Thursday, May 8, 2008

This Just Crackes Me UP

I have seen this cartoon a couple of times and for some reason it cracks me up. I don't mean to make fun of the blind, I just think it is funny. I know I know I have a twisted mind.

Rock Climbing

Last night we took the young women rock climbing. It was so much fun. Really I am not just saying that either. A woman in our ward (Melissa) does a lot of rock climbing and had all the equipment. She and a friend of hers graciously agreed to take the young women. We drove to a mountain close to Lucky Peak reservoir. The hike up the steep mountain was brutal for me as I am very out of shape. I took my asthma medication and ventured up the mountain. It was really dusty and the small trail had a lot of loose rocks that made the hike even more difficult. We made it up to the rock part of the mountain. It was straight up. I watched Melissa scale up the rock mountain as if it were a walk in the park. She set the rope. Just watching was scary enough. One girl said she was scared but not facing her fears scared her more. I cheered each girl as she carefully climbed up the rocks. I was in awe that they would even attempt it. They are gutsier than I am. When the girls asked me if I was going to try it, I laughed and said no way no how. I am not that stupid. We had another girl that wanted to go but was as scared of it as I was. I told her if she went, I would go. Now for those of you who how know me will be shocked that I even made the offer…heights and I are not friends. Just watching made me want to have a bowel movement in my pants. But I got in the harness and headed up the rock mountain. It was pretty fun but I never looked down. The hardest part of it was finding places for my fingers to grasp. I enjoyed it so much I went a second time. I will definitely go again. Hmmm….. I guess I am that stupid after all.

This is the mountain

This is my second climb

Monday, May 5, 2008

oh my gosh...thank you, thank you, thank you

We have been so busy the past few months. There always seems to be something needing tended to. Well with all the hullabaloo, my darling Don surprised me with a gift certificate for a massage. And may I pause a moment to say "oh my gosh". I went today and it was so heavenly. It was so relaxing I had to keep reminding myself to breath. The hour flew by so fast. When it was over, I was completely relaxed and energized at the same time. May I just pause a moment to say "oh my gosh". I am a lucky lucky girl. I so appreciate the special gift. But most importantly I am appreciative of such a great husband who is always so thoughtful, kind and caring. I am such a lucky lucky girl. All I can say is "oh my gosh...thank you, thank you, thank you"!!!