Monday, January 23, 2017

Here is to feeling better

Well my wish to wake up and have Art feeling better and my mom out of the hospital didn't come through.  Art is still pretty sick and my mom is still in the hospital.  Dang it!! We were supposed  to go to the barter market today but Art was too sick.  Maybe on Wednesday

Today Art laid low and rested. The rest of us went to the beach and pool.  Miss 5 and I hung out at the beach in the morning then had lunch back at the room so we could check on Art.  After lunch we got in the pool.  It was really cold so we went back to the beach.  We got in the ocean.  We didn't wave hop as the undercurrent was too strong. After we just hung out at the beach.  I got a great nap in.  It felt so good to nap listening to the crashing waves.

We had a lovely dinner,  We ordered yogurt and toast for Art and our favorite waiter Juan took it to him.  I sure do hope it gets to feeling better soon.

We ate breakfast in shifts because that is what you do here.  Mrs Bootlick and I got there first , then Miss 5, then the Bootlick.  Can you believe the Bootlick and Miss 5 not only got their breakfast first they were completely down eating before Mrs Bootlick and I even got ours.  Crazy!

After dinner, we went back to the room and played UNO.  It was pretty fun.  I can say that because I won.  Yes I did.  I know that is a shock but it is true. Art went to bed early.  That is where I am headed now.`

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