful women. I can't think of one primary Halloween activity they missed. Charlotte taught me how to bob for apples and not gag thinking how my face was dunked in water everyone had basically spit in while they were trying to get an apple for themselves. It was always best to volunteer to go first.

I loved trick or treating. I always had homemade costumes. One year (I think I was 10 years old) I went as a movie star. I wore a formal that my sister gave me and because it was snowy and cold I wore my moms really nice fur (yes real fur) coat. (What was my mom thinking?) I was toasty warm. My mom has since given me that treasured coat and I never look at that coat without thinking how my mom let me wear it dragging through the snow getting candy and all she said when I got home was she was worried I would get cold.

Another year my best friend and I went as Siamese twins. Her sister made the costume for us and we were basically sewn in and stuck in it. We had four arms, three legs and two heads. The worst part is half way through my friend had to go to the bathroom and we couldn't fit through the bathroom door much less be detached for her to go so we had to run all the way back to her house with our three legs. We were laughing so hard that we fell down and rolled half way down the street and lost most of our loot. We were laughing too hard to care about the loot.

As a mom, my favorite was taking my kids trick or treating. I looked foward to it every year. I was so sad when they were too old for me to go with them. Art and I have spent many Halloweens together but I will always remember our first. He went trick or treating with us and then back to the house for hot cider and eating candy. We had such a great time. I remember every moment of that evening.

I just love Halloween.

Thinking Back

For some crazy reason for the past few days I have been thinking about being a little kid. Maybe it is because I recently spent sometime with my grandkids and they always asked me to tell them stories when I was a kid and that caused me to reflect back or because my dear friend that I have known since I was 2 is turning 50 this week and I have been thinking about times we spent together. For whatever the reason, I am really grateful for MOST of the memories. I have laughed and cried (sometimes laughing til I cried) during my stroll down memory lane. While thinking about one instance, it would remind my of another. It has reminded me that one thing is certain, I had fun, crazy, and wonderful friends. I hope when they reminisce, they think as fondly of me as I do them. I think maybe just maybe I will start posting some of the memories..........not that anyone would care but me.............and maybe the grandkids but it would fun for me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Felt My Pain

Today Miss R was here and she noticed one of my necklaces was broken. I am keeping it to make into a different necklace. Anyway here is the conversation.

Miss R: Grandma is your necklace broken?
Me: Yes it is
Miss R: (with a sad face) Bummer!

It just cracked me up.