Saturday, January 21, 2017

Story of the Pedicure

A great day here in paradise.  I am so glad not to be at home with the winters weather.  I had a couple people send pictures and videos of it snowing.  Yikes!!! It was pretty overcast this morning but true to  form here it burned off by noon and was a really nice day. Not too hot but just right.

Mrs Bootlick and I went for pedicures today.  Let's just say the whole scene made for a good story and that is about all.  We went to a room that had two wooden chairs with padded seats and two massage tables. We sat in the chairs. The two ladies doing the pedicures bought out two large ceramic bowls to put our feet in.  Not exactly what we were expecting but it was all good.  Then the torture began.  I have to say I got the better pedicure of the two.  The lady doing mine cut my big toe in three places.  Oh man I was hanging on the the arms of the chair so tight and tried with all my might not to kick her.  She looked at the toe with  blood coming out and put my foot in the water.  The she stuck her fingernail in the cuts then put acetone in them then sealed them up with clear polish.  I looked at Mrs Bootlick and mouthed this lady just cut a little chunk out of my toe.  Man it hurt.  But like I said I got the better pedicure.  When we walked out I just had one toe cut.  Poor Mrs Bootlick had four toes bleeding.  At one point I hurt so bad all I could do is start laughing.  That made Mrs Bootlick laugh and the ladies just looked at us trying to figure out what was so funny.  Miss 5 and I are supposed to get massages tomorrow so I hope it goes better.

Neither Mrs Bootlick nor I had a room key but the Bootlick had gone back to the room to rest and said he would let us in when we were done.  Well............. we rang the bell and pounded on the door with no luck.  Art and Miss 5 were on the beach.  We didn't want sand to get in our cuts and we certainly didn't want to mess up the polish so we couldn't go get a key from them so I called and texted Miss 5 because I knew she had her phone.  But the call went straight to voice mail and she didn't get the text til much later.  Soooooooo we decided to find a place to sit where we would see them when they went back to the room.  But then, after sitting for a while,  I had an idea to ask someone to go get the key from them for us.  Woohoo that was easy enough to find someone.  We got the bar waiter to do it.  That was funny too because it looked like they were just watching the ocean when in fact they were asleep,  The waiter told them he needed the key but they never responded as they were asleep.  Thankfully he just kept asking till it finally woke them up and we got the key.  When the Bootlick got up we told him we pounded on the door and rang the buzzer. He said he heard the buzzer but thought it someone was doing laundry.  Overall it was pretty funny.  Mrs Bootlick and I got a good laugh over the whole thing and it sure made for a good story.

There were two whales in the ocean playing off and on today.  It was fun to watch them,  They were pretty far out but you could easily see them.  They looked really big from the distance so I can only imagine how big they really were.  

After dinner we went to the room and played cards.  Overall it was a pretty good day.

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