Wednesday, January 25, 2017

To Market We Go

To market to market we go.  Today after breakfast, we went shopping.   It was great. We went to the mega store which is basically a gigantic Walmart.  Then to a few pharmacies and ended up at the barter market.  This was Miss 5's first time at a barter market and she got some really good bargains. Our taxi driver stayed with us the whole time so we didn't need to worry about getting a taxi from place to place AND no scary rides.  Our driver was great.

Then we headed back to the hotel for lunch.  After lunch, we went to the beach.  On the way to the beach Miss 5 and I were stopped by a lady wanting us to the the slide.  The slide goes under the ground down to the pool.  I didn't want to do it as I am very claustrophobic.  Miss 5 went and said it was really quick and fun so I gave in to peer pressure.  It really was fun.  We went several times.  Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.  We also met some nice folks in the pool.  After the slide we joined Art at the beach.  The Bootlicks stayed back at the room and took a nap.  I took another bodacious nap on the beach.  Oh it was heavenly.

We were among the last to leave the beach.  Tonight was Italian cuisine.  Everyone ate Italian but Miss 5 and I.  We went for the beef tenderloin.  It was delicious.

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