Friday, January 20, 2017

Shift Work

These early mornings are hard work but worth it,  The Buddy showed up a few minutes early and we were on our way.  The traffic was light which is good because the roads were a litttle slick. But we had an excellent driver.  Thanks again Buddy.   We hooked up with our traveling companions the Bootlick and Mrs Bootlick at the gate.  Everything went so smooth.  We arrived safe and sound in Phoenix.  While in waiting to board in Phoenix, I talked to Mrs Dr.  She called to tell us Honey Bunch won a contest and the poster she made would be made in to a billboard.  WOW!!!  Way to go Honey Bunch!!!!   The flight to PV went great as well.  The only crazy was we taxied for 45 minutes.  At one point, I asked Art if we were in Tucson yet.  He said no we were in Flagstaff.  He is too funny.  Anyway even with taxiing, we made it on time.  

We met up with our niece Miss 5.  It couldn't have gone any smoother.  The plane didn't get any customs forms for us to fill out so we had to get them when we landed.  You would think it would slow things down but it didn't.  We headed to the baggage claim and there was Miss 5.  Yeah!!!!.  We gathered our bags and headed out to get a taxi.  That couldn't have gone any smoother.  We got a big van type car.  It was just us so we didn't have to share with anyone or make a bunch of stops.  It was a pleasant hour ride.  We arrived at the hotel, what a great place!  It is like we have our own private beach.  The hotel is small but beautiful and charming. Our suite is awesome.  We have a three bedroom villa.  The deck is spacious and it will accommodate all of us. 

I have to laugh because we ate in shifts.  Not by choice.... it just worked that way.  The food so far is really good.  Depending on what was ordered is how they brought it.  If you orderd something that was on the appetizer menu even though it was your entree you got it as an appetizer not with everyone's entrees if that makes sense.  At dinner the Bootlicks went to that pasta bar so they ate first, Then Miss 5 ordered soup and a tuna salad.  She got that next.  Then finally Art and I got ours.  We had surf and turf.  Yum it was good.  But we laughed at the shifts.  Even the dessert came in shifts.  Art and Mrs Bootlick got their Spanish coffee then Miss 5 and I got ours. Miss 5 ordered a nice mango mouse and I ordered chocolate cake.  It is always a gamble with the cake.  But the waiter came and said they ran out of cake so the chef was making something special.  I was worried but I t was actually chocolate cake and it was really good.  Boy did I luck out!  The Bootlick passed on dessert and headed to bed.

While sitting at dinner, I felt a bad burning sensation on my upper back.  It felt like someone stuck a match to me. Don't know how it happened but I have a little cut.  Miss 5 put some ointment and a bandaid on it for me so I will be good in no time. 

Tomorrow should be a fun day......... so looking forward to it.  Hoping to find a lounger with my name on it.  And I am looking forward to more laughs.  

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