Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Day in Georgia

The last day in Georgia came. We got up and had a great continental breakfast at the hotel. Then we went to Tybee Island. We looked at the lighthouse but we decided we didn't want to tour it. It is actually a working lighthouse. It has a 178 steps to the top. I am a wuss so no way could I do that. Then we went to the beach. Don didn't take a swimming suit so after 30 minutes of watching him melt(he was fully clothed)we left. It is a nice beach though and we did find Miley's film crew but not her.

We had lunch in the dining car at the railroad museum. We did a trolley tour of the town and then we did the ghost tour. Savannah is considered the most haunted town in the US. Given it's rich colorful history I am not surprised. The trolley picked us up at the hotel and we drove trough the historic district and heard interesting stories of how people were killed, murdered, or just died and why it is believed that they haunt the area. Then we went to the pirates house for dinner and then toured the cellar. After that it was dark out and we climbed aboard the trolley again and visited some more areas. It was fun. Then to bed at 11:30 for a power nap. The alarm to go home is set to go off at 4:00 (that is 2:00 Boise time).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Moving Day

This morning was fairly laid back. This was the last day of the conference. I just hung around the room most of the morning and got packed. Don was finished and back to the room about 11:45. He hurried and changed and headed to the airport with a couple of folks from the conference to get the rental car. I hung out at the river front. It didn't take him very long and we were soon on out way to another hotel for the weekend. The new hotel is on the other end of the historic district. It is really nice. The ceiling in our room is 12' to 14' tall. It is a bit overwhelming when you walk in the room.

We walked around the historic district a little. We went to the railroad roundhouse and I imagined what it would have been like in the 1940s. I picked that time because my folks met at a railroad rooming house. It was pretty hot so we headed back to the hotel to talk to the concierge. I wanted to do a haunted house tour but they were all booked for tonight BUT we made reservations for tomorrow.

We also plan on going to Tybee Island tomorrow so we decided to ride over this afternoon and check it out and then have some dinner there. Miley Cyrus is filming a movie there right now but we didn't see her. We did stop and buy some beach towels for tomorrow. The Island isn't that big so we kept driving past the same places (reliving the past) Since we planned to eat dinner there we checked places on the GPS. Most the places we drove by were so busy there were no parking places. Don saw a place on the GPS that said it was only 8 miles but that must have been by boat as in reality it was 45 miles and took 1 1/2 hours to drive. We drove to Hilton Head South Carolina. We had a pleasant drive though. We laughed as we had no idea where we were going or what kind of place it was. We said if push comes to shove we would just eat at Wendys. On the drive we had to pay a toll. This added to the story. Then we turned on the road where the selected restaurant was and it had a guard at a gate and he was collecting $5.oo to get in. However if you were a resident of the subdivision, you could get in free. We decided at that point to just pick one of the places right by there. And no it wasn't Wendys or a fast food restaurant. The place we selected had great food and we enjoyed the adventure. I got the impression the town was very posh as even the fast food places looked like expensive restaurants with elegant signs. But it was a fun adventure and I am so glad we did it. I wouldn't trade it. It was one of those times that makes a great story and even better memory.

Now it is late and time for bed.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dolphin Day

Since my phone wasn't working right, after working out I signed on to my email accounts via the computer. I had a lot of emails to take care of and spent almost 2 hours working on emails. Yes some of it was business. I also talked to verizon to get my phone fixed. They had to reset it.......again.

But then the fun began. I decided to take the dolphin tour. With dolphins being my favorite, I couldn't not go. When I went to purchase my ticket, I saw they were going out much earlier today then they did yesterday. I got the last ticket on the boat. I spent most of the morning walking around and stopping to listen to the street musicians. It was nice. I wasn't sure where to go to get on the boat for the dolphin tour so I walked to the place about a 40 minutes early. I met the boat captain and first mate. They were very nice young guys. We got to talking, laughing and cutting up and had so much fun. At one point the first mate wiped the tears from his eyes and between laughing asked me if I had ever done stand up comedy. I told him every time I stood up was a comedy. Just ask my family. When the captain went to the boat to get it ready to go, he asked me if I would like to go with him and have a tour. I told him I would love to. So to the boat we went. The rest of the group gathered in line so the captain told me if anyone asked I was his sister. I told him the gray hair was deceiving but a dead give away and I was old enough to be his mom. He told me I couldn't be his mom because I didn't have an accent. In my best southern voice I told him I could be southern. He told me I sounded better than his mom and she was from here. We settled in on me being his aunt. The hitch was I had to spend the whole afternoon speaking with an accent. He even introduced me as his aunt and talked to me several times addressing me as Aunt. It was hilarious. He even asked everyone to say goodbye to me. A couple of people asked me about where I living and about me, so I made up a story of how I was from here and I had moved west but I missed home so I came for a visit. Gads!!!! But..... we saw a ton of dolphins. There must have been about 50. There were some babies and they were so cute. They played and entertained us for a couple of hours. It was the best afternoon. I had so much fun.

