Monday, October 27, 2008

My Surprise Package

Today the little girl and I spent the day playing. And we has a great time. We were fixing lunch when the mail came. Nothing spectacular in the mail. Then just after we sat down to eat the mailman came back. He said he forgot to deliver a package. Imagine my surprise!!! The package was for ME. What on earth? I knew I hadn't ordered anything so I hurried and looked at the return label. It was from my sister. When I opened it the little girl got a big grin and ooo'd. She and I agreed it was cute and so me. And it really says it all. Thanks so much to my sister Trixie for thinking of me. I just love it. Here is a picture of what she sent.


Check out this cute Frankenstein. MaryKate made it for us. It is made out of a paint can. And but the way... it is full of candy. Clever, cute, and yummy. Thanks MK!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I am sitting here in beautiful Cascade this morning listening to my ipod. Don and I came yesterday. It is our last venture here this year. Tomorrow we will winterize it and not be back until spring. That is a little sad but we have other adventures planned. A friend of mine asked me not long ago why I even had a house because I am never home. Well the answer to that is simple. Don needs a place to live :).

My dear Don came home the other day and said he had looked into sling boxes so we could watch the the BSU football game in Cascade. You have to know neither of us are big football fans but we always watch BSU play. Well the game was televised on ESPN2 and we barely get the local channels on our TV in Cascade so forget any cable channels. So we decided we would go to the golf course to watch the game but then after talking it over we decided to do the sling box. You know for future watching as well. For those not familiar with a sling box, you connect a machine to your TV and you can watch your TV on a computer or laptop anywhere in the world. How cool is that? So I called the important guy (Brent) . He and the little girl went shopping with me (Brent made sure I had just what I needed) and then spent the afternoon getting it all set up for us. We really appreciated Brent getting that all done for us. As it turned out I accidently turned the power off so we couldn't connect to the sling box so we went to the golf course anyway. Leave it to me. BUT now we know what to do so we can take it with us to Mexico (yes to watch BSU play). And we know it will work because Brent went to the house and turned the power back on and yes it works perfect. We are so excited. A big thanks again to Brent for getting it all hooked up and ready for us.....and turning the power back on for us. Brent you rock!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


While in Carson City, Don and I went to the Mervyns close out sale and Don got a couple new shirts and yes I got a new pair of shoes. A nice pair of sketchers. This wouldn't be so bad but just a couple days prior we went to the close out sale here and I got a cute pair of shoes. And get this....yesterday we went to get Don a new compressor at Sears and they printed off coupons with the receipt and it was $10.00 off shoes. They have a sale this weekend so...........

Now I got to go and make room in my closet for the new shoes.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I must start with a sincere apology to the Taylor family unit. I went to download the video of Elder Taylor and it didn't work. I have the the dark with driving instructions and the very end no picture. I am so sorry. The video was Elder Taylor wearing his new hat and his message to his family was he loved everyone and missed them and hoped they were all good and he would see them in a few months. Then he smiled and then pulled a goofy face. I am so sorry I didn't get the goofy face 'cause it made me laugh every time I thought about it. Again, I am so sorry it didn't work. I know I'm a dog..............But I got pictures, they just don't make any sound.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Winding Down

It is hard to believe but the mini vacation is almost over.We are sitting at the airport. I must say I do enjoy the people watch here. We had a great day. The sun is back out and I packed my coat. We recouped most of our losses. I was down to $10.oo and I needed $15.00 to play three card poker so the man next to me gave $5.oo and told me to play it blind. Sooooo I did. Can you believe I had three eights. Oh my goodness that hand paid $150.00. It was up for us from there. Gotta love it. We had a lot of fun (I love being with my PC) but it time to go back to our lovely home. Real world here we come...........Oh wait, Monday is a holiday. Score.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dinner With The Elders

We had a great dinner tonight. The food was good and the company was even better. We had dinner with the Elders. Yes we ate with Elder Taylor and Elder Wright. It was great to see Elder Taylor. He looks great. Don and I enjoyed it completely. We picked the elders up and went to a place really close to their apartment. After dinner we took them home and I made a quick video of Elder Taylor in the car. I left the USB cable for the video camera at home so I will download it later. It is really meant for his family but I think all will enjoy it. Here are some pictures.

Elder Taylor and Elder Wright

Elder Taylor andMe

Don, Elder Taylor, and me
(Elder Taylor is wearing the Pebble Beach hat Don brought him. He gave one to Elder Taylor and one to Elder Wright)

Made It to Tahoe

Talk about it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It was snowing so hard in Reno we weren't sure if it would be safe for us to go to Tahoe. While eating lunch the power went off in all the Hotel and casino areas. After talking it over and calling the road report we decided to venture on. The closer we got to Carson City the better the weather was. But let me a sure you it was cold. We had a nice hotel room with a gas fireplace and we ran it almost the entire time. It wouldn't have been so bad if the bed had a comforter or bed spread on it. Oh well it gave us a reason to cuddle up close. This morning we drove all around the lake. There are some really nice homes. We ran into a few snowflakes but nothing serious. (I could make a lot of jokes with that last sentence but I will refrain). We decided not to stay in Tahoe tonight instead we headed back to Carson City. We are having dinner with the elders tonight.

