Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Day Isn't Over Til It's Over

I have to update my last post. Yes it was such a great day to spend time with Brent and Reagan. Unfortunately, Brent had a bad rest of the day. He has suffered with nose bleeds for a long time. Well he had a nose bleed so bad he passed out. MaryKate came home from work to find him passed out in a pool of blood. YIKES!!! He got his first ride in an ambulance. He is off to a specialist to get better. We love him and wish a speedy recovery for him.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a Great Day

I thought today was going to be a long boring day but I was so wrong. The cable in my rear window broke so the window would fall down but I couldn't roll it back up. I had an appointment to have it fixed today. They told me it would be about 4 hours. The repair place is in Nampa so I figured I would spend the four hours in the waiting room. I took my book and I am crocheting a baby blanket for my newest grandbaby so I had that to work on as well. After about 1 1/2 hours my phone rang and it was Brent. He was headed to Nampa to take Nerdles to the vet. He offered to pick me up. Great! So he slid by picked me up and off to the vet we went. After Nerdles got her immunizations Brent, Reagan, and I went to a local store and then went next door to the store and had lunch. Marykate had to work so she couldn't join us. It was fun to visit with Brent and Reagan and the time flew by. So instead of spending the morning bored in the repair waiting room, I got to spend time with my great son and precious granddaughter. What a great day.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Disney's Desperate Wives

Being a fan of Desperate House Wives and House Wives of Orange County, this cartoon made me laugh. (if you have trouble reading it, just click on it)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is My Hair Dyed or Not

Hair is such a funny thing. I have decided it can be quite controversial. A couple of years ago I decided to stop dying my hair. I started in my early twenties as I had a lot of gray hair. I did it myself for a long time. Then when I couldn't keep up, I decided to have it done professionally. I did that for a long time as well. Then I decided it was expensive and a pain. When my hairdresser told me she could no longer get some spots to color I thought, that is it. So I stopped. My best friends asked me not to stop and said they didn't understand why I wanted to look old. But I went gray. When I asked my darling Don what he thought he smiled and said "I am in love with you not your hair so it really doesn't matter what color it is." Then I did acupuncture for my thyroid. Surprise my hair started to go dark again. HMMMMM. I started out in this world as a blond, not sure why it couldn't have gone that way again. It can't seem to make up it's mind. In fact, in high school I had reddish hair. No I didn't dye it. In my senior picture my hair is red. Then it went dark again. O.K. I digress. Anyway my hair is dark underneath. When I pull my hair up in a ponytail or barrettes it looks dark. When I wear it down it looks more gray (except my bangs always seem to look dark). My right side is a lot more gray then the left side. In fact, it looks like before and after, that is how drastically different it is. So to those who are convinced I dye my hair.....sorry you are so wrong. To those who are you know. To those who realize it has a mind of it's own are right, it is NOT dyed. Now it has stopped growing........that is another story for another post.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Guitar Hero III

Well I was holding off posting this as I thought Art was going to post but......

I work with the youth at church. A while back one of the young men came over to collect fast offerings and he noticed I had guitar hero. Since then we have talked about playing. He told me he got Guitar Hero III for Christmas and I told him I did too. He challenged me to play so I was willing to oblige him. We picked a time after church and his mom brought him over. He was a serious player....he brought his own guitar. I told him to go easy on me as I was old to which he replied go easy on me 'cause I am young. I played in medium mode and he played in hard mode. In the duo play I schooled him but in the battle mode he schooled me. We are now talking about a rematch.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It has only been 22 years

My goodness I cannot believe it has been 22 years since my prince charming rode in on his white horse and scooped me and the kids up. O.K. it was a red firebird but you get the point. 22 years ago today the kids and I were really struggling to keep out heads above water and I met the Donald. He was so kind and good to us. After a year of getting to know us and we him, he fell in love with us and we with him.

He knew of our struggles and he would do little things for us to make life easier like bring us groceries and say he had a coupon for buy one get one and he didn't need two. Secretly pay our power bill. One time, Christmas needed gardening tools for a school outing and remembered after the store closed and we didn't have any. She was broken hearted as she would be the only one in her class without so Don told her to hold good thoughts and good things would happen. Then he drove across town to deliver them to our front door so when she left for school she would find them with a note that said "hold good thoughts and good things happen". He learned to play "Old Maid" (he always tried to get the Fifi match) When Brent left his beloved "chipmunks" at the daycare he took him back before they closed to get them. He let Christmas and Brent sit on his lap and drive 'Ol Blue (his old ford van). This was all in the first couple of years that we knew him. I could go on and on and on. As the years rolled on he continued to take care of us. He made our lives good and I love every minute of my life with him. He truly is the BEST. It seems like I have known him forever but it has only been 22 years.....really.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I went to bowling this week and I was handed a certificate stating that I was bowler of the week. WHOOHOO. I bowled the most pins over average for that week. The best part was it was for the week of November 1. Nothing like letting me know right away. I can't remember what I bowled that far back. But..........I was told that I am now qualified to bowl in the best bowlers tournament. Only problem is there isn't a best bowlers tournament organized yet. Oh well I guess it is good to be qualified for something.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fred and Ginger .......................

My darling Don and I put our dance lessons to the test. Last Friday night we went to a dance. Our friends Bob and Maryanne met us there. They had been before so Maryanne filled me in on what to expect. It was a more formal attire dance. I had such a great time. I am so looking forward to more lessons though. Most of the folks at the dance were more shall we say accomplished than Don and I. But we were able to hold our own with our little two steps. I am looking forward to the next dance..........hint hint. We aren't Fred and Ginger just yet but with a little practice.............I know we will still be Don and Connie.