I went with Don to a reception for cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and lively audit talk. And yes I enjoyed it. I visited with some very interesting people. Then we went to dinner. It started to thunder and lightning again so we are safely tucked in our hotel room. Overall this was just a fabulous day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Walk Walk Walk

While getting ready for the day, I broke a finger nail. In the words of the wicked witch of the east "Curses". Since I didn't have a file with me I went to the hotel gift shop to buy one. The lady at the gift shop was so friendly and helpful. She gave me a little map and told me the things I needed to see and do. One the list was to have lunch at Wilkes Boarding house. It sounded like a fun place and only a mile walk so I decided that is what I would do.

After working out at the fitness center, I headed out stopping at several places on my way to the boarding house and everywhere I stopped someone would tell me I needed to have lunch at the boarding house. I thought I would find the place and then go back for lunch but when I found it there was a long line already so I decided I had better just get in line. I met some fun folks in line and there were several wounded soldiers there. They were all missing limbs. I talked to one guy who lost both legs and an arm. I thanked him for his sacrifice and he told me his only regret was he couldn't go back and finish. That is a hero. Anyway the food was great and a lot of it. You sit family style and the food is on the table. Lots and lots of food. Did I mention it was a lot food? They served sweet tea instead of water so I asked our sweet waitress if I could trouble her for some water and she was so surprised I didn't want the tea and then others at my table asked for water as well. I said see what I started and she laughed. She was so sweet so I thanked her for a fun time when I left and before I could get out the door she came up to me and told me I was a beautiful lady.

Then I walked all around the historical district. They have some nice park areas. Then I walked the river walk. It has a lot of fun shops. Don and I had dinner then we went for another walk on the river walk and stopped for an ice cream cone.

I did a ton of walking and saw a lot of beautiful places. I really like Savannah. It is a beautiful city and the folks are incredibly friendly.

I discovered my phone isn't working....again. Curses.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Savannah or Bust

Don and I got up early this morning....very early this morning. We got up at 4:00 am. Our sweet Brent picked up us at 5:00 am and we headed to the airport. The flights were flawless. We had two connections (Salt Lake and Cincinnati)and made them without incident. We even had time to go to the Bandstand restaurant in Salt Lake for a yummy breakfast.

On our flight from Salt Lake to Savannah our seat mate worked for the Mormon Tabernacle choir doing their A/V (audio visual)and they were going on tour. We told him our son was in the A/V business. As it turns out he works with a guy that Brent knows (Kurt) and he was on the plane as well. I had met this guy a few years ago when he gave Brent, MaryKate, Reagan, and one of Brent's friend (Jared) a tour of the conference center. He said to be sure to tell Brent "hi".

We made it to Savannah safe and sound. Our taxi driver suggested we eat at dinner at the "pink house". So we did. It was a short walk and it truly was a "pink" house. It was built in the 1700s. It was a neat house and the food was great. They even gave us a complete tour of the house.........very cool. It started to rain, thunder and lightning soon after we got there. Soon after we left, it started to rain so hard we ran in a parking garage to seek protection. While in there lightning struck so close it set off the car alarms in the garage. Don said he thought it hit the corner of the building we were in. Anyway it was so loud it scared us both. I jump so high and I know Don did too as we were looking eye to eye. As soon as we could, we ran across the street to a little tavern until the next break in the rain. After a short stay there, we were able to walk back to the hotel.

I was watching the hotel channel before retiring to bed and they have the following conferences: State Auditor's conference (Don is attending this one), GA Funeral Directors, and US Dept of Labor. I thought of a ton of jokes but I will keep them to myself as I am probably the only one that thinks it is funny.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Memories in the Making

I have often said how much I enjoy spending time with my grandkids. They make me smile and laugh. I hope they enjoy the time I spend with them as much as I do. I hope when they have grandchildren of their own and look back at the time we spent together, they have great memories and know how much I love them.

Dude and I were recently playing pirates having a sword fight and here is our conversation:

Dude: Arg you scurvy dog
Me: I am going to make you walk the plank
Dude: Yeah, I am going to make YOU walk the plank
Me: Arg you scurvy dog
Dude: Arg you filthy ox
I was so surprised by his reply all I could do is laugh.......and walk the plank.

I spent Miss R's birthday with her. After a fun filled day at the park and burger king she was so tired she needed to take a break. She held her arms out to me and said "Mama I hold you please". I scooped her up and she fell fast asleep in my arms. I hope she always wants to hold me.

Princess, Honey Bunch and I were playing beauty shop. I was the person doing their nails. We went to the store and bought finger nail polish and got all set up at home to do their nails. I told them my name was Freida and I decided it would be fun to disguise my voice and talk with an accent. I forgot some tissues to wrap around their toes so when I left the room to get some some and I heard this conversation.

Honey Bunch: What is wrong with grandma's voice?
Princess: I don't know. I have never heard her talk like that before.
Honey Bunch: Me either.
a few seconds later
Princess: But she's fun
Honey Bunch: really fun

I even got Megaman to warm up to me and I got lots of great hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Toy

I have been wanting a laptop for some time now. I check them out when I am shopping. Well....Art recently went to an auction of a business and they had a nice laptop but they had wiped the hard drive clean. Art spent time loading the software back on and getting it to work. Now I can sit in the sun and keep track of business or I can take it with me when I travel. I just love it. I tell ya that Art is just the best guy. I am so lucky to be with him. He takes pretty good care of me. I will be blogging more often now.