Let me say if you aren't winning.........then, oh're losing. Enough said.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow

As I sit at here at the laptop, outside there are light snow flakes falling. Hopefully it will warm up to be rain. Don is done with the conference today at noon. We are heading to Lake Tahoe this afternoon. Hope it is at least dry weather.

Shout out to Princess......Happy Birthday!!!

Thought for the day..Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It was a nice relaxing day

Not a lot to report on the day. It was a nice relaxing day. I mostly wandered around checking things out. I played a little 21. I met some really nice folks at the table. The game wasn't that good to me. I spent all the money I had set a side but true to form the guy sitting next to me said I brought him good luck so he gave me a few chips to play and as soon as I had my original investment back I quit. I wanted to play a little craps but just watching was enough. The dice were not kind to anyone so I just kept my money in my pocket. The conference had a little reception so I attended that with Don and his peeps. Afterward we wandered around a little and then Don and I hit the tables. They have a new game here and I tell you for the life of me I can not grasp it. I went back to the three card poker and was up and down but when we retired (after midnight) we were up. Yeah!

I have to give a shout out to Mrs. Dr. I do hope you are feeling better. And remember shingles belong on the roof not the body.

Thought for the day... Don't sweat the small stuff and according to my PC it is all small.

Stay tuned...........

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good of the Day Definitely Out Weighes The Bad

To my faithful readers and you know who you are I am sorry this post is so long but you will see why.

Today has been an interesting one. It started off really fun. I watched the Little Girl (Miss R) while her parents worked. I picked her up and we went to the Discovery Center. I wasn't sure how well she would enjoy it so I decided we would stay as long as she wanted and if that meant leaving after 15 minutes then so be it. But as it turned out she loved, loved, loved it. We were there for a little over 2 hours. The Little Girl had so much fun but it wore her out. She was asleep before we even got out of the parking lot. It was fun to watch her interact and have fun.

Then home to pack for my trip to Reno with my PC (prince charming). When he arrived home, we quickly took a load to the auction. This is were my saga begins. I decided to leave my purse at home and just take my phone. After the auction we slid by Wendys. When we got home I grabbed the auction check, the Wendys dinner items. After dinner, MaryKate and the Little Girl came and picked us up. Off to the airport we went. I told Don I felt like I had forgotten something important. I had driver's license, underwear, contacts, medicine, camera.....hmmm I guess I was O.K. Don reminded me I always say I am forgetting something (and I usually do). It is almost a joke now. I usually say "I wonder what I am forgetting". This time was different I really felt I had left something big behind. Well I did. When we got to security I thought I had better turn off my cell phone. Oh NO!!! I looked at Don and told him I knew what I phone. I left it in the truck. After talking about it for a few minutes we decided to call MaryKate. I couldn't remember her cell number (it is in my phone) so Don called Brent and he transferred us to her. Bless Her Heart!!! And I mean it Bless Her Heart. She is wonder woman. She hurried to the house, got my truck keys, and found the phone. Then she hurried back to the airport with my phone. I was so grateful that she was so darling as I put my dumb neglectfulness on her. Let me say MaryKate rocks! I got the phone and raced to the gate. I got their a minute before they started boarding the plane. Whew tragedy averted.

I was enjoying the relief of having my phone when the flight attendant brought me a drink. Great. What I didn't realize was my tray was bent so when I put the open can down to receive my eight peanuts the flight attendant was handing me, the can of pop slid right off into my lap. Spilling half of it. Oh my goodness me oh my I truly looked like I wet my pants. Well I eventually dried.

We got to the hotel with no problems and after checking in, my PC and I checked out the hotel and found were he would need to be for the conference and then before retiring we played a little three card poker. We walked away $110 ahead. Woohoo.

The good of the day definitely out weighed the bad.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why 6 is Afraid of 7

Do you know why 6 is afraid of 7?

Because 7 8 9.



Wednesday, October 1, 2008


My goodness the past week went by so quickly. I can't believe I am already back home. The past week was so much fun and I so enjoyed every minute. It is amazing how fast kids change and grow. I even had a couple of treatments on my neck from Dr. Now I am back in the planning mode. Next week we are going to Reno and Lake Tahoe. Here are some pictures from my trip.

Honey Bunch and Bubba

Princess and her new clock

Dude reading his magazine

Me and Mrs Dr