Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Art

Happy Birthday to Art.  The day started early .  How early you ask.  5:15 am.  It was a crazy night.  About 3:00 am we were waken by a loud bank.  We have an adjoining room and I don't know what they were up to but they banged the adjoining  door a few times.  Then at 5:15 there was banging on our door.  A lot of banging.  I finally got up, looked through the peep hole and saw a man standing there. I noticed he didn't have a shirt on and then I realized he was in his underwear. ( I don't even want to know).  I hollered throught the door "wrong room" and he staggered off. Art said I wonder what two things will happen tonight. We seem to be on a roll.

We decided to walk the strip......go to the M&M store.  For some reason this town turns us around.  We didn't go the way we should have so it took us a lot longer to walk there and it was the back roads.  Oh well....we made it.  What a sea of people.  It was hard to walk the streets it was so crowded.  We found the quick way back to the hotel. 

We took a nap.  Art is feeling all better. I am so glad.  Even his color returned.  Throughout the day, he got birthday wishes from his peeps.  It was awesome!

We went the RIO hotel.  We had a great dinner there.  The restaurant was located on the 50th floor.  It was floor to ceiling windows all the way around.   The views were awesome. We had the filet mignon. It was so good.  It was the best filet mignon I have ever eaten.  Mine was cooked just perfect and the flavor was out of the world.  They brought Art cake for his birthday.  It was a layered carrot spice cake.  He was too full to eat it.  Too bad because he really likes that kind of cake.  After dinner we stepped out on the balcony and both caught a terrible chill. We about shivered our teeth loose.  We headed in and bought hooded jackets.  

We played a little craps on a machine.  It is a new machine and you push a button and these giant dice are rolled. It was really fun and you get to sit playing it......bonus.

Off to Penn and Teller. It deserves it's own post, so I will post when I have more time.  But I will say it was very enjoyable and we even got our picture taken with Penn. stay tuned............

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Low-key is what is was

Today was pretty low-key.  Art didn't feel well most of the day.  We didn't go to breakfast until 10:30. I had a delicious omelette but Art just had some coffee and toast.  After eating we came back to the room and Art dozed the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon. Poor guy!! I feel bad for him.

We did sit outside for about a half hour and then walked across the street to another hotel.  Art was a little hungry by then so we stopped and he ate some apple pie and ice cream.  Then we headed back to the room so he could rest.

We didn't have lunch but for dinner we decided to have a bowl of soup.  I had a half sandwich with my soup and Art had toast with his. We took Kevin the minion with us.  We had fun taking pictures of him at various locations. 

Tonight we went to the Donny and Marie show.  Let me just say it was excellent!  We sat at a table with two other couples.  The music was so good.  They are both so incredibly talented.  Marie sang an opera song that just gave me chills.  I am not a big opera fan but it was so good. She began to sing and I became transfixed.  I don't  think I moved or even so muched as blinked while she sang.  Good thing breathing was just a natural thing or I would probably would have stopped.  When she was done  I had goosebumps and was just so taken away by Marie's incredibly beautiful voice.  The notes just left her mouth and floated effortlessly across the air. The entire show was so entertaining. I can see why it is rated the number one show.  The time went by so quickly.  And Marie's shoes were awesome.  She wore a couple pair that I wish I had.  I was so excited when the announcer welcomed everyone and the show started.  Donny looks just like my cousin Glen. least the way I remember him.  It has been many years since I saw Glen last.  Anyway... I was really surprised ..... As they walked down the steps onto the stage I was surprised at how small they are. But I must say they are a very good looking couple.

As I enjoyed the music and humor.  I couldn't help but think about how close they are and it really reminded me of my brother. Maybe because today is his birthday and he was on my mind but I was taken back to when we were teenagers and how folks thought we were a couple.  It is also amazing how a song can take you back in time.

Tomorrow is Art's birthday so I hope he feels better and has an awesome day. 


This month on the 30th Art turns 57.  It is special because his numbers align.  How you ask?  He was born in 1957. To celebrate his special day, he wanted to go to Las Vegas.  Not being one to pass up on a fun trip, I was all for it. 

So here we are in Sin City.  We have met some fun folks.  Currently I have been given $15 dollars from fellow gamblers.  The tables and slots have not been so kind but we are having a great time.  Art brought his Minion Kevin and he is enjoying it here as well. 

We didn't get to bed until about 1:30 am. Yes that's right 1:30 AM.  We just had a great time. But around 3:30, someone kept calling and hanging up.  It was particularly alarming as my sweet brother in law suffered a major heart attach and is in the hospital so when the phone rings at 3:30 in the morning....... It is rarely good. After about the fourth call,  Art thought it to be extremely funny and started making cracks that whoever it was was calling for the minion Kevin.  He say something like "Kevin isn't here....he is at the craps table" then he would laugh until his cheeks hurt.  I finally took the phone off the hook.  We just back to sleep and an alarm went off.  That is when I started to laugh. Not sure what the alarm was about but Art was able to sleep through it.  He even slept in.  Must have been the bottle of grand mariner he drank. 

Oh I must say something about the fabulous dinner we had.  Oh it was soooooo good?  We had bone in prime rib, lobster tail, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. The  meat was bone sucking good.  It was so tender and tasteful.  When you put it in your mouth, your tongue could not help but jump for joy.....demanding another bite. Then they brought this delicious chocolate cake with a candle on it for Arts birthday. It had a drizzle of rasberry syrup around it with a strawberry.   Art isn't a big chocolate fan but it was so good he ate it.  

Art is feeling a little under the weather this morning so we are laying low.  Hopefully he can rest and be better this afternoon. It is after all his birthday weekend.