Thursday, January 26, 2017

Where did this day go?

I am not sure how this day could have gone any faster.  It seemed to fly by.  It was 9:00 and then 1:00 then 6:00 then 10:00.  The times in between just simply disappeared.   It was a really fun day though.

The Bootlicks, Miss 5 and I all did the slide.  It really is a fun slide.  I am amazed at people though.  There were some folks in the pool.  They could be anywhere in the pool.  Where do they stand?  Right in front of the slide.  Then they are surprised when you go down.  Hello!!!!!  Oh well... we had a good time anyway.

I noticed a young man standing off in the bushes.  I looked to see what he was doing and saw he had a table set up.  He had finished ceramic items.and unfinished items.  So I wander over to talk to him and get the scoop.  He isn't part of the hotel but could set up his table on the edge of the property. I talked Mrs. Bootlick and Miss 5 into going with me and painting some unfinished items.  I painted a small platter, Miss 5 painted a bowl and Mrs. Bootlick painted a medium sized platter.  I am anxious to see how they turned out.  They have to go in a kiln so they won't be ready until tomorrow. It was super fun painting.  There was another lady who walk by and ask us what we were doing.  She decided to join us as well.  We found out she was from Minnesota and used to be the Mayor in her town.

We played bingo this afternoon.  I am not sure why we bothered.  I love to play bingo and usually it is super fun.  Today was not one of those times.  Not to say they were super slow calling out the numbers but at one point Miss 5 looked at me and said my clothes are going out of style.  HAHAHAHA.

It got a little windy and overcast late this afternoon.  I thought maybe it was going to storm but good fortune came our way and no storm.  

We had a good dinner then back to the room to visit a little and then bed.   Didn't get a nap in today so I hope it isn't a bad night.  Maybe once my dinner settles I will be able to retire.  Everyone else is in bed.  

On a really good note...... my mom got to go home from the hospital today.    Woohoo! On that good note I will close.

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